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General Information
Date Released: 2001
Heroes: Simon Belmont
Stage Number: 8
Size: 329MB
Original System(s)
Sony Playstation
Ported To
Playstation 3 (Playstation Network) | Sony PSP (Playstation Network)
Alternate Names/Systems
Castlevania Chronicle: Akumajou Dracula X68000 (Japan)

Re-release Info.

2008: Chronicles is re-released on the Playstation Network ("PSOne Classics"), available as a download for play on both the PS3 and the PSP

Manual Story Description

Transylvania - a small, peaceful country in the heart of medieval Europe.

The people of Transylvania whisper the legend of Dracula to their children at bedtime, only half-believing it to be true. "The forces of good keep a watchful eye over the land, protecting all who live here. But even during the constant vigil, the forces of evil manage to prevail once every century. Each time this happens, human beings with evil hearts begin to chant unspeakable prayers. This is Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, resurrected upon the face of the Earth. And each time he is manifested, his powers grow stronger." Once, long ago, Dracula was indeed revived in this manner. However, his ambitions to plunge the world into darkness and build a kingdom of evil were crushed by the hero Christopher Belmont.

Following Dracula's demise at the hands of Christopher Belmont, the Transylvanian countryside slept peacefully for 100 years. Then one Easter night, the townspeople were celebrating the joyous holiday with a splendid carnival. But, in the ruins of the old monastery on the edge of town, the followers of darkness were holding a Black Mass to revive the evil Count and give him eternal life. They poured a sacrifice of human blood over his remains. As they did so, an ominous thundercloud enveloped the town. Suddenly, a single bolt of lightning pierced the monastery. In that instant, Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, returned to this world to begin a new reign of terror.

But all was not lost. The successor to the Belmont family bloodline, a young man by the name of Simon, was determined to rid the land of this terrible evil. Taking the mysterious whip left to him by his father, he ventured into Dracula's castle to face the Count - alone.


In addition to its GBA exploits, the team at KCET, and Koji Igarashi specifically, was eager to bring the Japan-exclusive titles out of the vaults and introduce them to the fans that may have missed the titles' original campaigns. It starts with Castlevania Chronicles, which is a remake and repackaging of Akumajou Dracula X68000, a game originally released for the Sharp X68000 computer system back in 1993.

Chronicles has available two modes: (1) The Regular Mode, which contains the actual X68000 game ported perfectly, with the same intro and ending sequences, the same character and level graphics, and such. And (2), as its main draw, there's the Arranged Mode, which is the superficial remake featuring spiced-up ending and intro sequences, updated sprite designs for Simon Belmont and Dracula, and some new graphical effects, and a few minor changes in terms of candelabra placement. It's also the proverbial "easy mode" (at least for the first five levels), whereas the original game is more difficult throughout. The objective, in either mode, remains the same: You must guide Simon Belmont through eight stages of horror, in classic series fashion, to reach the castle keep, where Count Dracula awaits for a duel to the death.

As a bonus, Chronicles has its own art gallery that you can unlock by clearing stages in either mode, and it includes work from Akumajou Dracula X68000 and KCET's previous Symphony of the Night. Also included on the CD is an interview with the game's director, Koji Igarashi, who hints as to what the next remake could be.

Japanese/European Differences

This is the first of the Japanese games to recognize the Americanized title "Castlevania," and in kind, the Japanese version for this purpose has added to it the subtitle of "Akumajou Dracula X68000." It has no mechanical, musical or graphical changes--there's only the ever-present "Belmondo" name deviation.

Though, the Japanese version does not contain the art gallery that you would otherwise unlock and stock by completing stages.

