Isaac is a persistent storyline instigator. He appears for an early boss battle in the Cordova Town and then as the second-to-last boss in Dracula's Castle
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Isaac was a devil forgemaster who with Hector served alongside Count Dracula. Convinced that Dracula's defeat of Trevor Belmont was due to Hector's betrayal, Isaac plotted revenge: Using his clout, he was able to orchestrate a sham trial against Hector's wife, Rosaly, who was falsely accused of witchcraft. She was for her "crimes" burned at the stake, an act that devastated Hector, who had only wanted to live in peace. But Isaac's plan was not without a second part: He would use this event to lure Hector back to Valachia, where he would force his former friend to once again embrace the dark power of devil forgery. His plan was grander than anyone would suspect.

Isaac waited at an abandoned castle for Hector to arrive. Hector burst through the castle entrance with only a thirst for vengeance. "You couldn't even protect your own wife," Isaac taunted, knowing that Hector had not the power to endure a battle. He wanted to wait, instead, for Hector to fully regain his power so that a true battle of revenge could be fought--revenge for Hector's betrayal. He would deprive Hector of his presence, but not before inviting him to reclaim his powers and give chase.

Isaac waged his first assault when Hector tracked him down at the town of Cordova. It was still too soon, Isaac declared, so this would be but a test battle to see how much power Hector had regained. Before an advantage could be levied either way, Julia interrupted their battle and gave Isaac, her brother, a chance to warp away and thus further frustrate Hector. Isaac was under Dracula's curse, Julia was aware, but she knew that he had to be destroyed, and she trusted with the task only Hector.

Deep within the Aiolon Ruins, Hector arrived to find Trevor and Isaac locked in battle. Isaac was not without skill, Trevor admitted. Isaac responded without credit; he declared Trevor's victory over Dracula a "fluke." But when he spotted Hector at the corridor's entrance, the outnumbered Isaac quickly made good his escape. It was the tailing Zead who appeared and tipped Hector off as to Isaac's base of operation--a secret chamber beneath the abandoned castle.

Hector raced to the castle's chamber only to find that Trevor, too, was on the trail. Using his blood, he opened for Hector a portal to an infinite corridor, where Isaac was hiding; he would stay behind and stand guard. Hector made his way to the corridor's end and defeated its guardian, Dullahan, which caused the castle to shake and rumble. More dire: The energy channeled by Hector's battle with Dullahan was enough to raise from the depths Dracula's castle! Isaac took advantage of the chaos; he sneaked up from behind and stabbed Trevor through the heart--another revenge act. Everything had gone according to his design: Isaac had regained his power, Trevor Belmont was dead (he thought), and the means for a Dracula resurrection was now available.

Hector reached Castlevania's keep, where Isaac stood ready. Hector fell into his plot, Isaac revealed. His former friend would now have to suffer a gruesome death for his betrayal, which cost Isaac his home and his pride; furthermore, the fully powered Hector would be the required suitor for a returning Count Dracula. A battle commenced, and Hector finally gained an advantage; as he went in for the kill, he was stifled by an image of Julia, which brought him to his senses and helped him to resist the murderous impulse brought upon by the curse. Though, this moment of wavering was all that was needed for Zead to show up and reveal his true form--the real craftsman behind an even more impalpable plot. All Isaac could do was watch on helplessly as he, as the defeated party, instead became the harbinger, the direct vessel for Count Dracula's return. Isaac had seen his final moments.

Zead's plot would fail miserably, and Dracula's banishment would leave behind only Isaac's used corpse. Hector finally realized that his friend's actions were very much caused by Dracula's curse, so he could for that be forgiven. His sister, Julia, would be deeply saddened, but she knew that in death he'd be free of the curse.


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