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"Our old friend The Crossman has become famous for lending to the series' games a certain perspective, whereby readers can further enjoy the individual tales of heroism. Things are no different here in the authors latest work: Castlevania Bloodlines, where we follow the game's events starting with the results of our previous hero's (Reinhardt Schneider's) actions as experienced in the N64 titles. Come journey with us as we learn about Quincy Morris' greater role, the vile antics of other bit players, and the emergence of John Morris as a true Belmont warrior. 'Have a nice time,' indeed."

Castlevania Bloodlines

By The Crossman

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Prolouge 1: A Vision of Dark Secrets.
Village of Ondol, Warakiya. The 17th of October 1421 A.D.
With calm as a mask to hide his feelings he spoke the words who was his plight. "As the priest of Ondol, I, Reinhardt Belmont, persecute you, Elizabeth Bathory, as a witch and a vampire. As redemption for your actions of murdering 300 men and women, I declear you to be beheaded. Before the fires of the pyre burn you as a forshadowing of Hell. May God pledge mercy upon your soul. Long live the King." He nodded to his brothers, Dimitri and Leonard to lit the fire. Then he turned to the executioner. "Do your duty, butcher." His clerks, Jeremiah and John to bring the guilty one forth. Countess Elizabeth was still a beaty. Even dough she had past 33 winters, she was still luxurius and seductive. He grasped for his crucifix. "Let it be done." The ropes who tied her to the block was drenched with the essence of garlic and a wooden cross hung around her neck. "Curse you Reinhardt Belmont." She shouted at him. "You shall soon burn like me." Then the executioner hacked with his axe. The gathered villagers shouted with joy and excitement as bought the corpse and the head was tied to the cross at the hearth to the pyre. "May God pledge mercy upon your soul." He once more said as he saw her burn. He could not be sure. But it was like something dark left the pyre just as she had burned to ashes. "The Devil have claimed her as one of his concubines." Leonard said as he did the sign of the cross. "It had to be done." Dimitri said. "I will keep my oat to hunt the night." He saw how he dried away some tears from his eyes. "So will I." He calmly said. "We are living humans." Leonard said as he put a hand on each of their shoulders. "We are Belmonts too." Dimitri said, once again calm and determined. He slightly smiled. They where brothers, like and yet not like at all. Leonard was the strongest of them, in bought the way he controlled the bloodline powers and how he used their weapons. No mystery their father had given him the Vampire Killer even dough he was the third-born. But Dimitri was no less the wicest of them. He was only their half-brother from their father's first marriage, but that didn't mattered. Bought their mothers had bean of good families and had possessed holy powers. "Would you like to come with me to hold a praying-session with me?" He asked. "Of course." Dimitri smiled. Leonard merely nodded.

Letter from Reinhardt Schneider to Quincy Morris.

Texas, USA. The 3n of November 1897 A.D.
Dear cousin. I wright to you now under the gravest of circumstances. Rosa died yesterday, I received the letter from my son merely three days ago. I have no choice but to return to Walachia to take place in her funeral. Young master Jonathan had a strange sort of attack the same day the letter came. I insist that he saw you involved in battle with dark forces in which you became delivered a fatal blow. I will take him and his friend, young master Eric, with me. Your representative here will tale care of your estate. He have promised me to wrighte to you if any new events should take place.
Your faithful friend and cousin:
Reinhardt Schneider-Belmont.

Jonathan Harker's journal.

The 20th of November. Ondol graveyard: It was sad to be at his funeral. But it was good to. He was buried in the crypt of his ancestors who, by the inwrightings on the graves I could see went all back to the 13th century. Mina did weep silently on my shoulder and I could see that Dr. Seward and Lord Godalming also was close to tears. Profesor Van Helsing tried to sooth them but I am not sure he managed to. The strange Mr. Belmont, a white-haired man in the beginning of the 60s, had greeted Van Helsing with warmth and friendship. Calling him young master Vincent. His family was here to burry his own wife, Mrs Belmont, leaving a young son alone together with Quincy's son and the other child, Eric. It was all so nice and sad. I look forward to return to England and hopefully a normal life. But should any vampire place his eyes on Mina again I know what to do. She is calling on me now so this would be all for now.

