Stage 1: Ruins of Castlevania

You'll start outside then enter that ever-familiar recurring CV level, similar structure, with zombies and bats. The fishmen are where they always are, but the pot roast hidden in the room above is replaced with a magic book that'll give your whip magic power. The mid boss is at the hall's end. Next is an area with a horde of skeletons and rotating platforms with the bottoms spike-lined. Next up is a room with a big swinging semicircular hatchet that you must jump over. After fighting some armed skeletons, you'll have to climb the spine of a long-dead dragon, it crumbling as you walk on it. The next area, the castle keep, is highlighted by the music from the last stage of the first Castlevania, with similar scenery. A lone skeledragon guards the stairway that leads to the stage's boss.


Lesser Enemies: Zombie, Bat, Floating Eye, Skeleton, Fishman, Ghost, Scimitar, Mace Skeleton, Armed Skeleton and Skeledragon
Mid Boss: Hellhound
Mecha Knight
Regular Stage Track: Reincarnated Soul
Castle Keep Track:
Nothing to Lose

Stage 2: Greece - Atlantis Shrine

First, you'll have to climb over bridges while being attacked by minotaurs and fishmen. Next is an area where you'll have to climb upward while the water level begins to rise, killing you if you lag; Minotaurs with long spears and balls of destruction will try to prevent your progress. Three mid-bosses await atop. You'll then enter an area where the water level is lowering, and you must ride the platforms that float on the water. You won't die if you fall in the water, but you'll be heavily damaged if you don't get out quickly; to make it worse, Medusa Heads will be flying about. Next is an area with more bridge-like pillars to climb over. Knocking the head off a huge statue and destroying pillars is necessary to proceed to the end. A final room filled with minotaurs lay below. You'll then lower in on a platform into the bosses chamber.


Lesser Enemies: Minotaur, Bone Pillar, Fishman, Skeledragon, Medusa Head, Golem Knight, Raven and Ball of Destruction
Mid Boss: (1) Water Magician, (2)
Armor Lord
, (3) Red Armor Lord

Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Stage 3: Italy - Leaning Tower of Pisa

Harpies with spears will start attacking you right away. Also in your way are minotaurs that rip the pillars off of the elevated platforms and swing them wildly. You'll then enter the Leaning Tower of Pisa. First, sets of stairs must be used cleverly, to get around the bone pillars and floating eyes. The connecting tower is slanted, guarded by more harpies. Next you'll have to swing over gaps (vault upward with Eric in the room before; Eric takes a similar top path) while avoiding mummy men and their deadly shards. The mid-boss is in the next room. The next area is the main part of the tower, and it's still falling. You'll have to make your way up the scrolling vertical shaft while avoiding Medusa Heads. Proceeding on, you'll have to jump onto floating platforms that circle around, left, up, then right as you trek around while battling skeleton bats. This all leads to the top of the tower, where the boss will fly in.


Lesser Enemies: Harpy, Minotaur, Bone Pillar, Bat, Floating Eye, Medusa Head, Mummy Man and Skeleton Bat
Mid Boss: Bone Dragon King
Gargoyle Bat
Music Track: Discolored Wall

Stage 4: Germany - The Munitions Factory

Skeletons will attack from in front and behind the fence and from inside barrels early on. You'll then enter to an area with conveyor belts guarded by armed skeletons. Next is a climb up a shaft that has pistons that can crush you against the wall; the next room requires jumping from gear to gear while fending off Medusa Heads and more armed skeletons. Scale platforms will be the obstacle in the next room--the final such platform opens up the way to the mid-boss. You'll then have to make your way through a room with three blade-like gears; you'll have to duck in between the semicircular openings in each gear as they turn; speed demons will try to slow you down. You'll emerge back outside to an area that requires more moving-platform jumping while dealing with mace-swinging skeletons. The boss isn't far off.


Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Scimitar, Armed Skeleton, Mace Skeleton, Medusa Head, Ghost, Skeleton Knight, Bone Pillar, Speed Demon and Small Gear Creature
Mid Boss: Frankenstein
Gear Steamer
Music Track: Iron Blue Intention

Stage 5: France - Versailles Palace

Early on, you'll encounter swinging vines and the poisonous dust they leave behind--they make your controls reverse. All kinds of plant life obstruct your path. Balls of destruction and bloodskeletons are your primary concern. Death swingers guard the rest of the way. Inside is a long hall with falling chandeliers and axe knights, with a giant sword knight guarding the end. Two small rooms follow: A room with a giant stacked bone pillar and a room with laser-eyed wall slimes; Eric has to move upward in this room, which leads to the palace's top, where eagles will drop fleamen. As John, you'll go right and swing over a pit in a room that contains bag men. Either path lead to a vertical room with stairs that revolve around the center column; platforms here are guarded by skeleton bats and bone pillars. A mid boss lies in the room ahead. Rare knights guard the next room before another mid-boss. The boss shows after you exit the palace.


Lesser Enemies: Stone Rose, Deadly Vine, Circle Weed, Blood Skeleton, Ball of Destruction, Death Swinger, Axe Knights, Giant Sword Knight, Wall Slime, Bone Pillar, Harpy, Fleaman, Bag Slave, Blue Skeleton, Mummy Man, Bow-and-Arrow Knight, Hammer Knight, Machine Gun Knight and Wheeling Knight
Mid Boss: (1) Blue Armor Lord,
(2) Evil Tower Guardians

Princess of Moss
Music Track: Prayer of a Tragic Queen

Stage 6: England - The Castle Proserpina

You'll start on a bridge guarded by ravens and fireball-shooting Medusa Heads. The latter part of the bridge will collapse as you walk over it. You'll enter the castle and into a room where the platforms become distorted, as the top and bottom of the room are going in opposite directions; to make it worse, Medusa Heads will be present. You'll then enter a room that's upside-down, and you'll have to deal with the control change as well as the balls of destruction and axe knights. In the next hall, you'll be attacked by an endless stream of Mecha Knights, and they get faster as you get deeper in. The three mid-bosses are within a stairway of each other, and there's no place to power up (except through Death's food card), so fight carefully. One last staircase will bring you to the game's ultimate evil.


Lesser Enemies: Raven, Flame Medusa Head, Axe Knight, Ball of Destruction and Mecha Knight
Mid Boss: (1) The Grim Reaper [Gargoyle
Bat, Golem and Gear Steamer
], (2) Medusa,
(3) Elizabeth Bartley

(1) Dracula, (2) Dracula's Ghost,
(3) Dracula's Ghost II
Main Halls Track: Calling from Heaven
Castle Keep Track: Theme of Simon

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