Fan Fiction

"These pesky Belmonts--they just don't stop spawning! It seems the struggle will never end. At the least, Hunter Forbidden tells us that the story extends beyond our last known tale, Aria of Sorrow, to where Julius Belmont has handed down the reigns to his son, Dorin. We learn that it's time for this Belmont to return the favor by aiding his family's longtime ally and forefather--my young master, Alucard--in his quest for the truth. It's in Good and Evil that Alucard learns more about his past when he meets Aluphere and Aldis, his lost siblings, and the reunion is anything but the embrace in open arms. I can't wait!"

˜ Good and Evil ˜
Battle Between Long
Lost Siblings

By Hunter Forbidden


~ Prologue ~

        Dracula was resurrected in the year 1999, but a brave group of warriors sealed the evil lord and his castle in an eclipse. Thirty six years later, in Japan, high school student Soma Cruz and his friend Mina Hakuba enter into a shrine, only to emerge inside Castlevania. Soma realized he had the power to absorb the souls of the monsters in the castle, and once he found this out, a mysterious man told him to head to the throne. When he got there, a man by Graham Jones, a cult leader who worshipped Dracula, inherited his own powers of the great count. The two fought but Soma seemed to be the strongest. After he defeated Graham, the souls Graham had collected ventured into Soma's body and gave him the truth that shouldn't have been revealed. The truth was, Soma was indeed the true reincarnation of Dracula. The mysterious man he met at the castle entrance came in and told him about an area that only Dracula himself can go into. Since Soma and Dracula were one in the same, he ventured into that area called the Chaotic Realm. It's not certain what was in Soma's way but he eventually got to where Dracula's power source was. Soma defeated the power of Dracula with his own strength and returned safely back to the shrine.
        It is the year 2057; it has been 18 years since the incident with Soma Cruz. Julius Belmont has stepped down as the heir of the Belmont Clan and the legendary Vampire Killer Whip. He has passed the whip to his son, Dorin. Though the threat of Dracula is well diminished and the power of the whip is gone, for now, it is still the Belmont's duty to protect mankind from the darkness and madness of evil.


~ Descendent of an Ancient Family ~

        Dorin, was born in 2031 and has lived in Stow, Vermont. The town is big with trees but small in population. Dorin grew up with very few friends but that's how Julius wanted it. Dorin lived there until he graduated high school and joined the army. His father, Julius, was still the heir to the whip but eventually he would pass it down to Dorin. Julius was one of the few vampire hunters who stopped Dracula in 1999 but after that incident, he lost all of his memory and was doomed to be what doctors thought would be a permanent amnesia. But later on, something called him and he found himself in Castlevania, the castle of Dracula. When he arrived, he met Soma Cruz, and noticed every time he saw him fight, he would get his memories back until eventually he received all his memories. There, he remembered everything from when he was in the castle in 1999 and about his family's history. Dorin had no clue that his father was a part of a legendary family not just due to him having amnesia; Julius wanted to wait after he was 21. He wanted Dorin to live a normal life until the day he was old enough to take the whip.
        Finally, when Dorin turned 22, he left the Army after staying there since he was 18, and came back home to see his father; his mother died when he was 17. When he came home that day, his father finally laid out the truth of Dorin's ancestors and about himself. He told him about how his family was cursed with the responsibility to keep Dracula from taking over the world. His ancestors have fought Dracula ever since Dracula first appeared. Dracula has always been able to come back and the Belmont's were always there to stop him. His father then said, "The problem is now you have to show a low profile. You must stay out of records due to certain people searching for vampire hunters like vampires and secret government officials. They've been hunting us since the incident in 1999. So you are going to have to travel. It's the only way to not be found by people after you. Everyone who knows about us are afraid of the hunter's powers and what they can do. There is a place where you can start out. I have everything ready for you so you don't have to pay for anything. You'll be flown to Germany; once there get in a taxi and drive to this hotel, you'll get a list of people that you CAN trust. Another thing about doing this is that you can train in martial arts. Sometimes the fights can get more complex in battle, especially with Dracula himself. If you try out other arts, you might be able to find the true powers of the Belmont clan. Now you must go."
        "But wait, why all of the sudden are you telling me this? I just get back home and now I'm being sent back out to Germany?" asked Dorin.
        "I didn't think it was right for you to know until you were old enough. I just wanted you to live a normal life, that's all."
Dorin raised his voice and said "It would have been better if I knew about this all my life instead in just 5 minutes! You really expect me to actually leave right this very minute?"
        "I'm sorry, you have to go now. This discussion is over… You have to know this is all real and you have to take action immediately. Now go, you'll miss your flight," stated Julius. Dorin stared at him for a moment and finally left for the airport.
        With a very brief discussion, Dorin was speechless but knew it was probably his destiny. He felt an unnamed feeling inside him telling him he had to take the responsibility. So he took the whip, and thought about what he was going to do. Dorin got on a plane, and went to Hamburg, Germany. When Dorin was on the plane, he sat there, staring at the bottom of the seat in front of him. He felt miserable; he didn't know if he could still go along with this. He thought why he still went. He wondered why he us to put up with all this if he could have just stood his ground and said no. He wondered if his mother would have thought differently from his father. He still went, but not because of his father, only because something inside of him told him.
        When he got there, he called out to a taxi and went to the Crowne Plaza Hamburg his father wrote down a piece of paper. There, he stayed a night and was given an envelope with two lists. One had the names of places from England to Japan with initials. The other had a list of names. No details or anything, just a bunch of names with phone numbers. The initials matched the names on the list of places. The last name on the second list was a man by the name Genya Arikado, which seemed odd to him; like he knew the name. But it didn't matter since his initial wasn't on the list of places, the next day he left for the places that were on the list.
For the next 3 years, he met many new people, who were actual trainers of martial arts. He trained as an English Knight, martial arts by the Monks, the Japanese, and Chinese, Ancient German warfare, and more. After about a year, Dorin had raised considerable money chasing bounties in the cities he had gone to. Because of his training under the Shinobi arts, he has been wearing their trademark suit of that time: it is all black, with a chest plate, shoulder blades, gauntlets for his arms, a mask, black loose pants, and gloves.


