Fan Fiction

"Well, I've got to hand it to our boy Mr. Mills. When he's not mocking yours truly or (chaos forbid!) the Master with the usual antagonistic shenanigans, he manages to capture us with short stories that ooze with wonderment well beyond. 'So what's on the menu this time?' you ask. Why, it's one of our more popular subjects: Sonia Belmont, a true series oddity considering the ever-changing creative license that has seen to her designation of one estranged and overlooked. Others, like The Crossman, have done their best to broaden the scope of her impact, and ol' Sammy continues the trend in this newest tale."

Legend of Sonia

By Sam Mills

Sonia Belmont knew what she had to do. There was something in her blood, something that urged her to take action over the dark and unknown forces that were plaguing the country side. Her family had passed down a story and a weapon, a whip of all things. These stories spoke of the threat of evil and darkness, harnessed by none other than an undead being. While she only knew the name, “Dracula”, she could feel his presence overshadowing her homeland.

It was very difficult for her to completely understand what she had to do. With history being clouded by the exaggerations of folk lore, all she could trust was her instincts. As much as she disliked the darkness and feared the evil, she knew she had to journey into the very heart of chaos. The last few months, she put off her task until it became clear where she had to go and what she needed to do. Her main thought was “Why in the hell did God not grant me a brother to deal with this?”

For months, the nights came and went. But soon, it was the time to start a journey. Before setting out on a full mooned evening, she kneeled alone in the forest and said a prayer, “Lord, please grant me the strength and the courage to overcome these demonic forces. I do not know what I will find or if I shall survive this night, but considering what’s at stake, I expect only to fail as a result of you’re blessing. This is you’re world my Lord, and I am honored to save it. Please bless me, keep me free from harm. Amen.” And with that, she was on her way.

Her path took her through the thick forest. At first, she felt an odd sense that evil lurked in this place, yet she could not see anything but shadows and trees shrouded in the moonlight. She held her whip in hand, prepared to defend herself at any moment. For the longest time, she walked, and yet, nothing happened. This had to be a ploy, she thought. “If you are awaiting my guard to drop so you can attack me, you will fail! I am ready for you!” she cried out.

No sooner had she spoken did a large swarm of bats fly out from the trees and charge toward her. Like a seasoned warrior, she swung her whip, killing the hoard in one effortless blow. As soon as she was finished with them, a horrid figure emerged from the trees. It was clearly a walking dead man, with rotting flesh and a stench of decay. Sonia didn’t let the creature get within arm length before fending him off. More of them emerged, Sonia fighting vigorously to fight them off as she hurried along on her path. “Tell you’re master I expected more out of him than you weak abominations!”

It didn’t take long before Sonia made her way out of the forest, rather unscathed. She then came across something rather unexpected. “A castle? In the woods?” While it was true these woods were relatively unexplored, she thought a castles existence out here would be more commonly known. None the less, she was surprised to see it. “Dracula, this must be your home. You’re very evil illuminates off this place like heat from a fire.” Without hesitation, she entered through the jawbridge, already lowered as if to invite her in.

Her first task was to make it through the main hall, which was filled with horrible creatures. She had learned much from her experience with the undead in the forest, but she never expected to see what she found there: giant skulls that flew through the air like birds! As bizarre as they were, Sonia fended them off. The hostility and lack of mercy she showed them didn’t frighten them off, as they kept coming and bombarding her.

She was doing fairly well, until she found herself climbing a rope. From down below, she could see one coming. With great force, it knocked her off and she hit the ground hard. Winded but undiscouraged, Sonia stood up and took her stance. “Try that again!” she hollered. The skull came flying downward at breakneck speed. Just before its intended impact, it let out a loud and aggressive hiss! But Sonia twirled around, and with one swift blow, the skull was shattered into pieces like a broken vase.

As Sonia made her way deeper and deeper into the abyss of the castle, through the horrid dungeons to the intricate clock tower, she was dumbfounded and horrified by the minions that were implemented in Dracula’s service. How could any being choose this kind of existence? What was it that drove them to want to serve such a horrid purpose, of destroying things that were good and pure? She carried on, destroying only those who got in her way, asking God for any forgiveness she may need to be granted in slaying such demonic but feeble incarnations.

And yet, through the evil in the atmosphere, she could sense something…or someone, who was there to lend her a guiding hand. She knew that God was with her, but there something else. Someone was watching her with the eyes of a traitor, but not a traitor against her…someone familiar, someone that shouldn’t have wished her the best, but had total faith in her. Someone was wishing her onward.

She finally made her way to the castle keep, where she could no longer ignore the feeling that there was someone watching her. The fight was getting much tougher now, the foes more determined to undermine her efforts. It was here where Sonia met her greatest challenge yet, a horrid looking woman with snakes for hair. “Sonia, darling,” the woman said, “stop where you are or suffer the fate of eternal entrapment!”

