Vincent Dorin

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Dorin hides himself in the Abbey Catacombs, where he set up traps to prevent people from locating him

Vincent Dorin was an abbot who served in the monastery at the Wygol Village abbey. Though he was described as a "good man," he was overcome with madness as he became more and more enveloped in his studies, the many years of loneliness warping his mind. Fearing that he was being stalked by the Devil's demons, he barricaded himself within the Abbey Catacombs and set up a variety of nasty traps all throughout so that no one could track him down. His abandoning of his post came at a hefty price, as his absence and failure to perform his sworn duty of protecting the people resulted in their continued suffering. As Zobek pointed out to his "friend" Gabriel, Dorin was hiding in the catacombs and had possession of an ancient relic that harnessed the power of the sun--specifically the power to burn vampires and reduce them to ashes.

Gabriel and Zobek infiltrated the abbey and bested its many deadly traps and pitfalls, eventually tracking down Dorin, who had sealed himself high within a tower along with his many holy texts. Having gone half-blind and insane, Dorin upon seeing the pair fell to the ground in fear, accusing them of being demons sent by the Devil, whom he alleged to have contacted. Gabriel scolded Dorin, essentially calling him a coward who didn't deserve to call himself a man of God. Feeling he was not even worthy of further scorn, they took his relic and pushed him away when he meekly tried to retrieve it. Dorin repeatedly cursed the duo as they left, but there was for him a far-greater concern: They had broken the barricade to his hiding place, which allowed real demons to breach his domain. As he began to pray, he turned in horror to see the mob of winged beasts who were slowly surrounding him. His unrelenting prayer couldn't save him from being devoured, his final scream echoing through the tower.

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