Rohan Krause

    Krause is the game's mentioned-in-exposition main antagonist who finally shows up as a boss at the end of the game's fourth area, the Inner Sanctum
Castlevania: Order of Shadows

Rohan Krause's history is sketchy, but it's clear by his actions that his motivations are anything but reactionary and perhaps best described as pure evil or the wonting of chaos. What would have been his original claim to fame is that Krause was responsible for the deaths of the parents of Belmonts Desmond, Zoe and Dolores--this if not for the matter of such a truth being kept from the siblings in the hope that they would never base their future actions on the mindlessness that is revenge.

What they were told, of less consequence, is that Krause was simply the arch-nemesis of their father. He was in reality, though, more than just a killer, his actions consistent with the groupthink of a more problematic group; he was, that is, an unwavering disciple of the Dark Lord, himself. In the years following his murder of the as-of-yet unnamed Belmonts, Krause started a group called "The Order," which as constituted was an organization of wicked men and women who sought to strengthen themselves by aligning with the dark spirits, their ultimate goal to raise Count Dracula from the underworld in the hope that he would grant them greater power and eternal life.

After investigating the matter and revealing the true link between The Order and the free-roaming spirits of Dracula's army, Desmond, Zoe and Dolores set out to locate the missing Vampire Killer whip, to confront Krause (who unbeknownst to them had stolen the famed family artifact upon killing their parents), and to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Lord.

While scouring the Order's Mansion, a makeshift version of Castlevania, the trio discovered evidence that Krause was behind the murder of their parents--mainly that the Vampire Killer was in his possession; after deciphering the castle's interconnected nature, which allowed them to locate Krause's inner sanctum, the sisters headed back to the village and would leave the confrontation in Desmond's capable hands.

When they finally met, Krause was certain that the Belmont had only come all this way for him--for revenge, he thought. "No--not for you," Desmond assured the callous instigator. "Only for the job." When the considerably powerful Krause was defeated, he proclaimed confidently that it was too late, that Dracula had already been revived and could never be stopped. Krause didn't survive long enough to know the futility of his words.


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