Mathias Cronqvist

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
He appears after Walter's defeat to reveal his intentions. (Initially, his shadow is seen after Leon defeats Joachim)

Mathias was a genius tactician and Leon Belmont's most trusted friend. Together, they formed an invincible company. One day, upon returning from another victorious campaign, Mathias was sadly greeted with news that his wife, Elisabetha, had died suddenly. He became stricken with grief and eventually bedridden.

The sickly Mathias also had some grave news of his own: He informed Leon that his betrothed, Sara Trantoul, had been kidnapped by the vampire Walter Bernhard and taken to a castle within the Forest of Eternal Darkness. How Mathias came to have this knowledge was a mystery.

Once Leon destroyed Walter and witnessed the double-cross that saw the vampire's spirit extracted into the Ebony Stone, he was shocked to see Mathias appear before him; he was even more shocked to learn that the whole event was one giant ruse, a genius plot to use many different parties to achieve his goal.

Mathias had abandoned humanity because he blamed God for Elisabetha's death. Her death was devastating, he felt, because he always fought in God's name and prayed for Elisabetha's safety. So after collecting the Crimson Stone, he made a pact with Death; he manufactured a battle between Walter and Leon, which he knew Leon would win through determination; and he used Rinaldo and Sara's emotions as a catalyst.

When Mathias came to possess the Ebony Stone--which was afforded Walter's vampire spirit, which he coveted--his goal was realized, and he now had unprecedented power. He expected his friend to understand his mindset: He tried to convince Leon that their plights were the same, in that they both lost their companions unfairly; he felt that they should join together and share in eternity. When the offer was refused, a disappointed Mathias left his friend behind to tangle with Death. Having transformed into a bat, he flew off to a location where he would continue to curse God for eternity. He would over the coming centuries put into effect a plan to eridcate humans from the face of the Earth, a murderous campaign that would earn him the name Count Dracula. (And like Darth Vader ceased to be Anakin Skywalker upon his descent into darkness, Mathias became a new threat, which you can read about here.)

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