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Chapter 6: Path to Justice.
Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
The monster sniffed the air. The Dark Lord sent him away. It knew why. The beast should guard the den. It was fitting somehow. Their ancestor lived within a labyrinth. The creature knew it would know the moment it came. The image was burned into its brain. The image of a blonde human woman. Things where the same. The ancestor also lived on human girls. They would make out. The child it would spare. Their species would thus be restored. They where few. The Dark Lord prmosed them prosperity. The shadow would keep its promises. It always did. That was why it bestowed power upon them. The beast felt strong. Stronger then in decades. It would serve it well. The shadow would be pleased. It again sniffed the air. It had wandered the earth for so long. The Eastern teatcher told it everything. It was invincible. The other didn't trust it anymore. The females refused to be with it. This would change everything. The shadow promised it would be that way. The beast put its hands together. It would meditate on the matter. It would do well.

I left it there. The power of possession was useful. I could enter the soul and body of any living creature. The beasts, the creatures who served me, immediately did submit to my power. I had been experimenting. I could even possess another vampire. I was there when Giles De Reis welcomed the Belmont warrior into my castle. The heretic followers of the Master would embrace my dominion. The mad or the foolish human already where easy to govern. It was exelent. Mathias Krohnquist really was a fool. He only focused on the power of the eboney and crimson stones. I would learn other things. I could use other forms of power. He knew nothing of dominance. He was blind to shadow. I would rule supreme. There was only this lone disturbance. They failed. But I would settle the matter. The time for practise was over. I was the Dark Lord. I would make those who murdered my loved ones suffer in Hell. That was a worthy realm for such traitors. All who opposed me must die. That was a sentence I soon would execute upon thee, the last of the Belmont clan. Then the world was mine. The Great One would do no miracle this time.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
The cave was narrow. The only sound was the dropping and moving of water. I made the sign of the cross. I threw back the pony-tail. The silence was relaxing after the dungeon. I knew this place. I walked beside the underground river. The sound of leathery wings warned me of their approach. The bats chased me. I whipped them into oblivion. I had a look around. The cave was empty. This time I kept to the straight path. Dracula was before me. I remembered what Adrian said. "He is an inhuman fiend of strong supernatural power." I knew it was true. I wondered what Leon might have to say. He was the first to battle evil. I heard them approach. I dropped myself almost on instinct. The fishmen where back. I dodged their fireballs. Then I got back up. The Soul wind gave me the speed I needed. I made fire enfuse the Vampire Killer. One of them nearly got me. The Soul ice ended the ordeal. Adrian once said it. "Your power is very similar to that of dominance." The ability to absorb souls was still terrifying. What if the Dark Lord defeated me? My soul would then be forever trapped in Limbo. I toutched my crucifix. I would never let that happen. I was back. It'd been a long time. My line of thoughts ended. The fishmen jumped from the river. Bats shot at me. I threw the axe. Lightning struck the area. Electricity made the water spark. I whipped the bats away. There where still more of them. I ducked while the fish creatures spat fireballs. I sent the cross at them. The holy boomerang cut their legs. I almost felt pity on them. They would've killed me. I had to do it. Dimitri Julius Belmont was my uncle. He would've been proad of me. He was a hard man. I whipped the last bats away. The Soul flame finished the other monsters. Again the cave was silent. I inhaled deeply. I made the sign of the cross. Then I entered the second cave. This was where I first met the fishmen. I whipped some few candles. The crystals came in handy. I knew what awaited me. The floor abruptly ended. I would have to jump across. The ceiling was low down here. A few bats still circled my position. I used the stopwatch to get rid of them. I had to be careful. One mistake and my skull would be shattered. I would've killed myself by knocking against the low ceiling. I could've swam across. But then the fishmen would take me. The water was freezing. I made the sign of the cross. I made the first jump. While in the air, I curled together. The good saints protected my progress. I landed safely upon one platform. The area wasn't realy a sanctuary. Other fishmen jumped from the water. I threw daggers at them. Powered with wind, they where quicker then the fishes could move. There where more of them. "This is for Heinrich!" I cried. Dracula murdered him in 1462. He was Vladimir's head advisor at the time. He refused, like he had to, to give Elizabetha a Christian funeral. I knew it was a sin. I shuddered. The danger of the darkness outside, came when feeding it with the darkness inside. I made the sign of the cross. I whipped the last fish away. I made another jump. The spikes almost got me. I fell into the water. I kept to the platform. I climbed back up. The liquid felt like fluid frost. For a moment all I could do was to curl together. I still shivered when the bats came. I fused the Vampire Killer with fire. The heat made me feel better. The bats felt worse as I whipped them all away. I wondered if the Dark Lord bestowed the mammals his power. It was unlikely. But who knew what might be true. The alchemists still struggled to detect the truth about nature. Alchemy, and the arts of wizardry, was forbidden. My uncle insisted that our bloodline abilities where gifts from the Lord. The priests where not as sure. But they never refused to give my family the Holy Comuneon. I made the sign of the cross. The fishmen where back. I threw the cross. Flames lit the symbol. As before, the wood didn't burn. I heard the sound of their wings before I saw them. The Soul bat gave them their final moment. I whipped down the candle. I retrived my items. I was always sure not to knock them all down. They where my only source of light. I was unsure if I could keep the flame whip going for so long. Even if it worked, Dracula would spot me. I feared the very possibility. The tales of the battle with Walter or Mathias was no fairytale. Leonard Belmont trusted me. My father would always believe in me. I was the only child in the family. But I wondered if they would give me the Vampire Killer if I got a brother. Even a younger brother. The poltergeist king had faight in me. I had to believe that I might do it. Fishmen attacked. I was suroundered. The stopwatch froze them. Lightning fused my whip. Soon there was nothing left but ashes. I made the sign of the cross. I had to continue. I went across. The ceiling was a bit taller right here. There was the opening through which I went earlier. I had no desire to have a rematch with the dangers within the dungeon. Bats seems to come from nowhere. I threw daggers at them. I whipped others away. The vampire held sway over the lesser beast of this world. That uncle Julius told me. The bat owed them their fealty. Adrian once showed me. It was impressing. I whipped the last bat to ashes. The tunnel became tighter again. I had to continue. The platform was covered with earth. I didn't mind. Something moved. I almost wished to cry. There was those mud worms again. The slugs moved for me. I knew what might happen if they toutched my bare skin. They would drain my blood. I doused the nest with holy water. I inhaled deeply. No need to get frantic. I simply hated those disgustive creatures. God must've created them too. I wonder if it was Dracula who morphed them. Or if the Devil did something with them. Either case, I had to get away. I landed upon another platform. The fishmen jumped from the depth. "Give me strength!" I prayed the Lord might help me. Then I went to work.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
