Zead makes several storyline appearances in areas including the Abandoned Castle and the Mortvia Aqueduct before appearing as a boss in Dracula's Castle
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Zead was a man who sought to abolish the curse that was afflicting Europe following Dracula's demise at the hands of Trevor Belmont. He knew that only by Isaac's defeat could the curse be lifted. He knew of many things regarding the curse, actually, and the events surrounding it. But was this knowledge for his benefit or for the sake of Hector, who he would supply with constant information?

He first met with Hector at the abandoned castle. He watched on as Hector used his power of devil forgery to free from a tombstone a fairy type innocent devil; he was impressed with the man's power. He revealed to Hector that his purpose was to purify the land and free it from the curse; he also revealed that it was Isaac, the largest impediment, who was the key to the curse, and he would help by supplying to Hector directions as to the evil forgemaster's whereabouts. Hector was thankful for the advice.

It was at the Mortvia Aqueduct where the two again met. Zead was pleased to see him, for he had important information: He saw Isaac heading toward a village in the forest. Also, his research bore a new finding, and it was worse than Zead originally thought: Isaac was the direct source of the curse. Moments later, Zead began to hesitate and stumble about, tripping over his words; he made a quick exit much to the confusion of Hector. Saint Germain would appear soon after, hoping to find an expected guest. Hector could see no connection.

Germain eventually caught up with his "guest," Zead, in the Forest of Jigramunt. Zead warned Germain not to go beyond his bounds--that it was a matter of fate. It was ludicrous to lend information to an outsider, Zead lectured, but he made no direct reference as to whom it was. Zead couldn't have Germain interfering any longer, so he extended from his arm a blade and began to attack. Germain used his power of time to evade each stab attempt. "I will keep returning," he before departing promised a flustered Zead. "No one escapes from me," Zead thought to himself with a wily grin. Unbeknownst to either man, Hector had arrived and was from afar observing their conversation. Now Hector knew for sure that these were indeed enemies. Later, after a test battle with Hector atop the Eneomaos Machine Tower, Germain finally agreed to no longer interfere; though, he wanted for Hector to give to Zead his regards.

When in the Aiolon Ruins, Isaac escaped defeat thanks to Hector's "meddling," as Trevor labeled it. Zead, too, was disappointed with this missed opportunity. But he had the answer: He had discovered Isaac's base of operations in a secret chamber beneath the abandoned castle. Hector relayed Germain's regards, which caused Zead to again fumble about. "No--it can't be," he said before storming off.

Fate's course eventually lead Hector to a freshly re-risen Castlevania, where he would stand victorious after a final battle with Isaac, whose plan to resurrect Dracula was seemingly coming to a head. Hector went in for the kill, but thanks to a soothing vision of Julia, Hector was able to resist the murderous impulse and thus the curse. Zead showed up once again, applauding Hector's efforts; his actions were a boon, and his moment of wavering was all that was needed to bring the curse to a head for its ultimate purpose--to again raise Count Dracula from the abyss. Zead was behind the whole plot, and even Isaac was blind to it. He used Hector, and more so his anger, because only a forgemaster could be the vessel for a reawakening. By tricking him into regaining his power and slaying Isaac, it would have been enough; when Hector rejected the curse, though, he became useless to the cause. For Zead, however, there was a solution: He'd use the incapacitated Isaac instead!

Zead then made one final revelation: He was indeed Death in disguise. With a flick of a blade, the transformation was complete, and he transported both he and Hector to an unholy battlefield. Though, Death had created a monster that even he could not tame. He succeeded in his plan to raise Dracula, true--but he would not be around to see the matter's conclusion.

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