Though it's probably a thought that has been echoed many times on this site, it bears repeating: Japan always gets the good stuff. Again proving it to be true is JPCVFAN, who takes us back to Castlevania (Lament of Innocence), for which Konami created a cell phone-based comic series. After agreeing to pay a monthly fee, users could connect to one of three services (i-Mode, EZweb or Yahoo!) to access a database and download its separate volumes.

The comic series, which ran for two years, chronicled events related to Lament of Innocence's main storyline. Illustrated scenes include Sara Trantoul's kidnapping, the secret of Walter's birth, how Joachim became a vampire, and much more. Introduced, also, were two original characters: Liza, whose fiancee was killed by Walter, and Justine, Rinaldo's former daughter and now the Succubus' vampire servant.


The following people were most responsible for the comic's existence:

  • Scenario: Yumi Akitsuki
  • Illustration: Benio Sakakida
  • Supervisor: Koji Igarashi

Season 1 (2007) featured 21 volumes as did Season 2 (2008). Below are two sample images. Click on either image to view the full-size version.