I went through the wall. The ability to change size and appearance was another power afforded to the undead. I could even make myself appear in spectral form or turn from matter into spectre on my own accord. I had been in this state for only some time. Still I had obtained power greater then ever. The pact was in my favour. Upon death I came into posision of a strong supernatural power, which the stones amplified. Some of my experiments already appeared to be in order. It was exelent. In time I would leran to master the great power of darkness. I detailed my discoveries, the different states of achievement, in a black leather-bound book. It would be the work of the Dark Lord. They came to me. In time, all wickedness in the world would support my rule. Such was my privelige. The prince of Darkness. That was my price, my purchase. My goal was ultimate. The warlock already went with me. He would learn me all which I need to know. In time I would become the demon lord. All came to whom waited. Revenge is best when taken cold. I laughed. I raised my arm. My fist lit with fire. I would gain it all. That was my promise.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
The fishmen where burning. For a moment I actually felt sorry. I never was learned in the traditional life of a boyar woman. My uncle did his best with my education. But I sometime believe Julius view me as the son he never got. I would be no perfect bride. Adrian was the only man who ever asked me about what I thought. What I believed of this beautiful world. But there was dangerous here too. The mud worms where after me. I knew it was impossible. They where nothing but beasts. But somehow they felt attracted to me. I put an end to their misery. I jumped off of their platform. The worms couldn't swim. I was unsure if any serpent could do that. I once red an old book about them. The fishmen where at me. Bats flew through the air. Worms crawled toward me. I really was surrounded this time. I shot beams of light from the Vampire Killer. The soul bat dealt the bats their final moment. I continued the battle. One worm got me. I screamed. I had to pill it away from my skin. It let a bleeding scar behind. I unleashed the Soul flame. The fishmen countered with their own type of fire. I dropped myself. The fireballs shot just past me. I gave them my holy water. The mutated fish creatures simply exploded. The Soul wind made the whip quick enough. I whipped the final mammals away. They would dine on my blood. I was unsure if they might inflict Dracula's curse. I simply had to believe. The Saints gave me guidance. I managed to clear them all away. Then I jumped. I landed upon another platform. I nearly knocked myself in the ceiling. I got a way of curling together while in the air. I destroyed the worms with some holy water. I whipped the candle. "Thank you Lord." I was grateful. I retrived the big crystal. I nearly lost all my "ammunition" during this battle. The cave was empty. I didn't like it. There was like something was waiting. I knelt. Nothing happened. I jumped the next platforms. There was some bats. I made quick work of their approach. Then I got across the last opening. I whipped down some more candles. I gratefully dined on the food one left behind. I felt refreshed. I got some of the medicine. The liquid healed the marking the worm left behind. It was impressive. I let my hand toutch the place. The skin was whole and smooth again. I made the sign of the cross. I got up. I had promised to uphold the tradition. The Belmont clan should hunt the night. I entered the third cave. The sound of whirepools greeted me. The underground river fell into underwater openings. At the far end of the cavern, I saw the waterfall. It had to be the same I saw in the dungeon. If I should fall, it would be fatal. I made the sign of the cross. There where other openings through which I could escape. If I could only find the correct way out of here. I stepped forward. Fishmen jumped from the river. How they could live here was beyond my imagination. Wouldn't the whirepools take them? I didn't knew much about the subterranean lifestyle. I dropped myself. The fishmen shot fireballs. I whipped them away. The bats came for me. I threw daggers at the fishes. Wind made them split into countless knives. Then I doused the other enemies with holy water. There where more of them coming. I used the soul saint to clear the area. I whipped down some candles. I entered the first tunnel.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
I breathed heavily. The fishmen nearly got me. The tunnel was free from water. There was very few candles. I let them be. I would need them if I should be able to see. The tunnel went straight for a while. A flouting appearition came through the wall. I whipped the ghost into oblivion. The sound of flapping wings warned me in time. The cave was filled with bats. I used the Soul flame and saint just to remain alive. They would've reduced me to a drained corpse if I didn't defeat them. I made it rain with holy water. I used my Soul wind to quicken my whip. The stopwatch froze them in mid-air. At last it was over. I gasped for breth. I only got a moment's rest. There where ghosts in the tunnel. I threw axes at them. I would never let them toutch me. The throwing-cross ended their misery. Gasping I went to retrive my items. Then I almost began weeping. The way forward was blocked by fallen boulders. I would have to return to the waterfall cave. I knew I'd placed to great a trust in my weapons. I had forgotten about God. I knelt in prayer. "Oh Lord." I whispered. "Forgive me of my sin. I'm an unworthy maid in the eyes of Heaven." I used the rosary prayers to calm myself. The Lord loved everyone. He gave his one-born son so that those who believed not should be forsaken but live forever. My uncle made me study Lathin. The words of the Bible gave comfort. I got up. The Lord would lead me. I was not to despair anew. I returned to the waterway. The fishmen lay in wait for me. They jumped from the merky depth. I threw myself upon the ground. My enemies spat fireballs. I flailed the Vampire Killer. The enemies burned. Then I noticed the mud worms. They where disgustive. They crawled toward me, attracted by warm blood. I doused them with holy water. I jumped across. I was grateful I made it. One fishman almost got me. It reached for my leg. I almost screamed. The toutch of wet skin was disgustive. I kicked it in the head. Then I whipped it into oblivion. I jumped one more platform. I'd reached the other entrance. I whipped the bats before I entered. The cave was narrow. It went straight downward. I didn't liked this. I made the sign of the cross. The bats chased me. I made it rain with holy water. The ghost howled while fading. I hoped the Lord might give it salvation. The cave narrowed even more. Multiple mouning voices seemed to echo through my soul. This was like the dungeon. The tunnel ended in front of some steps leading onward. I made the sign of the cross. This didn't look right. Still I went down the staircase. Like I expected, this was the dungeon. The stair ended at another corridor. The spikebeds and the spear guards where only to familiar. There was no point in continuing this way. I went back up before they could spot me. I got to use the soul flame to clear away some other gosts. I whipped the candles. Finally I reached the river. The fishmen got to smell me or something. They jumped from the water. I got to whip them away. Some of them shot fireballs. I actually got hurt. The laurels restored me. I was grateful the Lord let them into