~ Resurrection ~

        Today, Dorin has been seeking out bounty heads and vampires. On June 5, 2057, he was given word that 5 vampires in the region he was in have gotten some sort of new power. The power wasn't described but only one thing was said: that they were going to use it that very night in the Royal Borough Park in Britain. After he got word, he left right away.
        In the park, it was very dark out, with most light poles out. In very small areas, there a light poles still up. In one area, there are five figures standing in a circle, talking to each other. They were wearing normal clots: t-shirts, jeans and button up shirts. "Are you ready for this, you guys?" said the leader of the five vampires.
        "I don't like the result in this but I like the cause, I'm in," said the second.
        "I can't stand this world… I'm in," said the third.
        "Can't wait!" said the fourth.
        "Even though I won't witness the end, I'm still in on it," said the fifth.
"Ok, then the ritual will begin," said the leader. He went to a box and opened it; inside was a pile of white sand. With great precision, he made a star, and put a circle around it, making the demon symbol. "Whatca' doing?" said a voice in the dark.
        "Who's there?!" yelled the fourth vampire.
        "You'd think something must be up with all the people dead around here." The leader looked around the area to remind him of their astonishing kills of the innocent people that were just walking in the park.
        "What do you want?" said the Leader As he said that, Dorin appeared out of the darkness and into the light made by the light poles. The five stared at him and his arsenal: a Japanese Katana on his back, an U.S. Special Forces Socom on his right upper leg, daggers attached to the gauntlet on his arms, and, of course, the whip.
        "I'm curious about your new found powers. I want to see what this power of yours is before I kill you," said Dorin.
        "Oh, really? You wanna' see? Well then stand back!" said the second vampire. Dorin stood there with his arms crossed, waiting to see this power of theirs. He had no remorse or fear about what he decided but he soon would. All of them surrounded the sand drawing, held hands in a circle, they closed their legs and eyes closed, they chanted an odd spell in an old language not used in years, "Thou who is son of thee. Thou who was forgotten by thee. Thou who is greater than thee. Thou who has been banned to hell by thee. Thou who is the only one to bring order. Come to life" Dorin listened to the whole chant remembering studing the language when he was in training, which said, "Thou who is son of thee. Thou who was forgotten by thee. Thou who is greater than thee. Thou who has been banned to hell by thee. Thou who is the only one to bring order. Come to life." He didn't understand what they were doing but still continued to watch. After they finished, they tilted their heads toward the sky, with their eyes still closed. In the middle, the sand started to sink into the ground and the ground imploded with a dark, misty hole. The hole started to flash lightly and then a huge beam of light went flying into the night sky and the five vampires fell dead.
        After they fell, a small explosion of mist went flying into the air. Dorin, with a confused face, had a hard time seeing but he noticed two black figures. Then the mist disappeared and two people were standing where the hole was: a tall man, wearing 17th century cloths, complete with a cape and long white-grayish hair. He stood there with his arms crossed and seemed to only have one weapon: a British sword. The other person, a woman was somehow floating off the ground, was wearing baggy Middle Eastern clothing. She was floating there with her legs crossed, her elbows resting on the sides of her knees while her hands were holding an odd looking Trinity pendant with a eye in the middle. Her head was tilted slightly toward the pendant but her eyes were closed. Her hair was long, just about half way down her back, and it was a red-orange color. After a few seconds, the man started to laugh evilly. "We're free, at last! We can finally destroy the man I can't even consider my father anymore."
        "Who are you!?" Dorin yelled out.
        "I have the same question!"
        "I can not give you the information. Tell me who you are or I'll have to take you down."
        "My name is… Aluphere. The lost son of Dracula."
        "That's right. And I've become stronger than Dracula. Even… that traitor."
        "'That traitor'? What do you mean?"
        "…Never mind. Since you are the only one around here, and since we have no choice, we shall test your skills in battle by killing you first!"


