Its soundtrack contains two CDs and a booklet. Notes from the contributor, Carl: "(1) In Japanese, the sound of 'b' and 'v' is the same, and they often make errors writing these letters. So the cover reads 'CastleBania.' (2) The soundtrack is on two CDs because it has all four selectable soundtracks from the game: (a) the rearranged PSOne-only track, (b) the original X68000 chip soundtrack in-game, (c) the Midi Roland CM-64 version, and (d) the Midi Roland SC-55 version. All four music options are selectable in the PSOne Chronicles release."

Front and Back Manual Cover

CD Case Inside Cover

Page 2 - Page 3

Page 4 - Page 5

Page 6 - Page 7

CD Case Back Cover

CD #1

CD #2

Spinecard Front

Spinecard Back

(Contributed by Carlo "Gargoyle" Savorelli -; spinecard by JPCVFAN)