Dmitrii Blinov

    Dmitrii first greets Soma in the Wizardry Lab. They meet for battle in the Dark Chapel and then for storyline advancement in the Garden of Madness and the Abyss
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Dmitrii Blinov was the other potential successor to Dracula's reign what with his ability to duplicate others' magical powers. He, too, was born on the same day that Dracula was forever sealed away. Though his actions were perceived as somewhat erratic, displayed outward an impression of rashness and irresponsibility, he was fully prepared to take any measures necessary to accomplish his goal of becoming the new Dark Lord.

Dmitrii was the third party present when in the Wizardry Lab the cult revealed its intentions to Soma Cruz. In contrast to the fiery Dario, Dmitrii was more reserved in his methodology, and he belittled his ally for judging Soma Cruz strictly on appearance. It was clear that this was uneasy alliance, but no one knew how deep the distrust and resentment ran.

Dmitrii's first individual meeting with Soma took place in the Dark Chapel. Soma arrived just in time to witness Dmitrii's slaying of a Malachi, whose power he thus copied. Dmitrii very much wanted Soma to witness this event, to show the youth what was in store. Dmitrii admitted to having no real interest in the cult's activities, for it was all a matter of learning the significance of his own ability--there was a lingering curiosity: "Can I become the Dark Lord?" he wanted to know. It was no matter--Soma won the ensuing battle and seemingly killed Dmitrii, who wanted no pity. As his spirit fade, Soma was overcome by an odd sensation. Had he absorbed a human soul?

Much later, in the castle's garden, Soma Cruz was pushed over the edge when it appeared that Celia Fortner had murdered Mina Hakuba; due to this insidious act, Soma's boiling hatred conjured forth chaos energy, which was ready to anoint a new Dark Lord. Genya Arikado arrived just in time to reveal the truth--that the "Mina" killed was actually a doppelganger--and Soma's transformation process was put to a halt thanks to the potency of Mina Hakuba's talisman, which he had equipped earlier.

The time was right for Dmitrii to make his grand reemergence, to the shock of everyone. He wasn't defeated by Soma Cruz, they learned; rather, during the battle, he copied Soma's "power of dominance" and took control of Soma's soul, thereafter feigning his defeat. When Soma's emotions shifted due to the sheer anger festered, Dmitrii made good his escape and used his new power to collect the chaos energy; he was now ready to become the new Dark Lord! Though Celia could not have foreseen this turn, she was quite pleased, and with Dmitrii she made an exit to the castle's basement.

Soma tracked the duo to the Abyss, where he found Arikado felled. To counter the threat of Arikado's dark power and reverse its flow, Dmitrii sacrificed to the darkness an oblivious Celia. "She wanted to see the Dark Lord, after all," he quipped. The ruthless cad was now ready to take his place in line. Instead, Dmitrii learned of a cold truth--that the power of dominance isn't easily contained. Unlike Soma's, his soul wasn't nearly strong enough to withstand a power that intense. As the helpless Dmitrii succumbed to the pain, all of the souls collected under his watch were released; without a suitable host, they fused together to form a gigantic demon--the Menace! While his participation would end there, Dmitrii's selfish act forged for Soma a most terrifying final foe. Though, with the eventual destruction of the monstrosity, Dmitrii's failure was complete.

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