~ Fight Without Hope ~

        As he said that, Aluphere went charging toward Dorin. Dorin took out his Katana and went into a defense stance. Right when he did that, the two swords met and almost pushed Dorin back. Aluphere jumped back and then three red beams were shoot from somewhere and are heading toward Dorin. Dorin jumped back as fast has he could but the explosion of the beams hitting the ground threw him back. Dorin, lying on his back, rose to his feet and looked to see where they came from. He saw the woman, floating there, where he noticed the pendant was smoking a little. Dorin took out his Socom and shot three times at the woman but the shots hit some sort of magical barrier and bounced right off. "Impressive, isn't she?" said Aluphere as he attacked again. Dorin blocked again and thrusted forward to push Aluphere down. While he was on the ground, he ran toward the woman, barely dodging the beams and once he got close enough, he leaped up into the air and swung his Katana down but even that seemed ineffective as the sword bounced off of her barrier. When he landed back down, the pendant was right in his face and some type of visible shock wave burst out of it, pushing back Dorin. This time, Dorin landed back on his feet. He had no other choice but to run in the dark to think of something different. "Come back here, you coward!" yelled Aluphere.
        He chased after Dorin but Dorin was faster and got far enough where he couldn't be seen. He crouched behind a tree and thought as fast as he could. Then he remembered, there was only one other person on his list he never met. Maybe he could help. He looked behind the tree and noticed a moving figure so he ran further away. He crouched behind another tree and took out his cell phone. He had the paper of names with him, and dialed the number that was next to Genya Arikado. It rang twice and a person picked up, "It better be good for you to dial this number."
        "I have no clue who you are but I need your help. I don't know how you are going to do it but I'm in the Royal Park in Britain," said Dorin.
        "Britain? I'm there right now; the park is about 15 minutes from here. What's the problem?"
        "Somehow five vampires got a hold of a spell that could bring back whom ever they want. Well, they brought back two people: some odd woman with great power and a man by the name of Aluphere, who claims to be the lost son of Dracula."
        There was a long pause until, "Ok, I'll be there as fast as I can." After that, he hung up. Then, all of the sudden, he heard the noise of a blade cutting wood and then suddenly the tree fell to the ground. "Found ya!" Dorin, scared out of his mind, got to his feet stumbling and ran again but this time, Aluphere leaped into the air and landed in front of him and swung his sword. Dorin blocked it but he wasn't fast enough and went spiraling to the ground. Then he heard a zap noise and saw the beams being shot and he stumbled to get back up but the beams hit the ground and he went flying forward. Just about exhausted, he tried to get up again and once he did, a flash came before him and the woman was floating there. Before Dorin could react, the pendant glowed and a beam went firing into Dorin's chest; making him fly backwards, with his limbs hanging in front of him. Then the beam exploded and he went flying backwards even faster and he landed hard onto the ground. The woman came in the behind his head, waiting for him to get up. Dorin just laid there, absolutely exhausted and anguished. Aluphere came over and looked down at him and laughed evilly. "You were quite the challenge. I had fun! But now it's time to end this now!" Aluphere raised his sword and put it upside down, tip of the blade towards Dorin. Just when Aluphere was going to thrust down on him, a dagger came flying past his face. A few seconds after the dagger went by, a cut formed on Aluphere's cheek, and it started to bleed.
        Aluphere looked behind him and said, "Who's there!?" Before Dorin looked to see who it was, he noticed the sword Aluphere was holding had something on it. It was a pattern around letters. The letters were, "Aluphere; Thee Evil One," Which said, "Aluphere; Thee Evil One." Then Dorin looked and heard someone speak, "So… we finally meet…" The voice seemed familiar and then, out of the darkness, a man dressed in total black; black suit, black pants, black shoes and even long black hair. "Why, it's you, isn't it!" Aluphere yelled out.
        "I finally meet the person father banned into the underworld. It's nice to finally see you, my brother…" said the mysterious man.
        Dorin had a very surprised look on his face from the fact they were brothers. Come to find out, it was actually the man Dorin had just talked to, Genya. "Who or what is that demon? A friend?" Genya asked pointing at the woman.
        Aluphere replied, "Even better! You have no clue what father has hidden from us." After he finished, Genya quickly charged at Aluphere and thrusted him out of the way to get Dorin. He picked him up and ran off before the woman could stop him.
        Dorin looked at him while he was running and asked, "Who exactly are you?"
        "Haven't you noticed something about my name?" he said.
        "Well, in Japanese, my name means 'illusion'. My real name is Alucard: the first son of Dracula. I've helped your family for centuries and I still intend to."
        "I guess it makes sense now why you were on the list of names but what did he mean by 'You have no clue what father has hidden from us'?"
        "I'm as stumped as you are."
        Alucard finally stopped and put Dorin down next to a tree. "Here, take this before they find us." He handed Dorin a bottle with a blue liquid. Before he took it, he noticed that Alucard's sword was identical to Alupheres's. And on the sword said, "Alucard; Thee Good One." Which means, "Alucard; Thee Good One." Alucard looked down and said, "Yes… I finally know why my sword says that. We must be twins… His hair is grayish but other than that…" Dorin thought for a moment and realized he's actually right, they did actually look very identical. He finally took the bottle and drank the liquid. Instantly, he felt better; which startled him a little. "What is this?"
        "It's a secret potion. It disappeared after the 1700s but some have been able to get a hold of it. I had some left over. It regains your strength, as you can tell already."
        Dorin was about to say thanks but Alucard interrupted him by raising his hand. Looking ahead, he said, "They're here…"


