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"One must ask: What, exactly, is Sonia Belmont's role in the ever-unfolding tale of the 'Castlevania' series? Originally positioned as the forefather (or mother--ho-hah! ... yeah...) to Trevor Belmont, the family's first-noted female warrior has since been displaced by the more ambiguous Leon Belmont and then written out completely by current series' director Koji Igarashi. Still, we who hold continuity dear will simply never forget the tale of a young woman who wanted only to honor the promise to fight evil. More specific is The Crossman's newest tale, where Sonia's story is done justice through his retelling."

Castlevania Legends

By The Crossman

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Castlevania Legend1.
By: The Crossman.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part in Castlevania, neither characters nor games. These are trademarks of Konami and Nintendo.

Prologue: Sonia's theme.
Tower of Ondol, Warakiya. The 12th. of November 1476 A.D.
I looked out the window in my uncle's bedroom. The wind toutched and moved my golden hair. The heat of the fireplace gave some comfort. It was good. Though my body was numb. The heart felt frozen. I should've known this would happen. He left me alone. We'd been so close. "He could not have remained." I turned around. My uncle Dimitri looked upon me with sadness. "He is not like you." I closed my eyes. Why couldn't it all disappear? "I know you don't trust him." His father bit him. I shuddered. "Adrian does what he think is right." My uncle shook his head. Sweath covered his brow. It ran down into his beard. "You also have things to do, Sonia of the Belmont clan." He was weak. Though his authority hadn't changed. Nor his conviction. "Remember Leon Belmont." He fought to speak. "You swore to uphold the clan's traditions. To hunt the night as long it rule with terror." I knelt by his bed. "Your powers aren't ment for yourself. They are ment for a greater purpose. For the good of Walachia." I took his hand. "I know." It felt so cold. "I won't let you down." I had to tell him now. "Adrian and I where not only friends." I knew I blushed. Uncle Julius didn't speak. "We love each other." This at least was certain. I really did love him. "We spent a night together." His expression didn't change. I couldn't tell his emotions. "I met the poltergeist king." I had a deep breth. "I met him within the graveyard." Dimitri Julius slightly nodded. "Then the time has come." He said at last. "He will grant you the weapons you need." I bent down to kiss his cheek. "I love you, uncle." I told. Dimitri smiled. "Trust in the king." He whispered. "We gave him the items after Mathias Krohnquist." He tightened his grip. "Dracula killed your other uncle, father Reinhardt, in 1462." I nodded. Although I never knew him. He died when I was still a baby. "Do not seek vengeance. Only redemption." I smiled. "I'll do my best." I repeated. "Only the Lord knows if I'm brave enough." My uncle let go. Although he still smiled. "I know you are." He said. "You will grant the clan great honour." He tried to make the sign of the cross. "May He and all good Saints bless and keep you." I toutched his cheek. Then I rised. I silently left the room. I dried the tears away. The priest said he was dying. I prayed he would live when I returned. If that was my destiny. I would like to say goodbye.

I closed the door behind me. These where my chambers. Here I had lived since leaving the nursery. I went through to the bedroom. Rosaly, my little maid, had prepared my bed. "Rosaly." I called her name. "Is my armour ready?" She made a deep reverence. "Yes, my lady." She then left me behind. I smiled. Although Leon lost his title, the estate was still ours. I sighed. The church had warned him. Leon made his own choise. Like I did. When I refused to live the life of a boyar. "Here it is." Rosaly and Julia had to carry it between themselves. "Put it on the bed." I told. When relieved of their burden, Julia hurried to provide for me. She helped me out of the green dress. They put it in the basket. Together with my other stuff. They'd helped me before. She bent to remove my slippers. I couldn't help a sigh. I was 17 years old. I wasn't completely helpless. Rosaly held up the shirt. I put it on. Then followed the leather mail. Julia tied my hair into a ponytail. That way it didn't get in my face. I stepped into the knee-high boots before securing my wrists with leather bands. I finally done the plates over my chest and shoulders. "Are there anything else, my lady?" They asked. I shook my head. "Thank you." I told. They where my friends. "You may leave." They payed me a last reverence before leaving. I hoped we would meet again. The Lord would decide. I opened the chest which stood at the end of my bed. Then I closed it. The crystal was the last of my heritage. I decided to leave it behind. I even left the bow. My father gave it to me. Leonard told me how to use it before he died. I turned round. Uncle Dimitri told I should believe in my own abilities. That I should do. I picked the belt and tied it around my waist. I toutched the Vampire Killer. I had been accepted. Nobody deserved her fate. The poltergeist king told I would find the other items. I turned out the light. Then I left. Julia and Rosaly had waited for me. I was glad they did. "Take good care of my uncle." I said. "And of yourself." Julia nodded. I thought for a moment. There was nothing more to say. "We won't let them take him." Rosaly then said. I smiled. I embraced them both. They where taken aback. Then they returned the gesture. I pulled back. It was time I left them.