Castle Proserpina, England. The 4th of August 1912 A.D.
The spell worked. Death appeared before her like she had hoped for. "Greetings yound Drolta Tzuentes." He said like a whisper in her mind. "Greetings in turn Uriel." She said as she bowed deeply before him. "Why have you summoned me back to this plane. The time is not at hand." She shook her head. "I know it is ready." Blue fire lit in the eyes of the fallen angel. He flapped with his dark wings before he let them vanish. "I can read your mind, witch. Then do what I command." She slowly rouse. "There is another thing we must do first." She told him. "I think I know who might help us resurrect the Dark Lord." A faint smile, or so she thought, crossed his face. "I shall walk with you." Now it was she who smiled. "Thank you Death." The school of magic was to pay dearly for calling her a mere amateur. She was more powerful than they knew and soon they was about to learn just that.

Exeter, England. The 17th of AAugust 1907 A.D.
I stepped down from the handsome cab and then stopped to take a look around. The Harker house was a giant monster of a house. It was what my teacher would have called "Victorian". I think it was merely ugly. Eric hit me on the shoulder. As he was two years older than me he always thought he was the boss. "Get moving John before the cabman die of old age." The cab belonged to Mr. Harker and even dough the cabman was an old man on the age of 35, he simply stayed until another servant came down the steps. "Good evening, young masters." He said with a gentle smile. "My name is Joseph Sternwick. But please just call me Joseph." "Of corse old man." I Jingerly said. He really was an old man. At least he had to be 50 or 60 years old or something. He did carry our luggage up the stairs as George, the cabman, drove away to set the horses and the wagon in the stable. "What's wrong with you?" I asked Eric as as he seemed to have his look far away. At the other side of the hedge a girl was walking with a buquethe of roses in her hand. "Ah I see." I said with a little glee. "You've found a new girlfriend." He moved to fetch me, but I was already ahead of him. I ran up the steps and inside the hall. "And what is this all about?" A man with white hair and strange youghtful face stopped me. He saw I stared at his white hair and smiled. "I am Jonathan Harker. And I take it we have the same name." I nodded as I bowed to hide my red cheeks. "You really look like your father young Morris." Then he turned and went. "So that was the fameous Harker." Eric came up to me. "Yeah I think so." Uncle Reinhardt had told me much about the family I was going to stay with. "Greetings young masters." A woman, most likely this Wilhelmina character. Why I thought so? Because she was the most beautiful lady I've ever seen. She had a boy a little younger than me by her side. "This is Quincy Harker." She introduced as the boy bowed. "Hello." I said as bought I and Eric bowed in return. "I hope you will all like it here." She smiled at us. "I think so." I hearthfully said. Living here might not be that bad after all. "I will show you to your rooms." Joseph was back and encouraged us to follow. "I come with you?" Quincy asked. "Sure." I said. As we went up the stairs Eric asked. "You don't know who the people living nearby is?" Harker seamed like he poundered. "The house right behind us belong to Sir Edmund Singelton. He is a nice old man but stay out of his garden. He love to work there and is afraid someone might steal flowers or fruits from him." I managed to hide my smile. I thought I know what Eric was really asking for. "The two houses beside Sir Edmund's are houses owned by the two sisters mrs. Tibbs. They are bought widows. But their sons live together with them. Mr. Tibs is a loyer like my father. The other one is a banker working in London. The house to our left is the home to general Armstrong. He live there with his Indian wife and she is a little scary. But pastor Northon who live in the other house, he is really nice. He live there together with his granddaughter Gwendolyn who is just as nice." We reached the rooms and Quincy bid us fearwell with another bow. When Joseph had left I went to Eric's room. "You are soon to return to Madrid. Just forget about the girl. It's just plenty of cute legs in Spain." Eric just shook his head. "I'll made a beat with you." He said. "I wage 20 pounds I'll mary her once." I laughed. "I'll take you up. But prepeare to loose your pocked-money." "We'll see." He answered. "But if I hadn't married her before 1920 you'll deserve them all." We shook hands and then went downstairs. I was hoping for some food. Then I would go see if there where any interesting books around here.