~ Siblings Reunite ~

        As Alucard was looking forward, Dorin got up and came out from behind the tree. Aluphere was standing there while the woman was floating next to him. "Now we can all have a perfect fight: two versus two."
        "Tell me! What did you mean about father hiding something back there?" yelled out Alucard.
        "About what father has hidden from us? Well, she's standing right next to me. Well, floating actually!"
        "Her? What do you mean?"
        "She is our sister… Aldis."
        Alucard looked at him for the longest time and finally said, "Then how come there was no word about her existence?"
"I'll answer that," said a voice in the air. "Our so called 'father' banished me to the underworld and erased everything that had to do with me. He claimed to our mother that he only wanted boys to help take over the world. The whole time I've been in that hell hole, I've been tortured to the point of no mercy."
        "I, too, was banished to the underworld since I held such a huge grudge against father," said Aluphere when he interrupted Aldis.
        Aldis continued, "…So, from there, I've trained myself. I eventually came across a part in my mind that allowed me to use telekinesis. I also gained the power to use inanimate objects to my bidding. Magical items work best. I've gotten to the point where I only use my mind to fight. Just before we came back here to this world, I was feared by all who were in Hell with me. It has been many years since I've used my arms, legs, talked, or even opened my eyes. Making me use any of these will just make me stronger."
        "Which is a part of this little game," Aluphere added. "When I fought her, I wasn't able to get her to even move her arms. I want to see how far you can get her to go. If you can beat her, Alucard. Then you would be heir to the father's throne. But you do have another choice. You can join us, kill this weakling and help us take over."
        "I'd rather die then try to take over the world. I'm never going to follow in the same foot steps as father. Why are you doin this Aluphere? You hate him too, don't you?" asked Alucard.
        "I do, but I want to show that I am better than him by doing what he never could. Both Aldis and I want to destroy him for doing that to us."
        "In this battle," she started speaking again, "if you lose, I won't kill you but I will send you to the underworld and have you be tortured like I was."
        "And what would happen if we decline?" asked Dorin.
        "We'll just kill you, here and now," Aluphere stated.
        "What a way to reunite siblings… Fine, let's go," said Alucard.
        "Now, let's fight!" yelled Aluphere.


