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"Darkness never dies, my friends, and neither do the imaginations of the series' most passionate fans, who torture themselves over the simple question: What in the hell is going on here? First Lord Dracula is presented as a mere movie monster, then he's suddenly Bram Stoker's 'Vania parallel, and now we're told he started out as some chap named 'Mathias,' with no link to any outside canon. While it's likely that a satisfactory explanation of how Mathias became Vlad Tepes--or if he did at all--will never be posited, The Crossman attempts to fill the gap and explain the contradiction with this tale."

Fate of the Dracul

By The Crossman

"For blood is the life."

Snagov monastery, Walachia. The 2nd. Of November 1476 A.D.
The snow lay deep. The three servants where busy digging up his grave. Mathias Krohnquist, the lord of the vampires, watched their labour. Had he really thought this through? His head ally had been eager to find this place. "The work ist finished, my lord." The Gypsies where outcast people these days. The great lord of the night told them to stand aside. 400 years had passed since the Belmont clan had waged their war. So many battles had been faught. All of which had been contradictory. Mathias Krohnquist would need new blood to aid him in his quest. He waved his hand. The coffin was raised into the air. Decades had gone past since the priests told of this man. In 1462, he came to study at Scholomance. Vladimir Basraq, who had earned the name of Draculea, had been ignorant that he would be the tenth desiple. The Tepes denounced God. Because his wife, Elizabetha Korvinus, had committed suicide. Mathias acknowledged. They had so much in common. Myrah, a Gypsie witch, one of his lesser desiples, had bitten him some weeks ago. She told him about the convertion. The grave digers stood aside. They no longer had any purpose. "Exelent." Uriel had appeared. "Our efforts have born rich fruit." Mathias Krohnquist lowered his head. The power of illusion had made it all appear. The Turks, which had been here to behead the corpse, only got a phantom's skull. Their Sultan would show forth nothing but a fake. "Why ist thy?" He asked. The grim reaper often executed matters which where not of his command. "Est ist thy Master's will." Death gave no answer. The angel was of a devine being. He could walk forth through oblivion. Mathias gestured. The lid of the coffin was moved aside. He never had spoken with Satan. Such it may be. The corpse lay perfectly still. The son of the Dragon had no love for the humans. That would be glorious. They killed his mistress, Liza Fearheights, the medicine woman. Rumours said that happened the same year as Elizabetha died. They truly had so much in common. "Rise." Death decleared. "Thy I call, Vlad Tepes Dracula, Son of the Devil. Thy I call back to this realm in the name of Satan!" The grave digers presented the blood sacrifice. The blood of rats and other powerful animal. Mathias watched all which had transpired. A bolt of the purest Chaos struck the body within. He could feel them gather. "Thus I summon the embodiment of suffering!" The grim reaper was casting the spell of the Necromonicon book. That was their Bible. So amusing. Mathias Krohnquist made a smile. That would expose his fangs. The man within the blood-stained suit of armour, stured. He opened his eyes. Red flame burned. "I am alive." He exclaimed. "I live again. Though I hunger." He arised. "Blood is the life." He stared upon the slaves. "I shallst rise with all the power of Darkness!" With inhuman speed, prince Vlad was upon them. Two fell with tore open necks. The third of them ran. The voivode had no mind. As he was feeding upon their blood. "I live again." He repeated. "I live as a vampire." The surviving man stopped running. He came back. Like if some inresistable force had beacond him. "Thou really arest the Master's purchase." Death decleared. "Thy shalst rule with an iron fist." Mathias Krohnquist watched him. What did he mean? The boyar knight was testing his new power. Vlad Tepes could morph into a bat, a wolf or even a coil of mist. Upon his death, Dracula had come into possession of a supernatural power. That was impressive. Few he had watched had gained such mastery. Many elements where falling together here. Upon this very night. The art of black magic. Count Dracula was speaking the spell teatched to him. The dead would rise on his wish. "Thy shalst serve me." Mathias dictated. With this man at his side, nobody would stand in his way of domination. "I shalst have my revenge at last." Vlad Tepes had seemed to have no mind about his words. "I shalst release my wrath upon the countryside." He laughed. "The Turks will shudder. I will make fare of the Dinesti clan." Mathias left his pose. "I am thy master now." He said. "Thy shalst do my bidding." Dracula's eyes blazed with roth. "I serve none!" He decleared. "Nay even thy!" His hand blazed with fire. "Satan shalst grant me the might to conquer thee." Mathias could not believe this. Nobody should ever dare to oppose his might. He would slay this upstart. Death would have to forfit another soul.

