Castlevania 64
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
After appearing as an apparition on Stage 4, Actrise appears on Stage 5, the Castle Center, to introduce Carrie to her now-vampire cousin before wisping away; she later acts as the main boss at the end of Stage 8, the Clock Tower
Actrise appears in the intro scene of Cornell's mission; after he defeats Gilles De Rais; and during his mission's ending sequence. For the rest, see the text to the left

To the normal specimen, being infected with Count Dracula's dark curse was anything but ideal. But to Actrise, it was more than she could ever hope for. To be an eternal servant to Dracula's cause was always her goal. When human, Actrise was a stage actor, but her profession certainly didn't bring her any joy--Actrise didn't love anyone but herself. So when the opportunity presented itself, Actrise sold her soul to the devil to procure both fame and fortune and the power of black magic; the price was that she'd be forced to live as a witch, expelled from humanity as she knew it.

Eventually, her pact with the devil ended, and, now resigned to eternal life, she began to yearn for a new dark lord. In light of this desire, she began to kidnap and sacrifice children, including one of her own, in order to bring about the return of Count Dracula to this world.

Still, Actrise had other agendas. The heartless witch took an intense disliking to the young Carrie Fernandez because of her extraordinary power and her family's legacy. This power, Actrise thought, could be of great use to the Count in his quest for world domination. Actrise intervened several times in Carrie's trials but could not convince the youth to forfeit her powers and, more unlikely, to become an assistant witch.

To punish the girl for her refusal, Actrise presented to Carrie her recently slain and now vampirized cousin, an adventurer who failed to successfully breach the castle's interior. In a display of mind games, Actrise ordered the vampire to attack her cousin and thus forced a mentally anguishing confrontation between relatives. This vile act, though mentally draining, didn't erode Carrie's steel will.

Actrise and Carrie met one final time, high above on a castle tower, to duel to the death. Actrise's never-yielding crystal onslaught proved to be inadequate, and her final moments on this Earth were spent considering the irony of her defeat and pondering how she could have taken Carrie Fernandez so lightly.

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