~ Unexpected Surprises ~

        Just as Aluphere said that, he ran towards Alucard, leaped into the air, and swung downward. Alucard blocked him and pushed him out of the way. They started testing their blocking abilities by thrusting into each other. It came to a draw one after another until Alucard finally pushed his sword out of the way and swung in a horizontal fashion. Aluphere jumped back and they started swinging and attacking each other once more.
        As that happened, Dorin ran towards Aldis, took out his Katana, and thrusted forward into the barrier, but the barrier deflected it and Dorin jumped back. She aimed at him and shot several beams at him. Dorin ran, dodging them as fast as he could. He finally saw his chance and ran towards her once again, and started doing swing attacks at her barrier, trying to make a hole big enough for him to hit her. He jumped back after several attacks and while in mid-air, he took out his whip and snapped at the barrier. Dorin felt a rage from the whip and noticed that the barrier had depleted for several seconds. After he saw that happen, beams were shot at him and he raised his sword. At the point where the tip of the blade was long enough to touch the beam, he raised his sword and bounced the beam of the blade and had it go in another direction. "So I am able to do it…" He ran towards her, as she was shooting beams at him, and blocked all the beams off his sword. Then he grabbed his whip and snapped at the barrier again. The barrier was ripped open, and Dorin grabbed his Socom and shot three shots. He was distracted by a shot of the beam but one bullet hit the pendant.
        Just as the pendant shattered, Aluphere and Alucard stopped fighting and looked. Her hands never moved from the way they were for several seconds. Then her fingers started to twitch and her hands started to move. Then both of her arms are moved and she reaches into her shirt and pulls out another pendant. Next she pulled out another item, just as big as the pendant. She held it out and let go and it stayed in mid-air, spinning. It stopped after a few seconds and in a glow, the item expanded and finally became a long sword. She grabbed the handle, swung it behind her. She thrusted forward with her sword, still floating off the ground, with her mouth and eyes closed and fired three beams. Dorin deflected the beams and barely dodged the sword. "I have to destroy the pendant. If I destroy that, I could probably get her barrier to stay down. The only problem is how many she has…" He grabbed his whip, jumped back and snapped at her. The barrier depleted and he shot a bullet towards the pendant. This time, however, she deflected the bullet with her sword. He tried again by grabbing his whip and snapped at the barrier. This time he shot towards her hand holding the sword, then the pendant. The handle of the sword was hit, and Aldis accidentally let go. The other bullet missed but Dorin took out a vial with a blue, fizzy liquid and thought to him self, "This is the only one left but I have to…" He threw it into the hole and it started to crack. Right when it made contact with her, the liquid splattered everywhere inside the barrier and exploded. Aldis went flying back, with her legs uncrossed.
        Alucard and Aluphere were still fighting until Alucard pushed him out of the way. He ran towards Dorin to make sure he was ok. "Well done, this is going to be so much fun," Aldis said through telekinesis. She got up, without a scratch and went over to her sword. As she pulled it out of the ground and Alucard and Dorin went into a defensive stance; waiting for something new to happen. "Thanks to you, all my pendants are destroyed. I guess I'll just have to cut you guys up, instead." In a flash, she came up to Alucard in what only looked like three steps. Alucard tried to block but she punched him before he could raise his sword. Dorin looked in amazement and didn't notice that Aluphere was charging his way. When he did, he brought out his sword to block his attack. When the two swords met, Aldis came running over, and came up to Dorin in just a few seconds. Dorin blocked the attack but the force was too great and he went flying back. He landed on the ground, suddenly; Aldis came in front of him. Just as she was about to swing, Alucard bumped into her. She caught her balance and attacked Alucard. Dorin looked behind him and noticed Alucard had shoved Aluphere down. He threw a dagger at his foot and hit it to him to keep down and ran towards Aldis. Alucard was blocking Aldis' attacks but Aldis finally put more force into her attack and pushed him back. Just as she did that, Dorin leaped over Alucard and did a downward diagonal attack. Aldis blocked it but Alucard came out of no where and took a swing at her. She reacted but not soon enough. Alucard's sword brazed her left arm, leaving a deep cut in her arm. She dropped her sword on the ground, grabbed her arm and walked a few feet away from Dorin and Alucard. They noticed she was going to do something so they went into a defense stance.
        Her face was getting tight red with pain and finally, in a sound of air being compressed when she took a deep breath and with her head tilted up in the sky, she let out a bloody, monstrous scream. She sounded like a demon screaming in pain. After a few minutes, she finally dropped her head. Still with the demon-voice, she said, "NoW yOu HaVe GoNe ToO fAr! It'S tImE tO eNd ThIs!" She walked slowly to her sword and picked it up. As they blinked, she disappeared and her image shifted and faded. The two could barely see where she was going but not fast enough. They raised their swords and were both smashed back by one hit. They sat up and looked. Aluphere came from behind her shoulder and looked down at them. "See what you have unleashed? She is a demon just like father was. She has one last thing to do to reach her optimum power. You really think it's best to…" Just as he was about to finish, she punched him in the face.
        "ShUt Up AlReAdY!"
        As she was yelling, Dorin took out his Socom and shot several shots. In a blink of an eye, she blocked all the bullets. Alucard took his hand and swung it towards Aldis. Then, a bunch of fireballs shot out towards her right off his palm. "Dorin, now! Use your whip!" Dorin looked at him and quickly grabbed his whip. Aldis dodged the fireballs but then Dorin ran towards her and snapped his whip at her. The rage and power went to the end of the whip and caused a shock wave of power to push her back once it hit her chest. With a scream, she fell several feet away and landed on the ground. Dorin was glad she was on the ground but Alucard had an unsatisfied look on his face. "What's wrong?"
        "It's not over."
        "What? She's on the ground, most likely dead."
        "She still has one thing left she hasn't used. Her eyes…"
        Dorin pointed towards her and said, "Look, she hasn't gotten up yeeet…" He looked himself and noticed her getting up and tilted her head down at the ground.
        "It has awakened…"


