Click here to read about the life of Vladimir Tepes, his unholy conversion in becoming the vampire Count Dracula, and the origin of his rivalry with the Belmont family and its allies, and the unexpected aftermath.

Click here to get a glimpse of just how powerful the Count truly is. Inside lurk images of the many deadly, devilish creatures into which Dracula has transformed during his epic battles with the family of legend.

For as long as Dracula exists, there will be those who are willing to give their lives to resurrect and protect him, to follow his lead and forever accept him as their dark lord. Click here to learn about such deviants.

While not in direct correlation to Dracula, himself, the Count's half-breed son, Alucard, has played an important role in father's life. No matter his allegiance, the estranged and forgotten son will always be a wild card in the war.