Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Satan is the ruler of Hell, where he awaits Gabriel's arrival. He serves as the game's final boss

Satan, properly recognized as the ruler of Hell, is a former angel who fell out of God's favor and came to personify evil; after he tried to amass a rebellion against God, he was cast down to Earth as punishment. Embittered, Satan felt that it was his divine right to rule side by side with God or perhaps even usurp him. Not able to command his full strength while chained to the earthly plane, he spent centuries searching for a way to reenter Heaven and crush the Almighty once and for all. In time, Satan discovered a method by which he might attain the power to meet this goal; that is, if he could somehow attain an item called the "God mask," which was said to bestow its wearer power that is supposed to be a key to God, himself, he could eventually gain access to the Heaven.

He waited patiently within the depths of Hell for a willing dupe. When Zobek, the Lord of the Necromancers, scoured its fiery bowels seeking knowledge on how to acquire ultimate power, Satan, posing as a "dark force," possessed him and began his manipulation, expanding Zobek's knowledge of the dark arts to unimagined heights. In reality, Satan was setting in motion a monstrously evil series of events that would lead to the procurement of the three shattered pieces of the God mask as tied to the three now-spiritual founders of the Brotherhood of Light. Working through his now-oblivious minion--Zobek, a Lord of Shadow himself counterpart to one of the founders--Satan used his influence to convince Zobek into casting a spell that separated Earth from Heaven, trapping the souls of the recently dead on Earth and creating chaos; too, he saw to it that the Brotherhood create a phony "prophecy"--a ray of hope stating that a pure-hearted warrior would claim the power of the Lords of Shadow and use it to overcome evil, becoming God's vassal and supremely powerful. His logic: If people thought a hero was searching for such an item, they'd never suspect that a great evil was the one who truly desired it.

Zobek, influenced as such, manipulated Gabriel Belmont, the Brotherhood's chosen one, into killing his fellow Lords of Shadow and claiming the other two pieces of the God mask. When Gabriel arrived on Hell's doorstep, Zobek revealed his true form and seemingly killed him; he took from the fallen warrior the two God mask pieces and combined them with his own, celebrating what he thought was a personal victory. Unfortunately for Zobek, Satan appeared and quickly dispatched of his dupe, burning him to death and thereafter finally claiming the completed God mask. When Gabriel managed to recover, thanks to interference from Marie's spirit, the reinvigorated Satan requested that he join him, for he would love Gabriel more than the God who abandoned him. Satan confessed that he once knew love and didn't deserve to be cast out. However, he was sure that hate could bring them back--it could provide them strength. Gabriel disputed his every claim, Satan mocking each retort. Perceiving Gabriel's righteous proclamations as a challenge, an act of blasphemy, Satan threatened to take his soul. An ultimate battle was waged.

As Satan battled Gabriel, who was enchanted by the very power of God, he baited the "disgraced" knight with accusations of murder, playing upon his despair over learning that he was responsible for the deaths of both his wife and Claudia. "Your soul is damned," he shouted, belligerently. Though Satan swore that Gabriel's cries for forgiveness were going unheard, his attempts at psychological warfare backfired; they served to empower Gabriel, who was able to defeat the Dark Lord. As he was being expelled from this world, Satan could only taunt that he'd have much fun with Marie, introducing her to such pleasures. His last observance, before being banished from this world, was Gabriel rejecting his egregious affront, assuring Satan that Marie would instead be joining God.

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