my position. I would give them to my uncle. I hoped Julius was still alive. I prayed the Saints would keep him safe until I arrived. If I ever returned. That was the will of the Lord. I only had to pray He would guide me. I continued forward. The bats and fishmen never surrendered the chase. I threw axes at them. If the third opening left nowhere, they had me imprisoned. I made the sign of the cross. I had to keep on believing. Then I entered the cave. This passage wasn't as dank as the others. The walls where free of vegetation. I was grateful. The passage led straight forward. I where careful. There still was some bats chasing me. I whipped them away. I got to use the soul wind to be quick enough. I traded the ghosts with my dagger. The soul bat made them keep their distance. The tunnel began to go slightly upward. Perhaps I might still escape. The area began to look like people worked on it. I recognized the bricks they'd used elsewhere in the castle. Uncle Julius once said that castle Dracula was built on the remains of another more ancient building. Perhaps the legends where true. I whipped another ghost to oblivion. I really didn't liked them. I felt pitty with them too. To be forever trapped within these castle walls wasn't something I wished to dwell upon. I made the sign of the cross. I came to another set of stairs. These led upward. I thanked the Lord. Finally I would leave the underground. Atop the steps was a large wooden door. I hoped it wasn't closed with magic. They easily gave way to my push. I braced myself for what may be. Then I went outside. The wind was cold. I looked skyward. The moon was high in the sky. How long had I been underground? It felt like days. I made the sign of the cross. The area in which I stood looked like an inner den. Before me lay other towers. Some snow covered the pavement. I made the sign of the cross. Then I noticed the Minotaur.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
I recognized just in time. The beast was no ordinary Minotaur. Not like I've seen them on pictures. Dracula must've done something with it. The monster was clad in some tight black suit. My uncle once told me a bedtime story from Japan. It was about people who dressed like it. "Ninjotaur." The word seemed to somehow awaken my enemy. Suddenly it dashed forward. I nearly got overwhelmed. I knew what it would do to me. The legends was just to clear on that matter. I shuddered. The beast came for me again. I dodged it a second time. What could I do? The monster came for me. I went straight between its legs. The smell was awefull. I focused my mind. Trying to remember the words of God. "I shall be with you, until the end of the world." I got up. I used the soul ice to power my whip. The beast got backward. I held high my crucifix. Something strange happened. I was risen into the air. I felt like the sun shone on my back. Then something shattered. A storm of icicles was scattered across the area. The Ninjotaur staggered. I was back on the ground. I felt somewhat drained. But the feeling swiftly subsided. I was grateful. The monster was at me. I was taken. The enemy looked upon me with small black eyes. The hunger within them where terrible. Before it could do anything, I stamped it with my crucifix. The enemy let me go. I staggered backward. I felt almost crushed after its powerful grasp. I inhaled. I got to continue. "Stronger we are in the name of the Lord!" It was the slogan of my bloodline. It wasn't often I used it. Now was a fitting opportunity. I fused the dagger with frost. The Ninjotaur dodged. I ran to retrive my possession. The Ninjotaur tried to take me. The Lord made it miss. I spoke the Lord's prayer. The very words seemed to pain the monster. I then sent it the soul flame. But the fire didn't seem to burn it. Then I remembered. Julius's fairytale said they where resilience to fire. I made the sign of the cross. The soul wind kept it from claiming me. I fused the whip with frost. I once spoke with a gypsie who told me I was gifted with fire, frost, thunder, wind and light. I don't dare to think what my uncle would say if I ever told him. Be the will of the Lord. The frost whip made the monster stagger. It pushed me aside. I felt weakness consume my body. I used the soul ice to back me up. Then I threw axes at it. They all shattered into icicles. The monster dodged. I ran aside. The Ninjotaur tried to impale me. The horns really looked like a formidable weapon. I gasped. All this running and spinning was wearing me down. I threw back my ponny-tail. I wouldn't give in. Not to this beast. They where the reminders of our sins. So said the legend. I had no doubt it was so. Then I threw holy water. The Ninjotaur roared. This time the flames burned its flesh. But then, according to the teatching of Jesus, the holy water was a container for the Holy Ghost. "Forgive me of my sins." He said that I would never be forgiven if I made crime against the Spirit. Then I would surrender. I put it into His hands. The Ninjotaur nearly got me. I was hit in the chest. I flew quite some distance. I landed in a pile of snow. The Ninjotaur roared its victory. Somewhat shaken I still got back up. The monster was burned. But it still came toward me. I couldn't withstand it. I only got a few crystals left. There where candles about the den. I had no time to whip them. The beast was upon me. The moment it reached. I doused it with holy water. The Ninjotaur roared. This time it was in pain. I made the sign of the cross. Still adaze, I made an attempt to sidestep the monster. I leaned on the wall. I used the stopwatch. In a daze, I didn't notice I gave it my last crystals. Again I was risen into the air. Seven strange balls appeared around me. The Ninjotaur dashed toward me. It received the full brunt of my attack. The orbs where shot into its body. The monster screamed. There was no other way to describe it. Then it was reduced to a pile of ashes. I didn't mind. I let go of bogh the whip and the stopwatch. Then I fell on the floor. I lay breathing. I simply was to weary to mind about the details.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
I felt my servant's demise. I was furious. Could nothing stop this intruder!? I put away the spell book. I had been able to open the gates of the plane walker. That might be of use someday. The realm of Chaos was a powerful spot. The text told the truth. The dark side was the ultimate power. It was in my control. I have earned it. I could summon those spirit who rested upon the plane. The plains of Hell and the dark ocean was truly glorious. The power I achieved was extraordinary. I cleared my mind. Anger was another useful tool. But better was hate controlled by will. That was a possibility I would have to explore. Shadow was a well of force greater then anyone could imagine. And I was the one who had it. No lord of shadow could ever defeat me. I was the Dark Lord. I even could become a demon lord. The castle was a passage to many a malicious secret. I laughed. The Belmont would have to be here soon. I would prove my status. The dark side could bestow the most miraculous gifts. I threw my cape aside. I had been within the abyss. I saw the chaotic realm. The servants gathered. Bogh in this world and upon other places. This was the truth. The revolt has begun.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