Castle Dracula, Warakiya. The 20th of August 1912 A.D.
Chanting with ancient Lathin the circle of blue fire lit up all around her. "What once was in blood, shall again be with blood." She held the rat, stil alive, in her left hand as she cut herself in her palm and then cut the troath of the little creature. Blood became spilled all around and the blue flames became a crimson flare. "The evil spirits enforced in eternal limbus, come to the cursed ones who summon you. In the name of Dracula, make the witche who perished here live again. Hatred! Anger! Death! Shadow! It had began in blood. Now it shall end in blood." She shivered with fear as a foul wind began to blow. She could feel the scent of death around her. Death stood watching her with fire blacing in his eyes. She summoned the Master and then the earth shattered. "Behold the resurrected glory of the blood-bathing countess, Elizabeth Bathory Basraq." He formally said as a single blue beam struck down. She fell backward, screaming with pain. The last thing she saw was the shape of a bat flying against her.

Exeter, England. The 10th of January 1908 A.D.
I came in from a fresh day out in the winter. I and Quincy had built a snowman. And we had tossed snowballs at Eric and Gwendolyn as they where having a walk in the park. "Young master Morris." Joseph came toward us with a nearly happy look on his face. "What's up?" I asked. It really had to be something big if Old Joe became exited. "Your uncle, old master Belmont, have come to see you." "Yes!" I shouted as I quickly got out of my outdoor-clothings and ran upstairs to change my outfit. I haven't seen uncle Reinhardt since I left Veros in 1905 to go to Spain and live some years with Eric and his family. I had continued to train the magic he'd thought me and I would make the old man proud of me.

Castle Dracula, Warakiya. The 20th of August 1912 A.D.
Death quietly as countess Elizabeth Basraq, the niece of Vlad III Basraq, his Dark Lord Dracula, slowly stepped forward. The witch still lay uncouncius on the floor. She would be of more use later. But for the moment it was Elizabeth who had his attention. "It have bean a long time, Death." She said. Neither of them cared she was naked. But the human had bean right in one thing. This countess would truly be of great importance in resurrecting the Dark Lord. But there was still one big obstacle. How was they to gather enough energy to resurrect the fallen Lord of the vampires? Then something Renon had told him came to mind. "The death of millions would serve as the perfect business opportunity." He smiled. "Awaken the witch." He instructed. "We are to create a war. And the political climatic in Europe would be the perfect basis to begin it in." She gave him a look. They where equals in the eyes of the Dark Lord, but they bought knew who was the real master of them. She looked around and her eyes fell on a paper. The big subtitles spoke about a possible war against Austria-Hungaria and Serbia. "I think I know what you think about." She smiled. "All hail Lord Dracula." Was his only answer.

Exeter, England. The 10th of January 1908 A.D.
Uncle Reinhardt had brought with him another of my uncles. "High Sam." I said as I ran to put my arms around him. Samuel, I mean, master Graves, smiled and knelt down to get a better hold. He'd become to old to bow since his back was acing. Then I noticed Uncle Reinhardt too and ran to meet him. He had become older since I last saw him. It was strange seeing somebody still dressed in knee-long trousers and lace-scarf. At least he'd quit the wig and saber, but he was still a gentleman of the "old school", as Mr. Harker put it. I was proad of him. Nearly as proad I was of my own father. I knew what Samuel's father had done in 1830 and such, but somehow it just felt so distance. "Happy birthday little Morris." Reinhardt said in his bad English, heavy with German accent. I blinked. Had the old man become senile or something? My birthday wasn't until April. Then I remembered it as he presented me with three gifts, that he'd bean absent my three last birthdays. Samuel put two gifts into the pile too. "One is from me." Sam said as he noticed my look. He'd bean here the last time. "And the other is from Jessica." I smiled. "Thanks." I said. Then I smiled. "Might I open them now?" They smiled, their eyes filled with memories. "Of course young one." Reinhardt said and I went to it. From him I got a headband, an old crucifix and a Bowie-knife. "The headband and the crucifix," He did the sign of the cross and so did I. "where once belonged by Richter Belmont, the last true Belmont of our family." For a moment a sad look appeared upon his face. I knew his father had went along with Richter, Morris Baldwin, my own great-grandfather, and Samuel's grandmother and grandfather. "The Bowie is, was, your father's once." I grinned. I've read the book that Stoker had published on Mr. Harker's behalf and I've also read the original papers so I knew what this knife meant. Then I went on with Uncle Sam's gift. He'd given me a Bible and Jessie had sent me one of Carrie's books on how to clear your mind when using magic. "I might only stay for three days." He told me. "But in that time. What about a trip to London?" I smiled. "If Quincy might come along?" Now it was they who smiled. "If Mrs. Harker alove him, of course, he might come with us." "Yes!" I exclaimed. This would become a really nice visit.

