The Real Castles

"If you read about the life of Vlad Tepes elsewhere on this site--and damn you if you didn't--you've learned about Castle Dracul, now known as Castlevania. But what you probably didn't know is that it actually existed! But that's not all: Dracula had a couple of places where he and his army would rule from and keep order. Below is linked-to information about the Romanian fortresses of Lord Dracula!"


Poenari Castle

Castle Dracul was located in Peonari, somewhere in central Romania, and thus "Poenari Castle" is its rightful name. Unfortunately (for Castlevania fans), it lay in ruins from years of neglect, only a symbol of a man who once instilled fear in foes while being heralded as a hero. Click here to see images of the remains of that castle.

Full Castle View

Those are images from fairly-close range. Click this link to see a view from the castle from a far, located almost a mile high, separated from the rest of the town. It's not much, but you can see how people stood in awe of its presence, and you may visualize derivatives of several areas from Castlevania games, like the Forest of Silence and Veros Woods from Simon's Quest.

Bran Castle

Vlad also took residence in Bran Castle, a fortress built almost 200 years earlier. The castle had been used by many a defending army over time, and Dracula used it as a base when he and his army invaded Transylvania.