At last I awoke. I had some medicine. I ate the last of the food I brought with me. I whipped down the candles inside the den. The many crystal where what I needed. I knelt in prayer. The Lord was with me. I was sure. Finally I climbed the staircase. Upon the balconey there where ceveral windows. They where all closed. Suddenly the armour moved. It stood before the door. It stabbed for me with the sword. I dropped myself to the floor. This really wasn't good. The gold-plated sword lord dashed forward. I barely rolled aside. From a kneeling position I gave it my axe. The possessed suit staggered. Then It swung at me. I had a bad feeling of being beheaded. Although I dodged, I didn't like that. I pulled together. I made the sign of the cross. The holy water made the poor soul burn. The sword lord kept on coming. I whipped it into oblivion. I watched it burn. It nearly got me. I collected my items. I hoped there wasn't more of them around. I opened the door. It wasn't closed. The room was elegant. Just as elegant as the keep. It made me think of Adrian. Would he ever be able to see his child? I toutched my stomach. It still was flat. But I knew what I knew. I hadn't have my period for quite some time. He warned me. My child would be gifted with bogh our abileties. I made the sign of the cross. So much better. He, or she, would become an exelent vampire hunter. Atop the steps I saw portraits. I only recognized Elizabeth Bathory, Adrian's cousin. The men had to be other relatives of the Basraq family. I wonder if Adrian's brother's portraits hung among them. Vlad and Vladimir would become the great voivode of our country. They already called Vlad IV the "bad". I didn't knew him. I wonder if he might be worse then his father. The rumours of Dracula's deeds had already crossed the border. I let it pass. I went up the stairs. There where other doors. Bogh beside and in front of me. Something told me where to go. Bogh the angel and my loved one had been atop the tower. This might be no diferent. They said the forsaken tried to get as high as possible. I was met by another sword lord. The bats had returned. I made it rain with holy water. The bats burned. The suit of armour merely staggered. I was prepared. I threw axes. Lightning struck the armour. It fell into a heap of golden ashes. I made the sign of the cross. The great door was closed. I let it be. Other corridors went to the left and right of the gallery. Shadow obscured my view. The bats where back. I chosed the left passage. Why I didn't know. The mouning voice of a haunted soul made me stop. The ghost came through the wall. Its chill nearly froze me. I got to use the soul flame. I felt much better. I opened the door through which it came. "Glory be the Father, the Son and to the Holy Ghost." I cheered. This was another flight of stairs. I began climbing. The bats where back. I used the soul wind to quicken my whip. There still where ghosts around. I didn't wish to become possessed. The glorious tapestries, and the family crests, had no relevance to me. We had it better back home. There it was no monsters around. I got to smile. My uncle would've scared them away. I came into another corridor. This wasn't as wide as the one downstairs. It seems like Dracula was found of the new Italian style. They said it was the Renessance of what had been in the great Greek period. I wasn't that found of it. They said women had to stay at home. During the medival time we at least had a chanse to make our own way in life. I wonder if, one day, a Belmont daughter my loose the whip to a man who didn't deserve it. I toutched my cross. Jesus loved bogh men and women. He loved all people. I only got to have faight. I made the sign of the cross. It kept the ghost away. I whipped it into oblivion. They where so lonely. Why could even Dracula do this? I dismissed the matter. A wave of bats almost overthrow me. I made it rain with axes. They chased me. I let them have the soul bat. That cleared the area. I whipped the ghosts away. They tried to take me while I was busy with the bats. I opened one door. There where bedrooms up here. I continued forward. Around the corner was a stair leading downward. I went the other way. One sword lord nearly got me. I gave it my cross. The armour missed me with some inches. I thanked the Lord He saved me. I doused it with holy water. I hoped the forsaken soul might rest in peace. I wondered why they where imprisoned within the armour. The sword lord swung at me. I threw the cross. The knight went down on one knee. I quickly finished the battle. Then I retrived the crystals. Another wave of bats obscured my view. The soul flame settled the ordeal. Or perhaps not. I got to whip away even another ghost. I made the sign of the cross. The corridor was silent. I went forward to investigate the area. There where some other bedrooms. I figured they might be suitable for the guests which once vvisited the count. I nearly got caught by another ghost. I whipped the poor soul away. I prayed it might escape from Dracula's curse. I opened the door. Finally I found them. Another stairway led upward. I wondered how many stories there might be in the building. This was the third I got to explore. I didn't have to worry. The Lord would guide me. I made the sign of the cross. "Be the will of God." I said while climbing. The bats came in waves. I made axes fall. I even created another downpour of holy water. I used the Soul Saint to finish the condemned. The ghost moaned as it burned. I had no reason for victory. The sadness almost made me cry. I entered the second floor. The area consisted of one large room. I cracked the Vampire Kiler whip. The spot got to be a gallery. I saw multiple artwork and paintings. The portraits almost seemed to inspect me. People said I was attractive. It felt uncomfortable anyway. There was some diference between stalking and when you wished to be seen by men. I set the matter aside. The bats had returned. I whipped them away. I summoned the soul wind just to be certain. Beneath a portrait of two Dames and a boy, lay a letter from the pope. I wasn't sure if he where still alive. My uncle told the prince converted. I put the letter back down. I looked up at the picture. They looked so peaceful. They where unlike the other paintings I've seen in here. The boy looked familiar too. I smiled. It was Adrian. I wished I could bring it with me. That was impossible. Already I figured. Ghosts came through those watchful pictures. I drew backward. The whip was on fire. I whipped them all down. The bats where back. I used the soul saint to clear the area. Thank the Lord there where no sword lords around. I went for the nearest opening. I came into a library. Or perhaps, this was Dracula's study. My uncle told me to whrite and to read. He told me it was a seldom craft among women. But I was the sole hope of my family's tradition. I made the sign of the cross. I wasn't going to let them down. I began to investigate the study. The books where in many languages. Some which I didn't understand. What I figured, made me shiver. They all spoke of black magic, secret arts which man should've forgotten. The ancient lore made me shiver. Prince Vlad where becoming a demon lord. The sword lord dashed forward. I ducked beneath its offensive. It turned around. I whipped it repeatedly. The whip was blue with frost. That made it stagger. Never the less, it continued the assault. I was forced backward. I made it rain with holy water. The armour was brought down on one knee. I threw the cross. Finally it was over. I whipped down the candles. I gathered what where inside. I toutched the crucifix. I was glad the Lord again saved me. The bats came in waves. They seemed to be obsessed with bloodthirst. The soul flame and saint finished the ordeal. I breathed heavily. This wasn't easy. I thought of Leon. I thought of all who came before me. They didn't live ordinary lives. Neither would I. I tightened the grip on my weapon. Then I began climbing. The stairs seemed to go on forever. This floor was quite different. Weapons hung on the wall. Through doors I saw more weapons. Armour where on display. Although I noticed the stairway at the other side, I was concearned. Each and every of the suits might be sword lords. I gathered my weapons. There was only one thing I might do. I dashed forward. I ran without looking twise. I heard metal move. I wouldn't listen. I wasn't immortal. I was the hope of my bloodline. Finally I reached the steps. I went upward. I never looked back. Finally I reached the next floor.