Soundtrack and Credits

Opening and Ending Themes: 1 - Black Mass | 2 - Something Loopy | 3 - The Bathead | 4 - Mother Earth
Stage Themes: 1 - Vampire Killer | 2 - Thrashard in the Cave | 3 - Wicked Child | 4 - Bloody Tears | 5 - Tower of Gears | 6 - Moon Fight | 7 - Tower of Dolls | 8 - Etude for the Killer | 9 - Theme of Simon
Battle Themes: 1 - Creatures of the Depth | 2 - You Goddamned Bathead
Miscellaneous Themes: 1 - Stage Clear | 2 - Last Stage Clear | 3 - Player Miss | 4 - Game Over

Music Files: MP3 and MIDI
Soundtrack Release: Official Soundtrack, Dracula X Collection and
Castlevania Best Music Collections Box
Game Credits: Available

Other Characters

Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Zombie, Vampire Bat, Fishman, Knight, Medusa Head, Hunchback, Skeledragon, Red Skeleton, Ghost, Eagle, Raven, Leopard, Pillar of Bones, Axe Knight, Mad Frog, Floating Eye, Bone Scimitar, Wall Widow, Water Blob, Gargoyle, Mud Woman, Stain-glass Ghost, Small Toys, Crossbow Knight, Anaconda, Centipod, Zombie Maid, Ice Skeleton, Two-Headed Beast, Spider Skeleton, Mace Knight, Wyrm, Sword Knight and Flame Knight
Bosses: Phantom Bat, Skeleton Dragon, Ice Lord, Medusa, She Wolf, Doppelganger and The Grim Reaper
Dracula Forms: Dracula and Dracula's Ghost
Supporting Cast: Horn-playing Druid

Character Lists

Lesser Enemies | Bosses | Dracula Forms | Supporting Cast

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Main Arsenal

Hero Image
Full Name: Simon Belmont
Main Weapon: Vampire Killer Whip
Weapon Power-Up: Chain Whip & Morning Star Whip
Alternate Weapons: None
Sub-Weapon Power-Up: None
Special Abilities: Can whip downward regularly and diagonally while in the air
Armor: None
Limitations: This version of Simon (in either garb) is able to move very swiftly and slyly, and he can swing the whip quickly, repeatedly, too. This iteration has more control over his leaps than any other--each jump can be controlled till its very end, allowing him to duck and dodge while hanging in the air. Favorable hit-detection only helps to amplify the effectiveness of both his speed and his slithery jumping ability. As for offense: While grounded, Simon's confined to swinging it left and right; while airborne, he can thrust the whip diagonally and straight downward. If there's a major problem, it's Simon's trouble handling stairs: He can't jump onto and off of them, and he climbs at a very slow pace; on top of this, his whip and sub-weapons conflict and thus react slowly. The sub-weapons are of the typical sort, but now added to this category is the laurel; using it, Simon can replenish energy over and over again provided he has the hearts to do it. Laurels are rare and difficult to keep for long periods.

Weapon Name
Weapon Image
Vampire Killer
Standard family-created leather whip
Chain Whip
Steel-enhanced short-length whip
Morning Star
Longer, stronger chain whip

Magical Items
Item Name
Found In
Morning Star
Candle, Enemy
Whip Power-Up
Candle, Enemy
Powers Mystic Weapons
Big Heart
Candle, Enemy, Wall
Powers Mystic Weapons
Invisibility Potion
Candle, Enemy
Renders Invincible
Candle, Enemy
Clears Screen of All Enemies
Money Bag
Candle, Enemy
Adds to Point Total
Hidden in Surroundings
Adds to Point Total
Treasure Chest
Hiddin in Surroundings
Adds to Point Total
Moaui Head
Hidden in Surroundings
Adds to Point Total
Double Shot
Candle, Enemy, Wall
Throws Two of One Weapon
Triple Shot
Candle, Enemy
Throws Three of One Weapon
Pot Roast
Candle, Wall
Restores Energy
Hidden in Surroundings
Adds One Life to Your Stock
Boss Creature
Clears Stage of All Evil

Weapon Name
Heart Consumption
Holy Water
Restores Energy

Screenshots & Media

Local Title Screens

U.S. Title Screen
Japanese Title Screen

Action Shots






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Magazine Coverage
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