Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Cornell resides in the Land of the Lycans. After a short conversation, he engages Gabriel in a boss battle

Cornell was the third of the three founding members of the Brotherhood of Light. He was the youngest of three but also the strongest; he rarely used his magic powers, preferring to fight using a sledgehammer that none but he could wield. As were his compatriots, Zobek and Carmilla, Cornell was a brave warrior who sacrificed his physical body in order to become a spiritual being, able to fight God's wars against evil. Though their intentions were honorable, the trio of stalwart heroes was deceived, their spirits fractured; their "light" sides were transported to Heaven as angelic beings while their "dark" sides were left behind. On that fateful night, when Cornell's spirit left his body, all of his strength and anger were left behind, giving birth to the Lycanthrope Dark Lord, one of the Lords of Shadow.

Cornell, the Dark Lord of the Lycans, eventually came to rule over Agharta, awaiting any foe who would dare challenge him. The competition he sought arrived in the form of Gabriel Belmont, who was looking to vanquish the Lords of Shadow. Cornell was well aware of the prophecy but saw Gabriel as still ignorant of the truth; he explained to the brooding warrior the origin of the Brotherhood of Light and how its three founders purified themselves, abandoning human form and transforming into spiritual beings whose power was second only to God's, and obliviously left behind their dark sides. He spoke of the "three sacred places" from which their spiritual transformation occurred, informing the skeptical Gabriel that they were currently standing upon once such location. According to the to prophecy, Cornell explained, when the Warrior of Light reclaimed the power of a Heaven-dwelling brother, the Lord of Shadow's power, too, diminished. Since their "light" and "dark" sides represented the very same being, he continued, Gabriel would be killing not only the Lords of Shadow but the founders of his very own Brotherhood!

After having a chuckle at the irony of it all, Cornell properly introduced himself and then quickly lunged at his Combat Cross-wielding enemy. When it seemed that Cornell was ready to succumb, he channeled the power of the blue moon, which menaced the battlefield, unlocking his true werewolf form; not impressed, Gabriel bludgeoned the hairy beast and struck the final blow using his very own hammer, killing him. Suddenly, a beam of light shot upward from the location of the Cornell's corpse and toward the heavens; basking in this force, Gabriel absorbed Cornell's spirit, the essence of which gathered into his shin guard. Cornell had been defeated, but his spirit would remain to serve Gabriel in his ill-fated quest. As a final gift, he left behind the more tangible Cyclone Boots, which would provide Gabriel the power to dash long distances, and a piece of the God mask.

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