I had a look around. I was still breathing heavily. I still was a bit shaken after the run through the armoury. Even this floor consisted mostly of one large room. There where multiple smaller chambers. The place looked like some sort of lab. I carefully stepped inside. There where rumours about this. They said the prince dabbled with forbidden alchemy. The church didn't liked it anyway. I agreed. Why did I feel this place got something to do with the executioner? Never mind. I got other trouble. Bats where around my location. I summoned the soul wind to quicken my whip. I threw daggers at them. Ghosts came from the smaller cabins. The soul flame made them burn. I would've liked to ruin this area. Alchemy really was forbidden. I didn't have time though. I whipped the final bats away. The steps was easy to find. I climbed upward. Bats came in waves. I just hated those creatures. I tried to relax. Hate was a destructive feeling. I summoned the name of the Lord. I felt calmed. The sence of piece where broken. I entered the next floor. I stood within another corridor. This wouldn't be easy. The sword lord almost seemed like it expected my approach. I was just barely able to block the assault. The knight swung at me repeatedly. There was nothing I could do. My uncle would teatch me how to dance. It was one of the reasons why I was so agile. I whipped the swordman repeatedly. I threw daggers. They split into three frozen knives. The attack at least made it stagger. I summoned more frost. The whip seemed like a bar of sapphire icicles. The knight was brought down on one knee. My throwing-cross split in two. Frost went in their track. That settled our conflict. Armour and war would never bring through peace upon the land. Uncle Dimitri said so. He was right. Only when people respected each other like they where. Then the land would earn true prosperity. I made the sign of the cross. Although I was a hunter, I sometime dreamed of a world in which it wasn't necessary. I retrived my arsenal. I would have to continue. The world wasn't perfect. It never would be until the end of days. The return of Christ would mark the beginning of a new Heaven and earth. I opened the nearest door. Within was another bedroom. I whipped the ghost. The poor soul immediately began burning. I close the door. I didn't wish to witness its demise. The corridor went forward. I whipped at another ghost. They always seemed to go through the wall. At the right side was another bedroom. The bats circled my position. They seem to come from nowhere. I wondered if it might be the work of count Dracula. Ancient lore said the vampire might turn into a bat, a wolf or a coil of mist. The undead gained control of the lower forms of life. They could summon the bat, the wolf, the owl and even the birds of pray. Some scrolls even decleared they could master the elements. That they might create storms, blizzards or even mist. The tome spoke of other powers. But that wasn't important. Not for the hour at least. I opened the third door. I came into an oval room. The table was shaped like the chamber. I noticed the count's banner behind one chair. The chandlier was dark with dust and old webbings. I whipped the thing. Then nothing happened. Within the table there was a picture of Europe. I had a look for the north of the continent. Legends said my family originally came from that region. I put it aside. I better continue the investigation. I closed the door behind. From the window, I got a clear image of the castle. The moon was low in the sky. It wasn't long until dawn. I wondered if that would mean anything within this castle. Dracula's curse was upon this area. I saw it while seeing beyond the obvious. I turned. I still had plenty of space to investigate. The sword lord was ready. The suit of gold-plated armour dashed forward. I dropped myself. I rolled aside. The passage was narrow. I got up behind my enemy. I doused him with holy water. The knight stumbled forward. I whipped the thing with my whip on fire. The enemy turned. He swung at me. He nearly got me. I performed a backflip. My uncle would've been proad. Then I let it have the soul bat. The powerful burst really settled the matter. I used the laurels to heal myself. Then I continued forward. The stair wasn't that far away. I first got to whip away some ghosts. Their presence nearly froze my soul. The bats continued their chase. I answered with the soul flame. That cleaned the area. I knocked down the candles. I found some crystals. The rosary felt strange. I connected it with my crucifix. What could it do? I would have to discover that later. Atop the steps was another corridor. The crest of the Basraq family hung everywhere. The windows at the right side of the passage offered an exelent view on the countryside. The light of the moon revealed the gloom within the castle. There where another sword lord. I drew backward. The thing chased me. I threw crosses at him. The whip made my enemy stagger. I finished the matter while using the soul flame. I retrived my arsenal. I continued to whip the candles. There where very few of them up here. I investigated the other chambers. There where three of them in total. They appeared like waiting rooms for the boyar's guests. The ghosts made another attack. I whipped them away. I wouldn't let them toutch me. I was back inside the corridor. One final sword lord blocked the way onward. He was able to stab me. I was able to heal myself. Without the laurels the quest would've been over. I answered with turning the whip on fire. The flames forced him backward. I threw axes. The stopwatch kept him from moving. At last it was over. I whipped down the final candles. Then I entered the throne room.

I was pleased. She even where better then I expected. She would make an exelent mistress. First I got to get her out of that armour. She would learn to do my bidding. This would be her final battle. I decided to reveal myself to the hunter.

(A.N: Sorry for the real long update. I almost forgot about this tale. But it's important. I still support the timeline I've suggested in this story. [Sonia vs. Dracula in 1476. And Trevor Belmont and co against the count in 1496.] Have a nice time.)

Final battle: "Dracula battle" Lord of the Vampires.
Inner den, castle Dracula. The 17th. Of November 1476 A.D.
The throne room was large. Lit candles seemed to be everywhere. I lowered my head in contemplation. Adrian was of a lordly nature. I realized where his aristocratic demeanour originated. I toutched the cross. I knew what was my plight. "Vlad Tepes." I called him by his surname. "Show yourself." I saw beyond the obvious. Darkness lay heavy upon this realm. Though it beamed from somewhere beyond. "Show yourself, count Dracula." Was this how Gabriel felt, or Leon? They fought against the night hundereds of years before my birth. I would make them bpride. I promised. My challenge didn't go unanswered. The moonlit throne sieced to be empty. A man sat on that seat. "In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost." I made the sign of the cross. Although I did not belong to the Eastern church, I knew they had shown an interest in my bloodline. Uncle Julius told me the priests contacted my father, Leonard Belmont. "Welcome, young vampire hunter." The count greeted with a cordial bow. Though I recognised the cold approach of Adrian's darkest ours. "Long Havest I expected thy arrival." The Hospodar did state. He was no longer the boyar and voivode of my people. He had become an inhuman fiend. "Did Mathias Krohnquist do this to