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Belmont's Revenge works on a much more simple item-placement password system, since we're dealing with a much shorter and much less complicated game than those you'd find on consoles.

With this code, you can start with the Crystal Castle already completed, with the Plant, Rock or Cloud castles ready to be explored.
Use this password to bypass both the Crystal and Plant castles, leaving the Rock and Cloud castles.
If you use this password, the Cloud Castle will be the only obstacle to knock down before Dracula's castle.
Use this one to skip all of the original four castles and to start on the first stage of Dracula's castle.
This one will allow you to start on the second stage of Dracula's castle.
This password will allow you to start on the very last, very short stage of Dracula's castle.

The Codes

Music Test

This Game Boy version has the best music out of all three of its kind. Use the password shown above to access the game's sound test.

Nine Lives

Use this code to start the game with nine lives at your disposal. You won't be able to collect any additional lives past nine via point-totals and 1-Up symbols, however.

Difficult Mode

Some Castlevania titles have second, harder quests available after their completion. To play a more difficult quest in Belmont's Revenge without even trying, enter the code shown above.

Quick Tips

Hidden Rooms: Belmont's Revenge has multiple hidden rooms. If you see a rope hanging from a ceiling structure, try climbing the rope to its peak to see if you can go through the ceiling. There's one instance on each stage where you can go right through the ceiling and into a hidden room. They are the following:

Crystal Castle


You'll come to a room that has three ropes with rolling eyes continuing to fall out from the room's top-right opening. You can use all three ropes to pass through the ceiling, but only the leftmost rope will lead you to the open path to the power-up items; while climbing it, you have to pass through a second ceiling to access the secret room.

Cloud Castle


This one is deceiving: When you come to the room on the left, you can pass through the ceiling on its left side. When you arrive in the next room, it will look like a room to which you've already been--where the octos lurk. If you slide back down the rope after picking up any power-ups, you'll be back where you were, but if you travel up the rope on the right, it will you'll loop back to an earlier part of the castle.

Rock Castle


It's another of those rolling-eye secrets. When you come to the end of a room where they're falling out from an opening, you can use the rope on the right to pass through the ceiling and into a secret room. One word of warning: If you eliminate all of the candelabras, everything will go dark.

Plant Castle


At the end of a divided path, you'll find this castle's secret: Once you're past either the rolling eye-filled bridge or the mad man-inhabited marsh, you can use the rope on the left to travel through the ceiling and into a secret room.

Stage 5


In an early part of the castle, in a room with a moving platform and a lone punaguchi, you can maneuver your way to the right side of the room where you use the rope to travel through the ceiling and into the secret room.

Stage 6


Near the end of the stage is a moving-platform room containing a single bat and a punaguchi. While avoiding their attacks, stay where you are and continue climbing the rope straight up, and you'll pass through the ceiling to find the game's final secret room.

Breakable-Brick Treasures: Belmont's Revenge brought back a lot of the classic series' formulas that Adventure tried to ditch. One of those was the mechanic of breaking bricks to reveal hidden treasures. You can do this multiple times per stage. Most breakable bricks are contained within secret rooms.

Crystal Castle (1)
Crystal Castle (2)
Crystal Castle (3)
Crystal Castle (4) - secret room
Crystal Castle (5)
Cloud Castle (1)
Cloud Castle (2)
Cloud Castle (3) - secret room
Plant Castle (1)
Plant Castle (2)
Plant Castle (3) - secret room
Plant Castle (4)
Rock Castle (1)
Rock Castle (2) - secret room
Rock Castle (3)
Stage 5 (1) - secret room
Stage 5 (2)
Stage 5 (3)
Stage 5 (4)
Stage 6 (1) - secret room
Stage 6 (2)
Stage 6 (3)
Stage 6 (4)-
Stage 6 (5)-

As contributor SolarCiel notes, you can otherwise identify which walls are breakable by using your third-level whip to throw fireballs at them. The fireballs will pass straight through normally occurring surfaces, but they'll forcefully collide with sections of wall that were specially designed to be shattered.

Holy Light: When you arrive at the halfway point of Rock Castle, which is highlighted by the sudden appearance of stalactites, light becomes scarce, and the separate rooms will be illuminated only by the candelabras contained within. If you whip away all of the candelabras on screen, the immediate area will go dark, and you'll be vulnerable to all surrounding dangers (like the bottomless pits and mollusks). However, you can make this mechanic for naught if you're carrying holy water: Simply chuck a vial onto the ground and its fiery glow will provide light for the immediate area, allowing you to collect all of the candelabra-held goodies without worrying about a blackout. (Contributed by Kev.)

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