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The 29th of June 1914 A.D.
Drolta brought her hood down to conceal her face as she moved away from the gathering. She hoped nobody recognized her. She was born in this city and hoped nobody remembered the sudden death of her parents. They had intend to send her to London in 1847 to be executed as a witch. She had killed them before they could kill her. She got into a shadowy ally and then used her dark powers to teleport. She reappeared and knelt before countess Elizabeth and the angel of Death. "I was to late." She said. "They where already dead when I came close to them." Death nodded. "It does not matter. Did you managed it?" She nodded. "The Austrian intelligence will soon find out who killed their dear hair to the throne." Countess Elizabeth smiled. "Good." Death said. "And now," The blood-bathing countess said. "to the next step."

Exeter, England. The 23d of July 1912 A.D.
I knelt before uncle Reinhardt and uncle Samuel. I was trying to be caml and tried to summon God in my hearth as Jessie's book had told me to. "As the descendant of Morris Baldwin, the son of Richter Belmont, I place upon you the Vampire Killer and the mystic weapons of Leon Belmont." I had become 17 the day before and now the family's elders where chosing me as the next vampire hunter in line. The brave Leon had found the dagger, axe, holy water, crystal and throwing-cross nearly 1.000 years ago. Then the great Sonia Belmont had found the stopwatch and learned how she should tap into it and the other mystic weapons with the use of elemental-magic. It was just a little to much. But I managed to speak calm and clear. "I'm Johathan Morris of the house of Belmont. I swear to uphold the oat to to hunt vampires. The Belmont clan still hunt the night." I bravely got to my feet and held the Vampire Killer to the clouds. "It is done then." Reinhardt said as he rouse from his seat, as did Samuel and Jessica. The elder men bought supported themselves by canes. Jessie was far younger than they, somewhere in her 40s perhaps. And was still beautiful and strong in demeanor and appearance. It had bean so much training and stuff going on that it'd nearly bean a little to much. But it was like I'd found some new determination by taking part in this ceremony. As we returned into the house I once again thought about poor Eric. He'd come here as his parents died somewhere in the Spanish alps. I don't know wy. But somehow I felt the Alps would one day become important to my descendants. I shook my head and dropped it. I would go up and speak with him and comfort him if he deeded it. I got to my feet as John finally entered the door. He looked a little strange, dressed as he was and with all his weapons hanging about. "If the folks in the firm of old Harker see you in those boots and headband you insist on wearing, they would faint out cold." Before he could retorth however, I stepped over to where my lance stood and brought it over to him. "My family is vampire hunters." I slowly told him. And before he could laught or hit me, I added. "I have my father's letters and this weapon as proof. And Jonnie, I'm not mad." He did however laugh. I moved to hit him instead, I was more than a little nervous, and I would shake some sťance into him. He stopped my fist with his palm. "Oh Eric. I'm a Belmont. A vampire hunter. The vampire hunter. So it's no need to be shy." I gasped. "A Belmont." He nodded as he grinned. "That's all proof I need. The old folks insist that we're among the greatest vampire hunters in the world." I sat down on his bed. Now I remembered what he'd told me way back in 1897. Then I hadn't believed it, but now I did. "Whenever the vampires come," I said. "we'll stand together." He grinned and grasped my hand. "That's a promise I'll see forward to." Then he laughed again. "And you still have to pay me those 20 pounds." I grinned back. "I'll win that one. That I can asure you." He shook his head. "Let's get outside and train." He suggested. I got to my feet. "I'll knock you down on with one hand." His grey eyes shone. "Let's see. Let's say 5 pounds for the first knocked down?" "Then it'll only be 15 I must pay then." I joked as we went downstair.

(A.N: I hope you all liked this text. Bloodlines is one of my fave titles and I have looked forward to tell it. As with Legend and Castlevania I will have my own twists in the story. Have a nice time.)

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