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"Well, what have we got here? It looks your classic case of grandeur with on it heaped five hundred pounds of delusion! To create fictional accounts of heroism as tasked by those proven is one thing--but thinking that you, mere surveyors, could ever stand a chance against the Dark Lord? Insanity! Dream if you want, and that's all that our ill-intentioned adversary Justin does in The White Mages: A Celtic Woman / Castlevania Story, where transported to a familiar land is our hero Justin and his new friends, who assist the fallen Simon Belmont in an equally familiar 'quest.' Oh, for laughs."

The White Mages: A Celtic Woman/Castlevania Story

By Justin

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        I sat in my chair as the girls finished off their final song. It was then that the audience and myself got to our feet and applauded. The girls did their curtsey and smiled to the crowd. As the crowd was filing out I followed them. I hit the bathroom before I would get the chance to meet the lovely ladies of Celtic Woman. After I finished attending to matters at hand. I waited in the lobby along with a huge crowd waiting to meet the women behind Celtic Woman. Funny I've already gone this far into my story and I haven't introduced myself. My name is Justin, and I've been a fan to Celtic Woman for a while to say the least. So finally they came by and took their seats behind the table waiting to greet their fans. It turns out I was the last in line. But hey I'm not going to complain. The wait was long but I finally got the chance to finally meet Chloe, Hayley, Lisa, Orlagh, Deidre, Mairead, and Meav. I walked up to the table somewhat timidly. But the girls gave me each a smile and then were ready to speak with me.
" Hi ladies, how are you today " I said somewhat shyly
Chloe then smiled at me.
" Oh we're fine, did you enjoy the show " asked Chloe
I smiled sheepishly.
" Yeah I did, you all are great. The world could use more of entertainers like you all "
They all softly laughed.
" We appreciate your comment, what's your name " asked Lisa
" My name's Justin, it's a pleasure to meet you all after all this time finally ''
They all said hello to me. They noticed I had a program with me of the show.
" Would you like us to sign that for you Justin '' asked Deidre
I noticed they all had their markers out. So I figured why not.
" Yeah girls, that would be nice " I said
So I handed my program to the girls and one by one they signed it for me.
" I appreciate you spending time doing that for me " I said
" It's our pleasure Justin, you're a fan after all " said Mairead
" Absolutely '' said Meav
After I received my program back. I put a hand to my head.
" You feeling ok Justin " asked Hayley
" Yeah Hayley , I just feel tired all of a sudden " I said
I then noticed Deidre, Meav, and Orlagh began putting a hand to their heads.
" I do as well " said Orlagh
And then I noticed all of them starting to look and feel tired as I was. And for some strange reason I tried to walk. But being too tired I crumpled to the ground. I could tell they showed some concern for me and they tried to get out from behind the desk to see if I was alright. But for some strange reason I fell asleep and within a few seconds I could hear their bodies crumpling to the ground next to me.
        I awoke in a forest for some strange reason. I got up and looked around my surroundings. I noticed that all the members of Celtic Woman were here with me. I got up and brushed myself off. I went to wake each of them up. Since Hayley was the closest one to me I went over to her first. I shook her gently.
" Hayley, are you alright " I said while gently trying to wake her up.
It took her a few minutes to wake up.
" Hi Justin, yeah I'm alright " Hayley said
She got up and looked around her surroundings just as I had done.
" Where are we Justin " she asked
" That's what I'd like to know as well " I said
I noticed the other 6 were still asleep.
" Let's wake them up, the faster we get moving, the faster we'll know a lot more " I said
So Hayley and I went around and gently woke the remaining ladies up. As soon as they were up, they stretched and we all got together.
" What is this place " asked Orlagh
" Where are we " asked Chloe
" I wish I knew where we were girls. But I have no idea where we are " I said
The girls looked somewhat defeated by that remark I just said.
'' Look, let's not lose hope. Let's get moving and the faster we find a place. The faster we'll know what's going on " I said
" I agree " said Chloe
So we headed off into an eastern direction and we walked for miles. I hate to admit it but the ladies looked uncomfortable in what they wore which was still their gowns from the show whereas I was still in regular clothes. We finally arrived in a town. I noticed the people in this town wore clothes from another time period, somewhat like what you would see at a Renaissance Faire. We walked up to a church. I'm taking a guess that's what it was because it had a cross on the front of the building.
" I think this is about the best place in this town to get some answers to where we are " I said
" Alright Justin, you lead the way " said Lisa
So I pulled open the doors and the 7 of them and me walked inside the church. Dead straight ahead at the podium was a Reverend working on a sermon it seemed. He looked up from his podium and saw us and smiled.
