Welcome to MrP's Castlevania Realm. Late in 1999, I created this site in tribute to the Castlevania series. Originally meant to be a small tribute to the series' characters, it has evolved into what you see today--over 900MBs and 1,000 pages of Castlevania goodness. The site is separated into three parts: (1) Cast Castle, a mansion containing exhaustive character information for the good guys, the bad guys, and any other miscellaneous cretins. (2) Primary Information, a trip through a Transylvanian town that explores the overlaying aspects that comprise the series and this site. And (3) The Clock Tower of Other Stuff, where you can find anything from a stage listing to between-game comparisons of castle maps and other areas. With thousands of images and endless reading material, my little realm will continue to grow each day. (Note: For the most appropriate viewing, set your font size to "normal.")

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 Primary Info. 
Do you want to see the correct chronological story present throughout the Castlevania saga? Click on the window where Simon is sizing up Castlevania to read the complete tale. Click on the Castlevania box cover to go to the games section, home of general information, screenshots, box and manual scans, endings, intros, Japanese elements and much more. Click on the image of the robed figure to head on over to the About the Author section, which details my personal Castlevania history and the motivation that led to the making of this site.


What's new?- Click here to see what's been added or updated recently. Also, come on in to see how you can be an integral part of "Mr. P's Castlevania Realm." All of this plus other information you'll need to contact me lurk inside.

CV Library- The Castlevania Library is home to an abundance of information on the characters, the story and the series' background plus it's occupied by all other types of reading material. So get your card stamped and enter the library. Watch out for those Schmoos.

The Stages- Want to have a look at what lurks ahead when you insert that Castlevania game into your system? This link will lead you to detailed stage listings and whole stage maps.

The Reviews- You've seen the enemies, seen the heroes and read the story, now check out this Castlevania-maniac's personal thoughts on each game. Is that Castlevania game worth your buck?
Read my detailed reviews to perhaps find your answer.

The Weapons- Dracula isn't the only one with a wide variety of ways to propagate his wrath onto his mortal enemies; the heroes have also mastered many weapons and techniques. Click here to get a glimpse of what vampire hunting is all about.

Castleography- Is that a word? I don't know for sure, but it might answer the eternal question: "Why doesn't the Count's castle ever look the same in the different Castlevania titles?" Stop inside to see if it's all a myth or if you're just not looking hard enough.

Multimedia- Within the peak of this tower, you'll discover the sights and sounds of Castlevania. Music, art, essays, specials, misfit sprites, comics, memorabilia--you'll find it all here.

Tips/Codes- Enter into this, the Code's Cove, for secrets, tips, codes, and any other information that'll help you along in your Castlevania journeys. Need some help? You've find it here.

Links- What's on the menu? Come inside to find out which sites are a must see--Castlevania-related or other. You won't regret checking out the varied sites. Or maybe you will. Who knows?


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