Mythological Characters

"It should come as no surprise by now that many of heroes and villains of the Castlevania universe have their origins in Greek and Roman mythology--and most definitely in several others. These pages will help you learn about such characters. While you're looking through lists of names, you may even see some connections between Castlevania characters and these gorgons, deities and gods that have gone unseen by others!"


Legendary Creatures Wiki

Wikipedia's "List of Legendary Creatures" piles together myths, monsters and miscreants from multiple mythologies throughout history. This Internet-made list is broken into twenty-six sections (one per letter) for easier viewing.

Greek Mythological Creatures

On this list, you'll find hundreds of names from Greek mythology. You'll find some of the usual Castlevania suspects here, like Medusa and Charon the Ferryman, but you'll learn more about the names of many others and draw conclusions as to how their Castlevania counterparts were derived.

Miscellaneous Creatures

For a more simple look at just enemies, click this link. As you'd imagine, these are many of the demons and beasts of the pure evil variety, a group that consists of such species as sirens, gorgons and the like.