" Good day and hello. I take it you're not from around here " said the Reverend
" No we aren't '' said Deidre
" Are you travelers then '' asked the Reverend
'' No, we just ended up here and all of us have no idea why " said Meav
The Reverend pointed to benches where people usually sit during Sundays at church and offered us a seat. It was then Chloe spoke.
" Do you know where we are " asked Chloe
The Reverend then spoke.
" You all are in Europe. You're in Wallachia, Transylvania " said the Reverand
I think all our jaws dropped at the Reverend's explanation.
" What year are we in '' asked Lisa
" The year is 1698 '' said the Reverend.
We let that all sink in.
" So we're in the 1700's " Mairead asked
" Yes that would be correct '' said the Reverend
We sat silently there for a few minutes with our hands in our laps.
" Is there something wrong " asked the Reverand
I got up and approached the Reverend.
" Yes there is, we're not from this time period, we're from the future. Please don't think us as crazy or whatever. We aren't. Just this is shocking to all of us " I said
The Reverend nodded at what I just said.
" One last question Reverend " said Hayley
" Yes my dear " said Reverend
" What town is this " asked Hayley
" This is the town of Jova " said the Reverend
When the Reverend spoke of this town of Jova I was surprised.
" What is it Justin " asked Orlagh
I thought about my words very carefully before I said what I wanted to say to them.
" Reverend, pardon my intrusion here. I don't mean to frighten you here. But is there a man in this country named Vlad Tepes, or in other words Count Dracula ". I asked.
The Reverend wiped his hands off with a cloth before he spoke.
" He died at the hands of an individual named Simon Belmont. Dracula had cursed him and Simon went on a journey to gather his body parts, assemble them and to face Dracula one last time. Simon defeated Dracula but he didn't survive the curse as he passed away a short time after his battle with Dracula " said the Reverend
'' Alright then, thank you for your answer Reverend " I said
The girls I'm sure had a bunch of questions to heap on top of me. And I was right.
" So we're stuck here for who knows how long " said Chloe exasperated
I then took her wrist in my hand and I had her undivided attention.
" Look Chloe, and listen everyone. We're stuck in Transylvania. I don't know how we are. But we are. So let's not lose our heads here " I said
I then let go of Chloe's wrist.
" God I'm starving '' said Mairead
" I think we're all hungry " said Lisa
" I can have a feast prepared for you, along with sleeping quarters, and some clothes " said the Reverend
" We thank you kindly Reverend " said Meav
Soon 4 cloaked clergymen had come from behind a door and were in front of us.
" Take them to their rooms. Your new clothes should be on your beds " said the Reverend
So Lisa and Orlagh took a room, Deidre and Chloe took a room, Meav and Mairead took a room, and lastly was Hayley and I. I turned myself around as Hayley dressed. To give her privacy, and she did the same with me. After that we all gathered in a great hall of sorts. There was a table and 8 chairs. On the table were roast chickens, bread, vegetables, and fruit. There was also a choice between milk and apple cider. We sat down and said a little prayer before we began eating. After that was done. We dug in and began to eat. The meal the Clergymen had prepared for us was delicious. After finishing up dinner. The clergyman had brought 2 pies on to the table. A pumpkin pie and a custard pie. I think we all had a slice of each. As we finished up our dessert the Reverend came in to wish us a good night. We all thanked him and the clergyman for all that they had done for us. The clergymen told us to leave the dishes and glasses on the table. After the dinner and dessert we all gathered around the table.
" So where do we go or do now " asked Chloe
" We'll figure something out '' I said
" That's easy for you to say Justin " said Chloe
I was tempted to argue with Chloe there and then but I was tired and I think the girls were still trying to let the day sink in. Orlagh then gave Chloe a hug.
'' It's our first day here. I don't know why we're doing here in 1698 in Transylania. But let's try to make the best of it " said Deidre
I think we all simply nodded at that because we were tired. Soon we got up and headed to our sleeping quarters. We all wished each other a hopeful goodnight. We all shut our doors behind us. I sat on my bed as Hayley sat on hers.
" I must admit this is the first time in my life that I've shared my room with a girl " I said
I think I saw Hayley smile there but my head was in my own thoughts.
" Well, at least in your trip to Transylvania with all of us Justin. It's something new to experience '' said Hayley.
I got up and walked over to the window. Outside I could see the moon soaked in blood red. I stared at it for a few minutes until Hayley joined me.
" What is it Justin " asked Hayley
" I think I know why we're here " I said
" Why are we here " asked Hayley
" I'll tell you and everyone else tomorrow morning. Right now's not the time. And you must be exhausted Hayley " I said
So we returned to our beds. We laid our heads down, pulled the covers up and looked at each other for a few minutes. We smiled faintly to one another before we headed off to sleep.

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