Akumajou Dracula: Kabuchi no Tsuisoukyoku

The Sorrow titles, as I call them, told so interesting a tale that fans clamor for any information that sheds light on happenings before and after this time-period: They ponder Julius' 1999 ventures or ask, "Did Soma eventually give in to the dark power?" Providing perhaps a taste of that wonderment is Akumajou Dracula: Kabuchi no Tsuisoukyoku (rough translation: Demon Castle Dracula: Ricordanza of the God's Abyss), a novel that chronicles events one year following Dawn of Sorrow.

Dengeki Bunko, a publishing company affiliated with ASCII Media Works, has its own magazine. Its November 2008 issue came bundled with Kabuchi no Tsuisoukyoku, written by a famous Japanese author who creates such works about his favorite video games. Supervision by Koji Igarashi lends credence to theories that the novel's content could be canon. (All information provided by JPCVAN.)

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The Sorrow titles' original cast returns, and some new characters join the mix.

Curtis Lang:
Julius Belmont's apprentice and a vampire hunter who belongs to the Church. He commands the Holy Whip.
Michelle Danasty:
A vampire hunter and Curtis' mate. She is very likely a descendant of Grant Danasty. She wields the Bowgun and silver arrows.
The Lord of a castle. He attempts to conquer forces both "human" and "chaos."
He fights to kill the betrayer Orlock.
Julius Belmont:
A vampire hunter and Belmont descendant who sealed away Dracula in 1999.
Yoko Belnades:
Another in a long line of witches join the Church. Her family has close ties to the Belmonts.
A former military man and current arms dealer. He assists those in need.
Soma Cruz:
A young man born with powers one in the same with Dracula. He currently hosts the Dark Lord powers. He makes a cameo.
Mina Hakuba:
The daughter of the Hakuba Shrine's caretaker. She is a close friend of Soma Cruz. She, too, makes a cameo.
Graham's Believers:
After the founder of their religion, Graham Jones, died, they kept alive his religious teachings. They swear fidelity to Orlock.