you?" I asked. Uncle Julius told me about him. The prince of Darkness made no replay. Instead he beheld me in a way, which I felt, was uncomfortable. I knew what certain folks expected from women. Adrian never looked on me with those eyes. "I have come to slay you, the Devil's purchase." I stated, cracking the whip. Dracula suddenly laughed. He really was such a handsome nobleman. With long iron grey locks down his shoulders. Though his features where twisted beyond repair. The pointed airs and bushy eyebrows belonged to a bat. The red blazing eyes and the mouthful of fangs where those of a demon. Though he looked elderly, I knew from rumours that he was still a man in all his might. I toutched the cross. Mankind was nothing without the Lord. The vampire stared at me. I was careful not to gaze back. He carried a necklace. I recognised the crimson and ebony stones which where crafted into the gold. Legends told the spirits of Walter Bernhardt dwelled within. "Thou havest learned thy lessions well." Count Dracula finally acknowledged. He never mentioned about my whip. Though he certainly knew. "I havest unlocked the secrets of the ultimate power." The former alchemist bousted. "None may ever defeat me." I dashed forward. But he was ready. He teleported into another location. "Thee willst become my bride." He decleared while spreading his black cape. "My mistress." He continued. I cared not. Trippled balls of blue bat-inhabited Hellfire came my way. I where unsure if the mystic weapons would have any effect on such a powerful being. The Vampire Killer was all which could defeat the Dark Lord of 1094. I had learned to trust my own power. I was able to whip the flames into oblivion. Dracula had vanished. I felt his burning gaze before I even saw his actual presence. The Dark Lord again spread his cape. Though this time he spread a shot of five-eight propencity of crimson crystals. They smelled awefully. Like rotting flesh having laied all day in the broad sunlight. I almost threw up. That was no option. I somehow dodged the offensive. Dracula was back. Again he spread his cape. Tripled fireballs shot for my heart. I whipped them all away. Then I used my Soul saint ability. The count got struck by the powerful beam. He merely staggered. "Thou slight skill arth nay a match for the power of the great Shadow!" The Dark Lord tounted. I made no remark. Anger would only cloud my judgement. Hate would be to give in to his power. I would never do that. Dracula appeared at another location. His hands became fists. Flames lit in front. I drew backward. A bolt of lightning struck where I had just been. The enemy vanished. This time I was ready. The prince of darkness arrived. He shot another wave of crystals. The Soul wind power slowed his ofencity. I dashed. He where taler then me. Taler then Adrian. I lept. I struck him in the face. The demon king made a grimace. Then he suddenly disappeared. He came like a coild of mist. I knew vampires could do such things. The Dark Lord shot Hellfire at me. The Soul Saint gave me the strength to repel his attack. "Thou arth dead." Dracula decleared. He disappeared like flakes of snow. I felt the chill of the neitherworld upon his exit. A swarm of bats gathered into the great undead. Flames lit his features. "All who oppose the prince of Darkness must die." Lightning struck the area. The chandliers got crashed. He didn't seem to mind. I lept while summoning the Soul flame. I had gathered all the crystals I could find before this meeting. I prayed to the Holy Virgin it would be enough. My flames seemed to anrage him beyond belief. "I shall make thy soul suffer in Hell." His voice seemed to boom from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I cracked the whip. The ancient weapon scarred his position. I lept backward. A grizzly werewolf suddenly lept for my neck. I stamped with my crucifix. The monstrous figure howled. The count resumed his original state. He was redressed within his Renessance sstyle cape and knee-long black coat. A scarf of laces was tied around his neck. I recognised the colours of his royal shash. He leached out with his claws. I knew he might shred me. I withdrew. I knew it was a wasteless effort. Though I did not want my face damaged. Sometime it felt nice having a man's attention. Lord Dracula had teleported. He made another bolt of lightning strike. I got hit. Though I used the Soul ice to heal myself of damage. Otherwise I may have perished. The lourles where still working. I praiced the Lord it was that way. Either it where the laurels or my soul force which saved me, I know not. The Saints saved my life. That was all I need to know. The prince of Darkness shot another trio of enflamed bats my way. I was able to dodge. The enemy disappeared. When he arrived, I was ready. The Soul Saint made a crippling beam strike forward. The blast actually went home. I approached. The whip hit him in the head. Lord Dracula concealed his face within the coils of his cape. Though I could still see his features. The beard and mustache was stained with grey. I cared not. The battle would continue. I was unsure what to do. Then the Dark Lord disappeared. A coil of mist became his werewolf form. I held my cross high. Dracula retained his human form. The moonlight shone upon him. I noticed dreads of gold decorating his knee-long trousers. I never was interested in weaving materials. Though I recognised the arts of a true artist. The count snarled. He spread his cape. Tripled fireballs where released upon my path. The three-prolonged Hellfire would surely burn me. I fused the whip with frost. The mystic force repeled the evil spell. Dracula was gone. He came like dust in the moonlight. Five-eight shots of crimson crystals where spread thoughout the throne room. I repeled those nearest as I summoned the Soul bat. The release of energy seemed not to damage the count. Although he where forced backward. I lept. "For the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord!" I shouted. The whip caught flame. The count groaned with pain. Though he grasped me. He had the strength of 20 men in his bare arms. His fangs where extended. "So it ends." He decleared. "Be the will of the Lord." I said before stamping my crucifix. The demon roared with anger and dismay. He threw me half across the room. Somehow I still managed to whip him in the face. The Dark Lord reappeared elsewhere. I had used the Soul ice to heal my damages. The trust had broken ceveral bones in my body. Though through the grace of God, I was ready for battle. The Dark Lord made a bolt of lightning strike his area. I was able to dodge his offensive. He vanished. He came like a swarm of bats. A lone sphere shot from his palm. The bleak yellow orb somehow made me afraid. I dodged the offensive. The sphere made the wall explode. I made the sign of the cross. Dracula had arrived. He didn't speak anymore. The blazing anger and chilling hate in his features told me of a certain doom. I would not submit. "In the name of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Ghost!" I said while making the sign of the cross. The prince of Darkness spread his cape. Tripled bat-inhabited balls of Hellfire shot my way. The thunder whip removed their propencity. I sent him the Soul Saint. The powerful beam made him stand up. The Soul wind slowed his aggression. The flame whip scarred his appeal. Though when he reappeared, there was no sight of my impact. Crimson crystals shot through the area. I was hit. The crystals where freezing. I felt like being burned and chilled at the same