“How dare you impede my path!” Sonia cried. “Who are you to interfere with me?”

“Turn to stone!” the woman cried. She fired a kind of energy at Sonia, but Sonia dodged the attack easily. The second firing wasn’t so easy to dodge. The beam hit Sonia, and she was immediately turned to stone. “Ha!” the snake woman cried. But Sonia was no ordinary person, and within moments, she became human again. “What? No, that can’t be!”

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises!” Sonia declared. She ran toward the snake woman, and with 4 swift blows, ripped off all the snakes on her head, mangled her face, slit her across the belly before securing her whip around the snake woman’s head. “Don’t mess with a Belmont!” she cried. She yanked as hard as she could, decapitating the snake woman. Sonia was flaring with anger, seething with anger to the point where all she could do was applaud the mutilation she had just caused. It took a few moments before she was finally calm enough to see what it is she had done.

Now looking at it, she couldn’t believe that she was capable of such an atrocity. It was almost unbearable to think that she could destroy another being so brutally. “Have I become as bad as you? Is this really what a warrior who stands for good does?” She pondered the thought for a little while then realized that what was done was done. Regardless of her manner, the means were justified the end. And she could go on with her quest.

She finally reached the end of the castle keep. But before she could exit, she was encountered by a strange and dark man, who stood there as if he had been waiting patiently in a frozen stance. “Sonia…I have been waiting for you for some time.” He looked up, with a face so icy and cold, yet his eyes expressed something unmistakably. There was love in his stare.

Sonia knew this man. On many occasions, she met with this friend, conveyed secrets, even love. “Alucard? What are you doing in this place?”

“On you’re 17th birthday, I knew I loved you from the first moment I laid my eyes on you. I came here to put a stop to this. But when I sensed you’re presence here, I stepped back, watching over you as you made you’re way through this place. You have done well.”

“Why would you do this? Why are you here?” Sonia asked.

“Forgive what I am about to this. This is for my mother. My father must be destroyed.”

“Your father?” Sonia thought for a moment then came to the realization. In an instant, the thought nearly killed her. “Dracula is you’re father?”

“I’m afraid so, my dear and precious Sonia. I above anyone else realize how evil he is and that he must be stopped. You have no idea what he is capable of.” Alucard explained. “He is the most powerful being ever to walk this earth. And I must ensure his destruction.”

“My resolve to stop him or die trying,” Sonia said.

“I am sorry Sonia, but I must do this, to make sure,” Alucard announced.

“Do what?” Sonia asked.

Alucard broke from his stance, charging at Sonia and knocking her to the ground. Sonia quickly got to her feet and grabbed her whip tight. “What are you doing?” Alucard charged her again, and she snapped her whip, but she missed him. Again, Alucard knocked her down. When he came charging again, she whipped him from the floor, striking him hard. Alucard was stunned for a moment. Sonia came to her feet and whipped again, this time hitting Alucard right in the face. “Stop this!” Sonia demanded.

“I must be sure!” Alucard said. Again, he attacked her, but she dodged him and took another hit at him. Then another hit and another. The two fought for several minutes. Alucard was unsuccessful in knocking her down again, and she kept hitting him over and over again. “Stop!” Alucard cried. “You have won!”

Sonia cautiously stepped back. “Why did you attack me?!” she demanded.

“A test. I have to be sure. And you are ready,” Alucard said. “My father is more power a foe than I ever could be, and yet, I know you can defeat him.”

“You’re still standing,” Sonia said. “Should you not be dead?”

“If I had not demanded you to stop, no doubt I would be. You are truly magnificent, Sonia. Now go, and defeat my father…”

Sonia didn’t want to leave Alucard. She knew she had hurt him badly, but as she realized that he was not completely human, she knew he would be fine. As she walked away, she found herself coming upon a distinctly ominous red carpeted staircase. She knew this had to lead up to Dracula. It was with a sense of irony to her that she had to climb upwards to get to the devil incarnate. “And I thought staircases lead to heaven,” she told herself, as if to settle the slight fear she had with a bit of humor.

With each step, Sonia felt the urge to turn back. But she kept going, step by step, until she finally reached the top. It was here that she found herself in Dracula’s lair. She looked across the long room, and was shocked to see him sitting right there, in a throne of gold. “Welcome, Sonia Belmont.”

“You know my name?” she said.

“I know a lot about you, including you’re intentions to destroy me. A foolish quest to say the least,” Dracula said. “Make no mistake, you will fail and you will die.”

Sonia stood steadfast. She knew words mean nothing in the end. None the less, she humored him with a response. “I do not think fate will allow me to fail. I think we all have our destinies. What’s do you think yours is, count? To rule this world? To destroy it?”