~ Power Within Oneself ~

        Dorin and Alucard stood there, waiting. Her head finally tilted upward, facing the two. Then, without any warning, she opened her eyes. They were wide open, but her eyes seemed like they were gone. Inside there was a glowing with black and red mixture inside; swirling. It was a red and black emptiness. Then, the ground below her started to glow with red-orange colors. She stood up and see-through flames bursted out of the ground and started to circle her. Hot air was shooting out of the ground, blowing in her path. Blowing her hair in the air and making her cloths wave. Then with a glow of bright red in her widened eyes for a second, the flames disappeared. She thinned out her eyes and kept staring at the two of them. Aluphere, who had been knocked out, got back up and went over to Aldis. She never moved her eyes. Aluphere went up to her side and said, "…A… Aldis? I'm sorry I got in your way, can you forgive me? Are we still going to rule the world together?" She still hadn't moved her eyes but in a flash, Aluphere became filled with pain. His face pale and short of breathe. He looked down, and noticed her arm was lodged into his chest. He looked behind him and saw her arm through his back. She finally turned to him, and said, "No…" and ripped back her arm. In her palm, was Aluphere's heart dripping with blood. Aluphere looked down, and fell to the ground. She dropped his heart and started walking. Her sword was sticking in the ground and she pulled it out. Dorin and Alucard were absolutely stunned. They didn't know what to do. She kept walking and then, she vanished and reappeared in front of Alucard. She took her sword and struck it right through his left arm. Biting his lip to hold the pain, he took his sword and stabbed her in her right arm. She never even flinched and punched him right off the blade of her sword. Dorin came running after her and knocked her sword out of her arm. She looked down at him and started to punch him. She started to do punch, punch, kick combos on him and finally did a kick that dropped him to his knees. He looked up at her as she did a kick to his chin, which flattened him on his back. She turned around and headed toward her sword. She picked it up and Alucard got back up and started to swing violently at her. She blocked ever attack like they were nothing and held out her palm. A shock wave came out and blew back Alucard. He landed on the ground and was unconscious. She turned around and headed back towards Dorin. She went to his side and looked down at him. She said, "Belmont… Your roll in this world is over. You are no match for me. Don't worry, father will be defeated as well. I'll end it here and now so you at least die without vain…" She lifted her sword, tip pointing down. Dorin, whose Shinobi suit was practically cracked, his mask gone, showing weakness in his eyes, looked up and trembled. His heart started to beat really fast, and knew that it was utterly hopeless. He thought to himself, "All the training, all the people, all things I've learned, to be wasted by a child of Dracula… How is it that a Belmont can die so easily?" Dorin then blackened out, and Aldis lowered her sword. She wondered why he just passed out like that.
        Then, with a sudden burst of energy, light came from below him and blasted her out of the way. Dorin then opened his eyes, which were pure glowing white. He stood up, and looked at her. His energy acted the same way Aldis' did when she first opened her eyes. Except there was light everywhere. He took out his whip, grabbed his sword, and started walking to Aldis. She had a scared and angry look on her face. She then charged towards Dorin but in his eyes, she was going slower than she really was, and he blocked every attack she made on him. Then he took his sword and swung once, which cut half of her arm right off. She screamed out in pain with her demon voice, and landed or her knees. He put his sword into his sheath and held his whip in his right hand. "I can't believe it! I should have known that your family would be stronger… I was such a fool! I should have eliminated you a long time ago… Must it end this way?!"
        "Shut up… You make me sick. I here by banish you from this world! The missing arm shall remind you of your defeat. By my family's name and honor, I shall banish the last evil child of Dracula back into the underworld!"
        He pulled back his whip, and at the tip was a bright light, and he snapped it at her. The light at the end of the whip made a white explosion. Aldis screamed, being pushed back by the blast and eventually disintegrated. The area darkened afterwards as Dorin's power started to disappear, but not much longer showing light from the sun. Dorin's eyes faded and went back to normal. He then passed out once more.


