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Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

While Legacy of Darkness is Castlevania 64's virtual expansion pak, its main hero, Cornell, has his own encounter with the Dark Lord. You'll remember his first form as the "servant" from Castlevania 64, but is in this case very much "Dracula." For what this Dracula form can do, I'll defer to the commentary reserved for the servant: (1) He can release his classic three-way fireballs, in actuality a flaming-bat attack with homing power. (2) He'll cause explosions that spread outward--all around and consecutively high and low--as blue sonic rings. (3) He'll expel from his hand pressurized steam. (4) He'll emit in all directions electrical charges. And (5) he'll use a spell to vacuum in Cornell so that he can grab him, suck his blood, and infect him with a vampire curse that must be cured if the man-beast is to continue mounting his own offense. As is the norm, you can damage the Count only by striking his head.

The battle against this large form, called "Ultimate Dracula," is a little bit different perspective-wise. That is, Cornell will be positioned in front of Dracula on one plane while the Dark Lord occupies at different times two background planes--one close, the other far back. The object here is to strike the little face located below Dracula's chest. Though, it's hardly an easy task because the skin around it only opens sporadically. While in the front plane, Dracula will (a) cause lightning bolts to strike down and on impact lift Cornell sky-high, (b) viciously swipe his clawed hand, or (c) vacuum in Cornell, grab onto him, toss him high into the air, and on his descent bomb him with repeated laser blasts. When Ultimate Dracula jumps to the far plane, it will execute a separate set of attacks: (1) It will send Cornell's way several heat-seeking meteors. (2) It will launch forward a series of ice shards, each flying in at a fixed direction. Or (3) it will summon a pack of tortured souls and command them to stalk and overwhelm Cornell. For best reference: Ultimate Dracula jumps between planes and attacks in an obvious pattern (a-1, b-2, c-3).

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