Fan Fiction

"Coller... Oh, does that name make these old bones tremor with fear. Every day, I give thanks to the gods of redundancy (Konami) for never unleashing upon us that intimidating cretin. It's as if they were going to turn one of our own against us--and, at that, one of the biggest roughhouses to ever rough a house, with that chainsaw arm, and that shotgun, and that bulk, and the hat, and the calls to mommy. ... Right--sanity. Must hold on... So Coller went bye-bye when he was cut from Castlevania 64, thankfully, and his leftovers were instead supplanted into good ol' Franky. But what if he ever comes back? What if they ever dig him up? This latest fan fiction can't be true, can it?! Someone get my pills!"

Cornell and Coller: A Castlevania Tale

By Sam Mills

Cornell was having a difficult time getting around the outer wall of the Castle. Where there was hardly and doubt of his abilities, he was wondering if his nerves were finally getting the best of him. He was out of energy to turn into a wolf, and the ledges were getting increasingly difficult to manage around.

He'd been through a lot already to get this far. After killing many vampires, he was ready to take out more. But he understand that even he had to rest. The question was, when?

He'd just found the key to a doorway in a small nook inside a lamp. There was no one around, and it was dark and cool. Though no place in this castle was ideal for taking a nap, this was as good a place as any. "Just for a little while..." he told himself as he curled up into a corner of the small area.

Sleep came quickly, and Cornell went back in his mind to a time before his village had been burned to the ground. Reliving a happy time, he was there with his sister and friends. The sun was shining, and he was happy. Everything was perfect.

Then, in the dream, the sunlight faded away. Cornell looked up and saw the sun being eclipsed by a giant full moon. Darkness swept over his homeland. At that moment, Cornell began to change. He could feel the beast in him beginning to take over. Looking at his sister, he was afraid of what he might do to her. His sister screamed as the transformation was nearly complete. After that, he was no longer in control.

Without any way to stop it, Cornell began swiping at his sister, and his inner mind began to scream as she was being ripped to shreds. Within a few moments, his sister lay there, dead on the ground.

"You've done well," he heard Dracula's voice say inside his mind. "Control is no longer yours..."

"Leave him be!" another voice cried, along with the sound of a chainsaw. The chainsaw was loud and horrid, but therapeutic in the way it drowned out the presence of Dracula.

Cornell jumped into waking life, breathing very heavy. The images had disturbed him greatly. Even more upsetting was that he wasn't sure if Dracula had really gotten into his head, or if it was a part of his dream. Only a brief time had past, but he didn't feel like sleeping anymore. Now he was being fueled by anger.

He ran off into an inner room of the wall. In there, he came across a very strange looking man. The man was very buff and built, with a gruff looking face and a hat. In one hand was a rifle, and in his hand other, a chainsaw. Cornell was ready to do battle, but the man put his hand up. "Wait, Cornell," he said. "Do not fight me. I am on your side."

"Who are you?" Cornell asked.

"My name is Coller. I'm...well, I'm the gardener."

Cornell looked the man up and down. "What is it that you garden? Killer weeds?"

"Shut up! I'm trying to help you, but an unknown force is keeping me down. It's something beyond the power of Dracula. It's as if the very fabric of the universe is trying to eliminate me," Coller explained.

Coller went on to tell Cornell that he started a quest to take out Dracula, when he began to notice there was something coming after him, a sort of "nothing" as he described it. "It comes after me, like a mist. It erases everything it touches from existence. I think that's what it's trying to do to me. You have to help me get to Dracula before it can overtake me!"

Cornell was happy to have Coller along, because he needed the help. He told Coller to follow him, and he would do his best to keep this mist away if it were to appear again.

Coller was a great help. With him, they were able to quickly get through Dracula's minions. In no time, they made their way to the Grim Reaper.

When they entered the Reaper's chambers, they found that he was ready for them. "I have seen the destruction of countless millions! With each soul, I grow stronger! What makes you think you can defeat me?"

Coller stepped up and took a shot at the Reaper with his shot gun. With his sickle, the Reaper deflected the attack. Cornell took a shot at him, and Death cried out in pain. "What!?"

Coller was able to get close enough to Death and took a long swipe with his chainsaw. It did a kind of damage to his body that no one had ever seen before! It practically sliced the Reaper in two with a single blow! Cornell joined in with multiple shots to the head, and Death was nearly dead himself.

But in all the chaos, neither noticed that during the fight, the mist of nothingness had appeared. Coller stood above the Grim Reaper with his companion, and they were excited that they had nearly made it to Dracula. But they knew something was wrong when the Reaper's jaw of bone seemed to give them a smile.

They turned, and the mist was below Coller. "Oh God! Run!" Cornell yelled. But it was too late. The mist had touched Collers legs, and it began to disappear. He fell to the ground. Cornell tried to help get him away from it, but Coller refused. "Get away from here, now!"

"You're going to die!" Cornell cried.

"I don't care! Just get away from it before it gets you too! You're our only hope now!" Coller cried.

The mist quickly overtook the gardener in his entirety. It left nothing, not even the hat on his head. It had completely wiped him from existence. Cornell was terrified that it was going to come after him. For a moment, it started to head his way, then stopped.

It was apparently not meant for him, for at that moment, it was as if it were being sucked into itself, until there was nothing left of it. Cornell was relieved, but the Reaper quickly ruined that for him too.

"Now that your companion has been erased not just from this current existence, but from the fabric of time and space, it was as if he never was, and hence, all that has happened to him up to now never happened!" the Reaper said.

"But that would erase the moment he was erased too!" Cornell argued.

"Not true, for this is a defining moment in the fabric of existence. Your feeble mind can't understand it. All you need to know is that you will soon go back to the point before you met him, and you'll have to do it all alone!" Death chuckled.

"NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!" Cornell cried as the room around him became a flash of light, and he felt himself being sucked back in time.

Cornell found himself again at the outer wall of the Castle, in the same place that he'd slept before. He looked around, and wondered if it was all just a dream. Was Coller actually real, and did it all really happen? "No, it was real. He helped me." Cornell knew. "I will never forget you, my friend."

What he couldn't understand was why was his friend erased from existence? What did he do to deserve such a fate? What Cornell didn't know was that his friend was erased, but his imprint would live on in the fabric of his universal realm. But would his friend still choose to be good in his reincarnation? Who could say? All Cornell knew was that anyone crazy enough to carry a chainsaw had to be sinister in one way or another.