Gilles De Rais

Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Gilles appears in the intro and ending scenes, and he acts as a boss on Stage 4, the Villa

Gilles De Rais was an increasingly aged vampire, another in a long line of those who wished to beckon a world of darkness. As an outcast, Gilles mostly inhabited the catacombs beneath the Oldrey Villa mansion, where he patiently awaited the Count's return.

When Death and Actrise began their campaign to resurrect Dracula into a new body via the sacrifice of Ada, Gilles was more than happy to assist them in their ritual. He would scour the castle, endlessly, preparing the necessary arrangements.

Furthermore, Gilles offered to help their cause by keeping a watchful eye on the heroes' progress and attempting to prevent a would-be hero from penetrating the castle's interior past the Villa. Even though he failed in this goal, defeated handily by Cornell, the short battle with the man-beast helped him stumble upon invaluable information about the man-beast's power.

His new knowledge was instrumental in the later harnessing of Cornell's wolf form, which ensured the Count new life in the form of Malus.

(Special note from reader Vcthug4life: "According to the Japanese players' guide, Gilles De Rais [at least in the Japanese canon] is the one actually posing as 'Dracula's servant' in the case of Reinhardt and Carrie's respective quests. Naturally, he would serve this same role as the final villain for Cornell's quest in the future Legacy of Darkness.")

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