Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Carmilla awaits Gabriel in the castle's throne room, where after a tête-à-tête they engage in a boss battle

Carmilla was the second of the three founding members of the Brotherhood of Light. She was a highly skilled healer, her talents knowing no equal. Pure of soul and chaste in mind and body, she was renowned for her love of all living creatures. When the trio performed its mystical ritual to transform themselves into angelic creatures, whence they were deceived, Carmilla's spirit, too, was fractured, her "light" side gaining access to Heaven while here "dark side" was left behind. On that fateful night, her love of life and her purity were corrupted, giving birth to the Vampire Dark Lord, one of the Lords of Shadow.

Among her evil deeds, she laid siege to the Bernhard's castle and kicked the family out, retaining only the services of Friedrich von Frankenstein. Even before she became a Lord of Shadow, she hated the mad doctor and vowed to punish him for his vile acts against nature. Now with the power to do so, she put him to work in the Electric Laboratory, where he would conduct for her a preferred type of experiment; she thereafter confined him somewhere in the castle and fed on him daily over the centuries, keeping him alive and aware. Too, she killed the parents of a young girl named Laura; after turning them into vampires, she took Laura as her own daughter. And she was also responsible for removing from Hell Brauner and Olrox, whom she granted vampire powers while providing them armies using which they'd have total dominion over the now-labeled Land of the Vampires; she enveloped the countryside in endless winter, which was perfect weather for bloodsucking monstrosities that despised warmth.

She ruled from the former Bernhard castle as queen. When Gabriel Belmont intruded upon her property, Carmilla was already aware of his intentions to destroy the Lords of Shadow. Through her hypnotic rhetoric and the flaunting of her revealing attire, she tried to seduce him; he resisted the temptation, blaming Carmilla and her brothers for the world's state of chaos and darkness. She countered, matter-of-factly, that mankind had been ruined and it was up to him to choose sides. She then engaged him in a heated, back-and-forth philosophical discussion about the meaning of death; she wondered how he could voluntarily kill members of his own Brotherhood, accusing him of being even more cold-blooded than she. As the final salvo in their psych-warfare, Carmilla taunted Gabriel with the death of Marie and allowed for no retort before she moved to attack. After he survived a skirmish with her succubi minions, Carmilla revealed her true vampire form and moved in for the kill; she assaulted him with repeated electrical blasts, which he harnessed into his gauntlet before using it to strike her down. She attempted to flee, but Gabriel grabbed onto her leg; unable to shake him off, she carried him as passenger above and around the castle's heights. She was summarily impaled on a roof spire when Gabriel managed to secure solid ground and used his great strength to anchor her down. The structure collapsed, dropping the two back down into the castle's keep, where Gabriel stabbed Carmilla through the heart.

Her spirit was absorbed into his armor, granting him a new power--the Seriph Wings, which would enhance his agility. Her death in addition also provided him access to another piece of the God mask.

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