Graham Jones

    Graham shows up in the Castle Corridor, Clock Tower and Underground Reservoir to advance the story; later, he acts as "Dracula" for the castle keep throne room battle
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Graham Jones was the founder of a new religious sect that gained a hoard of devout followers over a short period of time. Because he was born on the seventh month of 1999, on the exact same day that Julius Belmont and other hunters sealed away Dracula and his castle within the eclipse, it led to speculation that Graham wielded strong magical powers.

Because of his influence, he became infamous for his prophecies that the world would see an apocalypse in the year 2035. In short, he warned, someone would locate Dracula's castle and inherit all of the Dark Lord's powers. Graham believed strongly these prophecies because he thought himself to be the one who would inherit Dracula's powers.

Thus, it wasn't an unexpected scenario when Yoko Belnades and Genya Arikado found him wandering around in the sealed-away castle on that fateful day. Graham was correct in one sense, as Yoko had assessed: He was slowly absorbing the dark power leaking out of the seal. Graham did nothing to convince Soma Cruz that this were true, though, and almost gained the young man's trust. But when Graham realized that Soma had similar powers, a potential not unlike his own, he became jealous and revealed his true colors by tracking down and assaulting Yoko Belnades for her "slander."

By the time Graham had fully absorbed the castle's powers, he became so overconfident that he actually declared himself to be "the Dark Lord." He retreated to the castle keep where he took control of the throne room. When Soma arrived to question him, Graham was not ready to let go of his grudge; he accused Soma of stealing his demon's souls and looked to destroy the youth in a Dracula-like way.

No one was as shocked as he when Soma defeated him in this battle. Soma's natural absorbing ability was even more potent than his, Graham learned, and in his last seconds, he watched as Soma absorbed every last bit of the leaking power. And so, Graham Jones became just another in a long line of piteous fiends who unsuccessfully tried to bring about the return of Dracula and the end of the world as we know it.

(Reader Shadow of Jaster notes the following: "About names: 'Graham' equals Billy Graham, the popular American televangelist. This would allude to the charismatic side of Graham Jones, which he projects to the public. 'Jones' equals Jim Jones, a cult leader who led his followers in a mass suicide in the jungles of Guyana in 1978. This definitely hints at his concealed dark side, considering he, too, is a whacked cult leader.")


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