Young Henry Oldrey

    Young Henry is found roaming in the Villa hedge maze, where you must help him escape from Frankenstein and hounds
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

When Cornell ventured into the castle's Villa during his adventure, he stumbled into a mansion owned by Master Oldrey. Upon entering into its master bedroom, he watched on as Oldrey bang away at the door, demanding that his wife, Mary, open it. Mary refused to open the door, because she knew the secret that Cornell would soon discover: Master Oldrey had been infected with Dracula's curse, and so rapidly was he was growing accepting of his eternal status that he wished for his wife and son to join him in his "paradise." He put up tombstones with their names in the Villa's garden and was preparing to remove them from this world and allow them entry into his.

After Cornell chased off her husband, Mary, who was under the pressure of impending doom, asked a big favor of the man-beast: She pleaded with Cornell to locate her son, Henry, and bring him to safety, far away from the castle, to ensure the family's survival. Cornell obliged and thereafter found the boy hiding in the Villa's hedge maze, where a Frankenstein Gardener and two hell hounds were patrolling. Cornell came through on his word; he braved the dangers and brought the boy to safety.

This event had much impact on Henry Olrey and served as much-needed inspiration. For one, his ordeals taught him of the world's truest danger, that he'd need grow up to despise the creatures of the night; he'd train hard to one day become a member of the Order of Church Knights, whence he'd vow to protect children from Dracula's dark forces as Cornell once did for him.


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