"Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy #2"

Reviewed by Tyler Rietze

This cover image for Castlevania: The Belmont Legacy #2 was scanned and contributed by the same Tyler Rietze

One month after the first, comes a second. Which, unless you're new to the series, is something you know already. Obviously continuing the first comic, which was the good start of a story to a new series of comics.

This comic, like the first, doesn't have any butt kicking of the undead, but, once again, is a good start of a soon to be good story. Christopher and Illyana have just gotten married and are on their "honeymoon" (if you know what I mean), when Chris' butler barges in speaking of trouble. His role as a Belmont is beginning, a journey that no one can actually prepare for, the take over and destruction of Castlevania, with the help of a few friends that is...

Dracula is back. The mystic weapons are unveiled. The whip is given to it's rightful owner. Christopher finally seems like the kind of person we expect a Belmont to be, not a wuss. But all in all, this is still a good plot to work on. A little work is needed on the drawings though, facial expression isn't fully there. But I have to say, there's a part that makes you want to pick up your controller and beat Dracula for all it's worth (one day he will learn).

To continue the rating system of the previous reviewer, I give it a B+. It definitely sets the mood, and gets you excited for all the butt kicking that'll be happening in the next issue.

I still wish Alucard would be making an appearance...

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