Dracula's Servant

Castlevania 64
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
He first shows up on Stage 2, the Castle Wall, to intimidate the heroes. He's then waiting on the final stage, the Castle Keep, for a battle under the guise of Count Dracula
He appears in the intro scene of Cornell's mission as "Dracula" (which he is at the end of the mission). For the rest, see the text to the left

After Reinhardt Schneider (or Carrie Fernandez) disposed of a guardian skeledragon in the outer wall's castle towers, "Dracula" appeared to him with an ominous warning to turn back or face dire consequences. This, Reinhardt felt, was the instigating presence that he'd have to track down.

When Reinhardt eventually reached the castle keep, "Dracula" suddenly appeared and attacked in an all-too-typical fashion. After emerging victorious, Reinhardt escaped from the keep and heard the truth from Malus. The enemy he just defeated, Reinhardt learned, was only Dracula's Servant, a vampire spirit who acted as the keeper of Dracula's sleep. The servant was only posing as the Prince of Darkness in order to render Malus' scheming innocence all the more believable. If any hero were to destroy the servant, Malus knew, they'd walk away satisfied that "Dracula" was dead, and he or she would never see the real revolution coming.

His story's conclusion, really, is dependent upon your exploits in Castlevania 64: If you meet the required conditions, you'll defeat the servant and then learn that Malus is the true Dark Lord. If you fail to meet the requirements, you'll defeat the servant--whose three-directional fireball attacks and vampire tendencies will convince you that it's really the final battle--and you'll receive a bad ending no matter which hero you choose.

In Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, which is placed eight years before, things are bit less clear: This is, it seems, "Dracula" because it acts as the first form in the final two-part battle. Though, from his appearance here, we can assume that, in addition to being his keeper, the servant is virtually Dracula's avatar.


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