“To steal from God himself everything that is his! He took the one thing that was the world to me! If my world is to be taken from, then I shall take his! Enough talk! Have at you!”

Dracula stood from his throne and in the blink of an eye he was standing right in front of Sonia. Startled, she took a swing at him but as fast as he’d come, he flew from sight. Before she could react, she sensed him standing behind her. Quickly she turned and swung, making contact with her whip. Dracula seemed unfazed. She took another swing, and Dracula barely flinched. “Do you really think that whip will work on me?”

Sonia was hoping it was a bluff. She was told her family that this was the “vampire killer”, that if and when Dracula appeared, this would be the only weapon that could finish him off. “You lie, count,” she said, and she took another swing, then another. Though Dracula tried to hide it, she could see that this was having a real damaging effect on him.

When he saw he was going to take yet another hit, Dracula cried, “Enough!” He then appeared on the other side of the chamber. Sonia charged toward him. Dracula fired two huge fireballs at her. One of them barely brushed her arm, but it caused intense pain. But she kept her pace and reached Dracula in time to hit him again before he appeared in another corner of the room.

Dracula let out a sinister laugh that reverberated in the air. “You’re whip may be that of which can kill me, but a weapon is only as good as the warrior that wields it! You are no match for me, Sonia Belmont!”

“Are you bargaining with me, Count?” Sonia asked. “Are you going to ask me to stop now in exchange for my life? Are you the begging type? Do you need to make a deal to survive?” Dracula did not appreciate the sentiment, and he became very angry. His eyes seemed to flair up and he displayed his fangs like a wild dog.

Dracula’s form suddenly changed from that of a human to that of a giant animalistic creature. He had the wings of a bat but the face of the devil.. “Animal!” she cried. The ground began to shake and pieces of it fell out, revealing two large pits on both sides of the floor. Dracula let out a horrifying hiss followed by an inhuman roar. The intense sounds hurt Sonia’s ears so much that she covered them and kneeled on the floor until it was gone.

From the darkness, fireballs began shooting out toward Sonia. She was quick and dodged them easily for a while, but it was clear Dracula was trying to knock her into the newly formed pits surrounding her. “I have to get closer to Dracula!” she told herself. The fireballs kept coming and coming. Sonia knew she couldn’t keep this dance up for much longer. The end to this had to come quickly.

Then she realized the full meaning of the worlds Dracula himself had spoken. It was the whip that could ultimately kill him. If she couldn’t get to Dracula, maybe her whip could! Concealed in her right boot she had a dagger. She grabbed it quickly and tied the end of the whip to the handle. Then, with one swift toss, the dagger pierced through the incoming fireballs at directly at Dracula’s forehead.

The dagger hit Dracula dead on between his eyes. It went right threw his head, pulling the whip through with it. Dracula shrieked in pain as the whips power began to overwhelm his body. He began to tremble violently as his body suddenly burst into flames. The large animal figure suddenly shrunk down into a humanoid shape, kneeling and screaming as the flames consumed his body. “Sonia Belmont! This is not the end of me!” he cried. “You’re family will pay for this!”

Sonia walked up to him. Through the flames she could see the whip laced through his head. While he was nearly ashes, the whip appeared unscathed. “Don’t blame my family for this. Blame the whip. Those who rule without mercy will die without mercy.”

Dracula stuttered, “I…I will…ask for…no mercy…”

“I will give you one thing before you die count. I will pray for you’re soul. May the Lord have mercy on you’re soul, and for both our sakes, may you learn from it,” Sonia said.

“Small words…” Dracula uttered before finally giving in. His corpse fell limp and within a bright burst of the flames, was reduced to absolutely nothing, not even ashes. Laying there on the floor was the whip still tied to the handle of Sonia’s dagger.

Sonia collected her whip and left the castle quickly. A moment after leaving, it crumpled to the ground. Sonia watched this collapse from the distance, shocked that such a magnificent structure could fall so symbolically. “I suppose evil dies as brutally as it kills,” she concluded.

Life for Sonia went very much back to normal after this. Soon after this, it is said she had a child, though who the father was is left to mystery. Sonia left a sheltered and secretive life after this. And what of Alucard? Some say he fathered her child. Others will say this just can’t be true. In any case, the family line and the Belmont name had lived on.

Some will try to tell you this story is not true at all. There are those will say Sonia didn’t really exist, that she herself is nothing more than a work of fiction. Regardless, this is a story, her story, and her achievement is one of honor and courage is one not easily discarded. Some people rumor that Sonia developed another ability, to travel through time. Maybe one day, she herself will appear and tell us in her own words, her life, her stories, and her ability to preserve life, extinguish evil and save this world with something we can only hope we’ll never have to face again. Maybe she herself will set the record straight. Until then, her life will continue to be a legend.