Friedrich von Frankenstein

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Dr. Frankenstein is spoken about in scrolls, encyclopedia entries, and dialogue between characters

Friedrich Von Frankenstein was a brilliant scientist and the owner of a European castle that stood beyond the forests of Wygol Village. The castle's stony walls were used to conceal his laboratory, where he conducted horrific experiments that entailed the creation of artificial life. Utilizing the energies of twisted, devilish machines, he attempted to discover the secrets of life, itself, creating many perversions of nature, including a Mechanical Monstrosity--a giant scorpion-like machine implanted with the brain of a malformed medical experiment gone wrong. His other contribution to the castle's construction was a clock-based time machine, inspired by the work of Dr. Emmet Marron, which for a short period could rewind time.

Frankenstein eventually ceded ownership to the Bernhard family and remained in their employ. He continued his experiments, creating cross-species abominations and preserving the corpses within special tanks. His experiments drew the ire of Carmilla, a Brotherhood of Light founder who was renowned for her love of all living creatures; she hated the mad doctor and vowed to punish him for his vile acts against nature. When her "dark side," the Lord of Vampires, drove the Bernhards out of the castle and claimed dominion over it, she got her chance for revenge. She retained the services of Frankenstein for the purpose of punishing him; she cut off his fingers and scattered the severed digits castle-wide before confining him in an unknown location, where she fed on him daily over the centuries, keeping him alive and aware. His creations, however, lived on to terrorize those castle-dwellers who were uninvited.

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