time. I at last realized there where captured bats within those projectiles. The Soul ice healed me of his power. I was able to stand up. The Dark Lord came like a fierce wolf. I have seen Adrian morph like that on some occations. This was not the same. The great undead went for my neck. I would not allow this to happen. I summoned my light ability. The holy whip made him tumble backward. He became mist. "Exelent, my dear Belmont. Exelent indeed." He did actually applaud my efforts. "I see why Mathias was so afraid of thy ancestry." He toutched bogh stones. "I am nay deterred." He suddenly spread his cape. "I am finished with playing games." Five blue fireballs where released from its insides. The Soul flame blocked his attack. I dashed forward. "Thou shallst regret ever having defied me." He had vanished. I looked about. He appeared beside the throne. I toutched the cross. Although the bright moonlight illuminated his stature, he cast no shadow. Eight crimson crystals came for me. I ran. I was quick enough to dodge all his projectiles. The Dark Lord faded like he never had been here. Then suddenly the grizzly werewolf did appear. It threw heavy flames my way. It was like he had copied my Soul flame ability. The frost whip got through his objective. I let him have the brunt of the Soul bat. The pure energy made even the brunt of his size and strength deteared. The wind whip caused ceveral minour hits. Though he teleported before I could do more damage. He suddenly picked me up. This time he came to quick for me to react. Bats fluttered about his position. "I am the lord of the night." Dracula decleared. I stabbed him with my knife. Leon's ancient weapon pierced his flesh. He seemed to let go of me with pure mystification. I had found the answer. The mystic weapons could harm this fiend. I was able to retrive the item before Dracula could unleash another attack. The five balls of Hellfire made me run for shelter. There where none to find. The thunder whip destroyed their onslaught. The Dark Lord came like dust in the moonlight. Trippled yellow orbs shot through the chamber. Although I avoided the explosion, I paled by the potence of his power. Not even Adrian might have fought him hand to hand. How could I ever hope for victory? I reached for the crucifix. Adrian and uncle Julius bogh had faight in me. I would continue fighting to the bitter end. My soul seemed to rejoice with the memory of my family. They defeated evil forces. I would do the same. The Dark Lord made bolts of lightning strike. I was able to get behind. The Soul wind hindred his offensive. The crest of the dragon in gold and crimson marked the heart of the tunic. There was no sword at his belt. I went past his offensive. Five fireballs shot from within his cape. "Give me strength!" I prayed as the flame whip hit the head. The evil count slamed me across the chest. Though the light armour protected against the claws, the sheer strength of his blow threw me across the area. Eight red crystals where released. I released the Soul flame in answer. The two forces collided. Dracula was back. He came like a swarm of bats. I lept through the throne room. The Dark Lord met me with a flurry of flame which he rised in front. The ice whip protected my approach. The Vampire Killer whip was crafted due to a century old blood pact between my family and the soul within. I struck him with the thunder whip type of the Vampire Killer, which I possessed. Another blast of Hellfire sent me backward. The laurels healed my bruishes. Though the memory of burning was unbearable. I gathered myself. I toutched the cross. Lightning bolts made pieces of the floor to shatter. Pieces of stone where spread outward. I managed to conceal myself. Five balls of Hellfire where released upon my path. The Soul bat was able to block off the offensive. The prince of Darkness approached like another manifestation of the grim reaper. He stopped to unleash another flurry of crystals. He seemingly could appear in any direction possible. Sometime he had appeared flouting in the air. Through God's mercy I was still alive. The Dark Lord reappeared. His yellow spheres shot from between his fingertips. I released the boomerang. To thus handle his attack. The throwing-cross actually shattered his objective. I went forward. My blonde ponytail flailing behind me. The whip blazed all with silvery light. The vampire had appeared flouting in the air. Somehow I got high enough to strike the head. Although deterred, the prince of Darkness was able to release another five round of Hellfire. I landed upon the floor. The blue fireballs shot above my head. I whipped the lowermost away. Lightning struck. I almost got killed in the process. The Soul ice healed my wounds. The wicked count had arrived. Yellow orbs shot at me. I had retrived the cross. I had no time for another show. The axe flew through the air. The weapon slashed into the count. He gathered. Though it was to no awail. I whipped him in the head with my frost whip. He came in the form of his werewolf. Heavy flames forced me backward. He really was as powerful as Adrian had fortold. His cold hatefulness and efectivity made me shudder. I went away from him. The vampire came in the form of mist. I was ready. I at least hoped so. The stopwatch, which I found earlier, made him stop. I ran forward. Then he broke free. Five balls of solid Hellfire where released from within his cape. The whip was still a frozen source of power. I whipped the fireballs away. I jumped that other one. The Dark Lord made lightning strike. I gave him the full brunt of the Soul bat. The mystic force drove him backward. The flame whip was alive. I whipped him in the face. The Dark Lord then sent me flying. I collided against the wall. I was able to get back up. The laurels healed me. Count Dracula appeared before me. His eyes blazing red with the fires of Hell. "I willst make thy soul suffer in Hell." HE picked me up. I wasn't ready. I was still dazed after having been thrown. His fangs where exposed. I still got my whip. As he where about to plunge his fangs into my neck, I let him have it. "This is for uncle Reinhardt!" I shouted. The whip in the face let him release me from his grasp. I stamped him upon the heart with the crucifix. His body where consumed by flame. This was the end. I had defeated the Dark Lord. Then something unexpected happened. I got into a defensive posture.

I despiced her. Her and all of her accursed species. They murdered my wife. They turned my own son against me. I hated them. They reproached me! Why!? When their corruption was the code-key to my power. I released those souls which I had absorbed through the power of Dominance. Then something malicious happened. I was overcome by a strange urge. It was the same which when I perished in my mortality. It was undescribabley malicious as it where gloriously corrupted. Their force where channelled through me. The very experiments which I have crafted had worked. The transfusion of Chaos went through my body. I felt the power of Darkness. Mathias Krohnquist was a fool. He never realized the source beyond the stones of alchemy. Hate was my weapon. Anger was my power. Agony was my resource. I would release my wrath upon the countryside in a way nobody had ever seen before. The surge was immenent and only for me. The transformation was complete. I felt it in my very soul. The true power which dwelled within my spirit had awaken. "Soe." I told the vampire hunter. "It ends." She would perish. I would be rid of their oblivious bloodline once and for all.