They had gathered. I went out the entrance of our estate. The entire household where present. The maids and servants held lit torches. First I was afraid. But only at first. Joseph Weber and Anastasia Fulnow hailed me like a baron. I felt all warm inside. "The Lord and Saints bless you, my child." Father Andrei made the sign of the cross. He held the Communion. Even I got a pice of the Host. I didn't knew how to thank them. "I'll fight the righteous battle." I told. Julia and Rosaly hugged me. I had to go. With much regret, I went out into the forest..

Dora wood, Warakiya. The 12th. of November 1476 A.D.
The moon shone down upon the early snow. The stars lit up the sky. It was cold. The winter had come early this year. I thought of the quest. Voivode Vlad Basraq had been murdered. How he must've suffered. I couldn't blame his feelings. Though Dracula had called for the Devil. Upon his death, the count had come to possess a strong supernatural power. Adrian had told me everything. I didn't hate him. Although I should. I was the vampire hunter. My uncle trained me. I got the power of wind, fire, lightning, light and ice. Those I might summon and control. I knew I would have to use them. But how? I crossed myself. I prayed the Lord would show me. I cracked the whip. Then I kept walking. Alucard told the path led to the castle.

Ondol cemetery, Warakiya. The 12th. of November 1476 A.D.
I knelt before her grave. Under this cross, my mother lay buried. I ended my prayer with His sign. My dark side told me to destroy this sanctuary. His children had burned her at the stake. "Do not blame the father for the children's work." Sonia had seen to the bottom of his heart. "They don't know what they do." I toutched the crucifix. She was the niece of a priest. And the grandchild of a crusader. She knew much about her God. Of their God. Sonia was right. I rised and dusted snow of my trousers. Then I looked into the Heavens. "Lord." I called while the wind whipped my hair. "Protect my beloved from my father." I felt relieved. I had made up my mind. My mother requested that I tell him she would love him forever. Though I would have to kill him. The monster who dwelt in the castle was not my father. I threw the cape around me as I began walking. The snow cracked beneath my boots. The thirst for human blood knawed upon my soul. I resisted. When it was all over, I would go to her. Sonia would set me free. Thus she would have banished his cursed bloodline from this world.

Castle Dracula, Warakiya. The 12th. of November 1476 A.D.
The walls pulsated. Even out in the courtyard, I felt the creature of Chaos. The rite had been a success. No one would oppose me now. Then he reemerged. "Death." I acknowledged his presence. "My lord." His voice was a whisper in my mind. He knew me. He knew who I was. "Are they assembled?" I asked. Although I knew the answer. I could feel their presence. The angel lowered his head. "You have done well." Death was my closest ally. "You will lead my army." I told. "Come. Let us walk together." He came to drift beside me. "They are here." Death breathed. "They only await your order to begin the campaign." That was good. Walachia would fall. I would become king again. Then I would have my revenge. I laughed with triumph. They would pay for having taken my loved one away. I would make their world into my own dark habitat. Then He could decend. I would fight Him with all the forces of Hell. "For blood is the life." He Himself had said it. So true. I would use that I learned at Scholomance. I was the Devil's purchase. Thus the Master would aid me. "Join me." I told the angel. "I am the prince of Darkness." Then Death toutched me.

(A.N: This time I've tried an alternative point of view. I'll try to follow the tale of the game. But of course with some personal twists. Have a nice time.)

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