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European Beta Version

In 1993, before the official Bloodlines release hit the European market, an unfinalized-but-largely-faithful beta version made the rounds. Listed below are the noticeable/obvious differences. (Thanks to Amar Youkai and The Cutting Room Floor for some of this information.)


General Differences

On the title screen, "Password" is instead written as two words: "Pass Word."
The default play mode is "Easy," and there is no "Expert" difficulty. The "Expert" difficulty code instead unlocks the level-section option.

This version, too, includes a level-select code. If you enter the Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B then A) on the title screen, you'll unlock a level-select option. It appears on the title screen's top portion.
You can manipulate the number by pressing the A, B and C buttons. A increases the number by one, B increases it by ten, and C decreases it by one. Interestingly, if you access a stage using this method, you'll find that invincibility will be awarded and one of the three classic Castlevania tunes will play after you've procured a third coat-of-arms power-up.
Inputting the extra-lives code on the options menu (instructions for which are available on the "Codes" page) will instead net you 30 lives.
In the options mode's sound test, the classic Castlevania tunes lack an attached pickup sound.
In comparison to the finalized version's, the beta's sound test less in the way of music tracks and sound effects--a total of 28 music tracks and 168 sound effects. The finalized version's has 30 music tracks and 208 sound effects. The two missing tracks are Stage Clear and All Clear.
The "Stage Start" title card and the final-score tally are colored black and white.

The "Final Stage Start" title card doesn't flash onscreen.
The heroes can sometimes continue functioning when their energy meters are fully depleted; in all such instances, an additional hit will be required to kill them.
When your score is tallied following stage completion, any remaining bars of health will earn you 10 points rather than the normal 100.

Certain mid-bosses aren't absent from in Easy mode, as they are in the finalized version.
There are some minor graphical glitches. As TCRF says: "This can be seen in Eric's fully-powered spear when fighting Death, one of Elizabeth's frames, and in the sparkles that fall down after defeating Dracula."
Some sound effects differ. The Zombies' death sound, for instance, is prolonged and sound more engulfing-sounding. Some sound effects are missing entirely. (Thanks to Danny for some of this information.)
Blood skeletons, balls of destruction, the wheeling knight, and the giant sword knight do not appear in the beta.
The heroes' hit-detection is worse, and they sometimes receive damage for attacks that didn't come close to overlapping their hitboxes. An example of this inexplicable coding decision can be found in the Munitions Factory. In 4-8, you have to negotiate your way beneath its second spinning bladed gear in one go, where in the finalized version you can crouch beneath it for safety.
Enemies dish out more damage than normal even on the Easy mode.

Excluding Frankenstein, Death and Elizabeth Bartley, most mid-bosses don't use the supplied boss-energy meter.
Eric's diagonal thrust will suddenly halt if you tap the attack button. It'll execute properly only if the attack button is held down.
While Eric Lecarde does not impale himself with the spear when he dies, the "stabbing" sound effect can still be heard in accessory.
Fleamen run away from Eric rather than attempt to pounce on him.

Stage 1

In the finalized version's opening section, there's a zombie corpse upon which crows are feasting. This zombie is missing from the beta.


Stage 2

Minotaurs' death animations are glitchy
2-2's wateralls differ visually from those seen in the finalized version.
When Medusa heads emerge from the water in 2-4, the attached visual effect is glitchy-looking
The Golem's death animation is different; he doesn't raise his arm into the air while he crumbles. Also, making contact with him during his death animation will damage you.


Stage 3


None of the harpies in 3-1 carry spears, as illustrated in the screenshots seen above. Only one specific harpy in 3-3 can be seen wielding one.
Eric will become stuck if he enters into the cleared space of 3-3's breakable wall, and his only recourse will be to move right.


The platforms in 3-7 are narrower, making for much more harrowing platforming.
3-8's musical theme has been replaced by Stage 4's main track.


Stage 4

The candelabras in 4-2's secret area are missing.
All of the piston animations in 4-4 are synched.


Certain background and foreground structures, like the blue steel walls and chains of Stage 4 - 5, have slight color variations.
The munitions skeletons death animation is incomplete.
In 4-8, as mentioned, you have to negotiate your way beneath its second spinning bladed gear in one go, where in the finalized version you can crouch beneath it for safety.


Stage 5


The "stone rose" enemy on the Versailles stage doesn't spray poison powder, its absence negating the reverse-control predicament. Furthermore, the stone roses aren't even active enemies; they're merely background elements.
The grass seen at the start of 5-1 use a different color-scheme: a red-and-light-teal combination.
Some platforms are missing in the fountain area of 5-1.
Mid-boss music plays in the Pillar of Bones room in 5-2.
The flames resultant from the bag slave's death can harm the heroes.
The Blue Armor Lord boss is much tougher (due mainly to the terrible hit-detection) but lacks its grab-and-damage move; its room is bereft of the expected seven candelabras; and you can simply bypass the battle entirely by exiting right at any time.
The Evil Tower Guardians fire out metallic-looking rings rather than open- and closed-circle fireballs, and they instead release them three at a time.


Stage 6

The "Final Stage Start" title card is missing.
Candelabras in the Stage 6 only drop red gems.
Medusa heads, crows, axe knights and balls of destruction do not appear in this stage.
Sections in Stage 6-3 and Stage 6-4 have been swapped.
The trio of bosses faced during the Death battle retain their normal palette colors. Though, the fleamen summoned by Elizabeth Bartley sport an incorrect palette scheme.
The full moon is missing from 6-11's background.
All three of Dracula's forms share the same energy meter, the Count twice displaying his transformation powers after a certain amount of damage has been absorbed.
In the Dracula battle's second phase, he retains the previous form's color scheme; the second and third phases use his pink color scheme from the retail version. During the third phase, there are no background graphics.
Dracula's death animation is glitchy, and it's accompanied by an unfamiliar screaming sound. Also, there's no victory music to be heard.
The expected ending and credits themes do not play during the course of gameplay; they're instead relegated to the game's sound test.
The ending scene is glitchy, its final few frames looping for some reason, and there's no credits sequence despite the music for it appearing in the sound test.