Seeds of War

Somewhere in Transylvania, in a small town in Wallachia dubbed "Warakiya," the young Sonia Belmont found residence. Sonia, a strong-minded young woman, was shaped into a warrior by her uncle, who trained her to sense evil and battle against it. After her seventeenth birthday, Sonia met and had an affair with Alucard, the estranged and now forgotten son of Dracula. Alucard had refused to serve under his father's rule, and he grew tired of Dracula's stubbornness and his devious actions. As much as it pained him, his mission in life was to bring down his own dad. Alucard embodied his mother's gentle nature, and despite his father's hatred for them and their treatment of Lisa, he held toward the human's no grudge, as he was at least in part one of them and could sympathize with their plight. Sonia learned the truth, that Alucard was a half-breed--a half-human, half-vampire born from Dracula's affair with the a human woman. But to her it didn't matter; even with this internal struggle, which showed outwardly as a pained silence, he couldn't push her away; Alucard, still, was strong-minded in his predicament, and his relationship with Sonia served to further strengthen them both. When Alucard explained to Sonia his plan to forcibly remove Dracula from his position of power, he saw hers as a vested interest. Sensing such interest, he revealed to her this plan even though he didn't want her to be dragged into what he knew was a mad quest. Regardless, she had every intention of becoming part of it, driven by her will to see justice done. How would she do it?

Sonia was especially trained with a whip, one that had been passed down into her family for centuries. This whip was named the "Vampire Killer." It possessed supernatural power that would allow her to battle and defeat both the undead and even the most divine beings. Its origin can be traced back to the 11th century when a man named Rinaldo Gandolfi, a master alchemist, entrusted a Whip of Alchemy to her ancestor Leon Belmont. The whip's alchemy-based property allowed for Leon to transform it into a divine tool of destruction by striking down Sara Trantoul (his betrothed who had been vampirized by Walter Bernhard), which collected and combined with his hatred her infected soul. To supplement this weapon of divine power, Leon tempered and enchanted with mystical power five items (an axe, a dagger, holy water, a cross and a crystal) that he collected while roaming the ancient castle. By the time Sonia was born, only the whip remained. The mystic weapons were gone, lost over the years--perhaps during the Belmonts' brutal and painstaking campaigns against other forces of evil.

During her journey, on the way to Castle Dracula, Sonia recovered four of the weapons (the axe, the dagger, holy water, and the boomerang-like cross) and discovered a strange new type of stopwatch, which became her own personal entry into the mystic arsenal and a weapon that would one day afford the family the power to stop time. (Sonia's wind-soul power was perhaps its force energy.) For these were the weapons that future generations of Belmonts would use to hunt and destroy Dracula.

With her whip and her wits, Sonia was able to fight past a wave of Dracula's forces and later confront him in the heart of his castle. Beforehand, she caught up with Alucard, who had already reached the castle keep in search of the Dark Lord; shocked at her defiance, he tested her mettle in battle. The result: After being immobilized by the fiery Sonia, he was truly impressed with her skills and decided that, yes--it would be best if he were to leave it to her to vanquish the Dark Lord and save himself from a crushingly painful encounter; he would help in the matter by suppressing his powers and removing himself from this world by placing his soul into a state of rest. The two bid each other farewell and sadly parted. Sonia would proceed on, alone, to battle the Count. And after a long, hard battle, Sonia and her mighty whip prevailed; Dracula and his cast of cretins were put to rest, and Castle Dracula was banished into the depths. Though, it wasn't that easy, for Dracula could never truly be defeated; he could only be put to rest for however long evil remained dormant. Knowing this, Dracula boasted of an impending return, belittling Sonia's efforts to fight an eternal battle; Sonia scoffed, promising that someone with a good heart would always be there to answer the challenge.

This encounter between good and evil went somehow undocumented and largely ignored, as if the stage weren't yet grand enough--something Dracula recognized and was intent on changing.

Soon after her triumph, Sonia had a son who she named Trevor. It's widely believed, by those close to the family, that Alucard was indeed the father. Because of Sonia's relationship with Alucard, Trevor's bloodline was even stronger than the last (and it would continue to grow more powerful), for Trevor was truly supreme amongst vampire hunters at even an early age. Sonia trained him accordingly, in kind shaping him into a warrior. The Belmonts' power, not unlike Dracula's, were not without their price: In time, the people of Warakiya started to fear the Belmonts and their supernatural powers. They demanded that the Belmonts leave Warakiya and never return. But something happened in the following years: It was learned that while Dracula's initial plot had been thwarted, he had not been killed; he had in fact continued on his reign of terror almost unnoticed.

It went unnoticed, that is, until the Eastern Church was finally alerted to the continued presence of the vampire menace, at which point it structured a secret team and commissioned it to go out to find and eliminate the threat. All attempts to do so ended in failure. Faced with no other options, the Church, impressed by Sonia's exploits and indebted to past church knight Leon Belmont, turned to and aligned itself with the most trusted hunters--the Belmont clan, who were at this time outcast. In the meantime, Mathias changed his name to "Vlad Tepes," an alias under which he would gain his greatest fame. It had begun: The dead started to come alive; the monsters returned; the people fled as armies of zombies started marching through the towns and villages. It was time for Trevor Belmont to grab his mighty whip, answer the Church's call, and defend the people who had ousted he and his family. It was time for a battle for all time--Dracula Vlad Tepes versus the Belmonts!

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