~ Under the Sun's Holy Light ~

        Alucard got up and went over to Dorin who was still passed out. He looked down at him and started to shake him. "Hey, come on. Get up."
        Dorin looked up and said, "What the hell happened?"
        "What happened?! You killed Aldis that's what happened! Don't tell me you forgot."
        "What are you talking about?"
        "You really don't remember, do you?"
        "Am I missing something?"
        "…Forget it. I'll tell you later on. Right now, you should get some medical attention."
        Alucard picked him up with his good arm and they both helped each other get through the park. The sun is just about to finish rising. The two stopped and looked up at the bright sky. "I believe the sun to be a holy sign that shows hope for all," said Alucard.
        "I'm just glad I'm still able to see it, especially after all that."
        "That number in your pocket, you better keep it. You might need my help again. It was nice to meet you, again."
        "Again? What do you mean?"
        "You might want to ask your father. I think it is safe for you to see him again. The biggest threat now is over. And Soma isn't due to change back any time soon, I hope."
        "So… I can finally go home? So is that why you were the last person on my list and why I haven't met you or at least remember you?"
        "Yes, it was the last test to be able to let you go home. I never actually expected my brother and sister to come forward. That was an absolute surprise to me."
        "Oh, well, thank you. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be able to see the sun rise again."
        "Are you two ok?" said an older man.
        The two looked over and saw the old man and two policemen. Dorin and Alucard walked over and started explaining to the police what was going on that night in the park. They told who was involved, and told them that Aldis and Aluphere disappeared into the park that night. The police jotted down what they said and started a investigation at the park.


~ Epilogue ~

        Alucard and Dorin explained what had happened that night. They were let off because Alucard had his papers about him being part of the Intelligence Agency. Dorin went back to his apartment that afternoon, and got all of his stuff packed. Before he left the hotel, the attendant gave him a letter. When Dorin got on the plane, he opened it and read about what really happened after he had passed out.
        Dorin got back to Vermont and he went to see his dad. His dad was weak by old age but still very much alive. Dorin told him everything and even about Alucard. His father told him that Alucard was there for Dorin when his father had amnesia. When his memories came back, Alucard gave him back to his father, Julius. Dorin moved to a house in the same town. He finally settled and had a family. He was still the heir to the clan but once his children are old enough, one of them will inherit the whip. But for now, Dorin is the rightful owner of the whip who still has a duty to protect mankind.
        Information on Alucard is still impossible to find. His personal files, his whereabouts, just about everything has been either lost or destroyed. All that's left is the number that Dorin still has.
        For now, the world is at peace, with no threat at all. But some day, the man named Soma Cruz will lose the battle to his true self and become the evil count. But he is in good hands and surveillance. So when the time has come, there will be people there to help stop him. But all they can do is wait, while Dorin lives happily with his family.

˜ The End ˜