Death is always a boss that guards the games' later stages, usually that before Dracula's. You're likely to run into this fallen angel in a dungeon or dreary cavern
All but three series titles

In the earliest noted history, Death was an ally to Walter Bernhard in his quest to collect the three sacred stones that would allow for alchemy's goal of eternal life. In a double-handed turn, he instead revealed that he was only using Walter for his own gain, to collect the stones for other sinister means; in reality, his real allegiance was to Mathias Cronqvist, for whom he collected the Crimson Stone, which was deemed the most powerful of the three. In Walter, Death had immediate accessibility to another, the Ebony Stone, and, later, to Walter's spirit after his eventual defeat at the hands of Leon Belmont. Death offered both commodities to Mathias to aid his wish to become Lord of the Vampires.

In the centuries following, Death continued to act as direct lieutentant to Count Dracula, a name Mathias earned in reaction to his misdeeds. The Grim Reaper was number two in command, Dracula's right-hand man and his guardian of choice--you could say that the two were best buddies. It was with Death that Dracula entrusted his kindred spirit because the fallen angel was the only being with the knowledge of what measures to take to properly raise it from its slumber when enough of its power had been regenerated. As such, those who wished to resurrect Dracula would more than likely look to Death for assistance. In the meantime, Death would gather together the dark forces in preparation for their master's rising.

Because of his close relationship with the Count, it's always fair to expect that the Grim Reaper will serve as the last line of defense, the only barrier standing between the heroes and the Dark Lord. With his sickle in hand and the propensity for conjuring swarms of scythes and random demons, Death looks to make what's left of a hero's life a nightmare. It's true, then, what they say about the dark angel: "As the bringer of death, he and Dracula are natural allies."


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