The angel of Death watched them wage battle. This was the decisive moment. He had waited for this such a long time. The Master would be pleased. The priests of His church had fortold this man could be a Messiah for the land. The prophecy told of him. The Anti-Christ of this realm. The universe itself had been expecting this to be. Mathias Krohnquist would have to be forfeit. But that also have been fortold. After all, he too deserved a baphtist. Judas would not make his sacrifice in vain. He watched them do battle. Mathias was older. He had grown wise and strong with age. Although the blaze and glory of Dracula's resurrection could not be undone. Not when he had the power. The power of Dominance. Then not even the crimson stone be at aid. Then it seemed like the lord of the vampires was getting the upper hand. Nor could that be. He had worked to long for this to be unmade. They all had worked so much. The Gypsie tomb robber watched the events unfold. Such it should be. One to spread the words among the underworld. "Use thy talents, my lord." He breathed. "Focuse thy power. Learn thy strength. Let Chaos and Shadow flow free through thy blood." Death could not backstab Krohnquist. This was between the undead. "Anger, hate and agony is thy key." They where the only who could carry the power which they achieved. Weaker incarnations would fall when conjuring Their might. "Only one may master that power of Darkness." Mathias decleared. "Only one who may be the Dark Lord." He stared at his opponent. "He does not share his power." The battle could have lasted forever more. Such was not the dictate of this night. "Eternall Darkness." Dracula decleared. "I shalst rule." HE threw himself upon Mathias. "I shalst absorb even thy soul." "Nay! I shalst rule! Forever!" Black flame blossomed. A great blackness was upon the land.

Lord Dracula stood above the smoldering carcass of his combaton. "I shalst rule." He stated. "As thy, arest nothing." His blood stained hands held the preshious stones. "Nothing at all." HE tore the bracelet from his corpse. He replaced the stones of alchemy. He put it upon himself. His cape was blown by the winds of this cold winter. "I hast conquered thee." Upon his behest, even the body was erupted in flame. Dracula could already sence the potency of the soul which he had inherited. "Beheld thy!" A voice decleared. "Hill thy! Count Dracula!" Vlad Tepes enjoied his saulatation. "Dracula." He breathed. Somehow that name, which he had despiced, was rightfully his. He was the Dark Lord now. Somehow he knew. "I shalst avenge thy, Elizabetha." He swore. "I shalst avenge thy, Liza." Within himself, he felt the power blossom. He could feel the undead. "I shalst be by thee." The angel of Death approached. "I shalst show thy what I could never show Mathias." Dracula was pleased. He was thirsty. "I shalst hunt." He said. "Then my son ist waiting." He thought of Adrian Basraq. His son had served him while their crusade. "He shalst learn." The people would accept his rule. What where they without a brain or heart to lead them? Pesky peasants. He would show them the true glory of the eternal night. That man thought he conjured up demons and a wraiths? What Devil or witch was ever greater then Athila!? Who's blood was flowing in his vains. "I shalst cover up all the beings of Hell!" He promised. "The undead, and the monsters of this realm, they shallst all come to me. This second dark revolt shallst last forever." Death flouted by his side. "Then what of the Belmont clan, my prince?" The Dark Lord dismissed them altogether. "Their great warriors served alonstside mine in my living days." A flash of red lit his eyes. "Their greatness ist waisted. I killed their brother myself when he refused mine bride an Sanctuan earth." He smiled. "Only a girl, and a dying old man, is left of their blood. Their time hast passed. I shalst make this earth into my own dark habitat." Death lowered his skull. "So shalst it be, my Dark Lord." Dracula changed into that of a bat. The grim reaper did follow. The count would have to prove himself to those still loyal to Mathias Krohnquist. The great dragon was master now. That was not. He felt great power was awakeneing. This should be their finest moment.

Castle Dracul, Walachia. The 6th. Of November 1476 A.D.
Death watched from within the tower. Count Dracula had summoned those of his allies. The great dragon had opposed. The Dark Lord had slain him as a symbol. The son of the dragon had arrived to be the king of the dragons. So perfect. The others which refused, where surrounded. The Dark Lord had called upon those which perished alongside him when being assassinated. Also those which of whom he drunk their blood, had heard their lord's call. Alchemy. That was source of many a miraculous power. The devil forgermaster. They would submit. They had no choise. This was destiny. The very earth had been waiting. "So it is Master." He said to his presence. "The Dark Lord sit upon his throne." A laugher was heard. More so, as the Dark Lord Dracula released his power upon the castle. The creature of Chaos was born. His purchase had come. The war had begun. Though it was other who planted the seeds. The Dark Lord would rest beneath his castle in a wooden coffin. Always he would feel the thirst for human blood gnaw on his soul. HE would gather up the forces of evil. Death was his right-hand man and guardian of choise. He would keep his kindred spirit. Count Dracula appeared before him. The Dark Lord had returned. "I am ready." He said. "So it is." Death rasped. "Come." The grim reaper decleared. "I shalst show thy where only thee might go." Dracula's eyes where red with flame. "I shalst." He deemed. "I shalst enter the chaotic realm." Death could not join him. That was a place that only the Dark Lord might enter. "Thy shalst see." The fallen angel promised. "Thy ist all within the walls of the castle Dracula." The count smiled. "I am the prince of Darkness." He stated.

(A.N: This thing is short. No matter. This is one way to view what happened between Mathias Krohnquist and Vlad Tepes Dracula on that fateful day in 1476. I hope you liked it. Some might read this as a sort of prelude or additional prologue to my CV Legends tale. Have a nice time. I hope I'll finish that story one day.)