Castlevania Best Music Collections Box, released in 2010, is what fans have been waiting for: A multi-disc soundtrack compilation covering the excellent musical scores that have accompanied each and every title in the long-enduring Castlevania series, from the much-celebrated inaugral entry Castlevania (1986) to Castlevania: The Arcade (2009), which never saw western release; present, too, are soundtracks to related/offshoot titles like Vampire Killer, Kid Dracula and Castlevania: The Medal. Measuring in at 18 CDs, Collections Box features remastered tunes as taken directly from the games of origin plus a selection of remixed/original tunes created by Michiru Yamane, who in addition is interviewed in a special bonus DVD. Collections Box is, for now, available only in Japan.

Due to the large sizes of the individual scans, I'll provide simple links in place of the direct posting of images. These scans are credited to Leon Scott Kennedy and To listen to Michiru Yamane's unique creations, click here.

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