The Toy Maker

Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate
The tricycle-riding Toy Maker is seen laughing atop a tower following the Trevor Belmont-Daemon Lord battle

The Toy Maker was once Rinaldo Gandolfi's most outstanding pupil. Centuries ago, the highly skilled artisan and alchemist was unfortunately imbued by Walter Bernhard with a dark curse, which altered his appearance to a demonic clown and sent him down a path of madness. After the devilish transformation, he never stopped working towards the creation of macabre instruments of death and destruction.

The Toy Maker carried out his nightmarish experiments in the many dark vestiges of the Bernhards' former haunt. He set up shop in castle areas specifically named for his contributions to their creation, including the Toy Maker's funfair, which resembled a deadly amusement park; the Toy Maker's assembly line, on which were created the many enchanted puppets; and the Toy Maker's workshop, where he conducted his research. The twisted, terrifying machinery seen within were the tools for his new craft, which involved forcibly extracting souls from the bodies of unfortunate victims and fusing them to his wretched creations, like the aforementioned marionettes. Too, his ambition for reanimation drove him to gather the pieces of the destroyed Daemon Lord, as slew by Trevor Belmont, and perform a little surgery, creating a horrific parody--a mechanically enhanced Daemon Lord Resurrected, which would serve its new master by hunting down and delivering to him new souls.

In addition to such experiments, the Toy Maker is also responsible for the creation of certain weapons as used by the hero characters. These include the Dark Pain, which was his version of the Combat Cross; the Improved Dark Pain, which augmented the weapon with he propensity to ride on a magnetic rails; and the time-slowing Stopwatch, which was a demented invention made using vampire plasma and powered by blood. Despite this seeming omnipresence, the Toy Maker's presence is merely inferred, as the tricycle-riding menace is only seen once, caught eavesdropping during a cut-scene.

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