Drolta Tzuentes

Castlevania: Bloodlines
Drolta's storyline involvement, though key to unfolding events, is limited to the game's instruction manual

It was Drolta Tzuentes (based off of a real-life assistant to Elisabeth Bathory), an amateur witch, who accidentally resurrected Elisabeth Bartley while within the ruins of Castlevania practicing arcane magic for purposes of experimentation--a practice that was purely nocturnal. After restoring the spirit of the deadly countess, Drolta assisted in Bartley's plans by mediating the schemes and unholy bargains that brought about the undead revolution.

As a further gesture, Drolta used her wisdom and dark magic to create for Bartley a Mecha Knight, which was immediately stationed at the ruins of Castlevania for the purpose of goading the heroes to the site and starting in motion the events that would lead to the destruction, death and devastation needed for the harvesting of souls. While the heroes would never come to encounter Drolta Tzuentes, her impact was surely felt at every destination.

(Special note: Like Bartley, Drolta's activity was ever-more-devious in Vampire Killer, the Japanese version. She was, in reality, no amateur and purposely resurrected Bartley in hope of achieving what became the eventuality. In addition, the heroes did encounter the mischievous witch, who substituted for what we observe to be Dracula's second form [the spritework matches the official art seen above]. She supplied for him a short breather while his full transformation was in effect.)

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