Darkness fell on the area. The moonlight could not penetrate the shadow. Though it was transparent, it felt like a power in itself. "So." The prince of Darkness decleared. "It ends." His voice boomed with emotions I could not describe. It was like anger, hate and agony had fused together into one maliciously crazed emotion. I resumed my posture. I did not know what was underway. One thing I knew for sure. HE was truly the lord of the vampires. The transparent substance did gather. I heard the mouning of countless tortured souls. A giant demon of gathered and enslaved souls appeared before my eyes. "Sonia Belmont!" The voices spoke in seeming unison. Though they all spoke with his voice. "Thy end has come upon thee!" The head of the monstrous demon leached for me. It actually vanished from its shoulders. I whipped the enemy. The Vampire Killer had no effect. Though it released some outbursts of pure dark energy. The fiend only seemed to absorb it altogether. The head did appear. It spewed countless black crystals. I was afraid. He was so powerful. His head reappeared. He still where released of his shoulders. This time he spat a storm of Hellfireballs. I deflected with the use of the Soul flame. He laughed by my effort. "Thy shalst die thee final and ultimate defeat!" The voices, his voices, boomed in my head. The demon remained in place. But that I couldn't damage. His head came back into visibility. Through his spiteful laugh, the ultimate evil shot countless black crystals. I repelled with the flame whip in hand. Somehow I had found the strenght to continue the battle. I also had a hope for victory. The head was the weak spot. So it had been before. Perhaps the Lord would make it the same about now. I dodged his offensive. The head reemerged. I made the sign of the cross. Before he could release another disgustive offensive, I was leaping. The whip of shining silver hit him between the blazing red eyes. The demon roared in pain and anger. I felt like burning claws would tear me apart. Though it was only the sheer might of his will. "Begone with you Satan!" I cried. "You are no longer my league, king of demons!" Dracula laughed. His claws reached for me. I made a glide beneath. His disgustive head emerged. He shot storms of Hellfire. The Soul flame protected me from evil. I threw holy water. The prince of Darkness howled with his inhuman voices. The nails struck me. I was thurled throughout the chamber. The laurels healed my body. Black crystals came my way. The wind whip struck them to pieces. But even shards might curse me with his power. I sidestepped as the demon king clawed for me. I would not give him my blood. "In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord!" I shouted. His Hellfire could've burned me to ashes. I whipped him in the face. The demon roared. His anger was like that of Hell's fire. I held my crucifix high. The count's claws couldn't reach me. "Thou shalst die!" His voices boomed. The black crystals rained from his mouth like drops of blood. The Soul wind slowed their progress. Though I could dodge in time. I threw the dagger to might crush his attack. The knife went through all the crystals, crashing them as it went along. I made the sign of the cross. The Dark Lord's head reappeared. I retrived my dagger. The count shot balls of Hellfire. I made a glide beneath. I thanked the Virgin he could not grant them a homing propencity. The claws made an effort to crush me. The crucifix made him let go. The holy whip marked him between his eyes when the head resurfaced. Black crystals rained down. Nothing which I did could defeat him. "Glory be the Father, the Son and to the Holy Ghost!" I shouted while throwing the cross. The boomerang redirected the crystals. Dracula must've done something with them. They fell on the floor, where they vanished into his darkness. I ran for my item. The Dark Lord shot fireballs about. His claws reached for me. I threw holy water at him. Although I didn't score him, the holy water made him withdraw his black hands. I got my cross and holy water. The Soul saint deflected against the round of crystals. I jumped. The claws passed beneath me. I struck his face when utilizing the Soul bat. The blast even deflected from some of his foul crystals. I felt glad. I made the sign of the cross. Dracula's ghost howled with rage and dismay. Where from got I the strength to continue? The Lord and all good saints would guide me. The black crystals fell upon the floor of the throne room. The Soul flame shielded my location. The frost whip might also have something to say in the affair. The wicked head of the Devil reemerged. He shot with balls of Hellfire. I hit him with holy water. The axe was fused with lightning. The power fell before me. The bat-inhabited blue fireballs exploded. Never the less, I was thrown backward. The Soul ice healed my bruishes. The Dark Lord's ghost reached with its claws. The sight of the headless ghost reaching for me was almost unbearable. I threw the flaming cross. I held the crucifix high in front. Dracula's ghost smashed against the floor. The impact struck me down. The head shot Hellfire. I threw the dagger. The knife was strengthened with the power of frost. Just then, I lept. I struck the demon king with the Vampire Killer in hand. The prince of Darkness howled. He then released with a flurry of blood drops from within his transparent body. Black smoke drifted from where they landed. I made the sign of the cross. His power was so great. I shuddered in place. I gathered. I was Sonia of the Belmont clan. I would not be a weak woman. A pray for evil men and their vampire overlord. The great undead gathered. He shot other balls of Hellfire. I dodged while throwing holy water. The frost gave it power to freeze his evil. I used the Soul bat when striking his head. Then his claws struck me. I was hurled away while blood drops hit me. The combined laurels and Soul ice was able to heal my bruished body. Though my soul was harmed. His evil might was upon me. Only faight alone could purify me of his accursed blood. I did not taste it. Still, I felt weary. The voices of Darkness laughed with my misery. "Come." They teased with voices of honey. "Thou may be my bride forever." The Dark Lord bent over me. "Thee know nay what power thou hast achieved." He whispered. "Be mine bride." The voices beconed. "I shalst make thee the lady of shadow." I held tight to my crucifix. He came to my salvation. I remembered my uncle and Adrian. As I recollected the words of Heinrich and of the poltergeist king. "I will not submit!" I challenged. I hurled the knife, shining with light, for his face. "Glory be the Father, the Son and to the Holy Ghost!" The head vanished. I didn't strike him. Never the less, I got back on my feet. I gathered my items and my determination. "So est ist." The Dark Lord howled with his countless voices of the dark. I shed his words. I would not listen. He was evil. The prince of Darkness shot other crystals at me. The claws reached for me as another flurry of blood drops got released out upon the area. Even so, the cold almost bit my soul. I held my spirit high. He would not make his temptation upon me. The boomerang, fused with blood power, redirected the crystals. I threw axes to might shield myself of his lustful grasp. I went over his devastation. I threw more holy water. The knife flew through his evil Hellflames. When the head resurfaced, I used my Soul saint to defay his malice. The undead count howled in dismay. Even so, I was burned by his evil. The Hellfire sent me backward. One more the Soul ice was my refuge. His wicked blood stained the floor. Rocks fell from the ceiling. He might kill me with each toutch of his iron will. I avoided the onslaught of black crystals. They would explode. I deflected with the Soul wind. The slowing of his ire gave me time to withstand his might. Dracula raged with his failed attempt upon my life. More blood got spilled upon the ground. I made a glide underneath the fireballs. I jumped from the other side. The head had reappeared. I nailed him with the Vampire Killer. "Stronger we are with the name of the Lord!" I shouted. I made the sign of the cross. Though I was growing weary. The strength of Dracula's might seemed never to be deterred. My gems could not last forever. Though the soul powers where my own. They where not to be burned out. If that happened, Dracula would achieve his victory forever. The Dark Lord slashed his claws. I made a back-flip away from his evil toutch. I would not get stained again. The head appeared to spit countless black crystals. I released the Soul flame. That would protect me. I whipped some other of his projectiles. Thus they became redirected. The flurry of blood drops hit my body. They burned me. The laurels saved my life. His head reemerged. I was able to dodge all his Hellfireballs. I struck with the throwing-cross. It flew through his assault, as it was fused with thunder. "Jesus Christ!" I summoned the name of God. The cross hit him. It burned between his eyes. I retrived my items. Not even this was enough to bring down the Dark Lord from his throne. I would not surrender. I would rather give my life while fighting the dark. He made rocks to fall down. I almost got buried alive. I struck with the ancient whip. I struck. The Soul bat strengthened my assault. The crystals got thrown aside. The holy water protected me from his blood. I made a glide beneath his body. The prince of Darkness smashed his claws against the ground. I survived. His head reformed at my back. I spun to might save myself. The stopwatch stopped his objective. I struck him with my whip. His roar made the chamber shake. I was thrown back. Blood was spilled everywhere. I crawled out of the rubble. The Lord saved me. The demon king still lived. I felt fear and despair cloud my spirit. I only got enough crystals for one more assault. "Lord!" I shouted. "Father in Heaven!" I made the sign of the cross. "Into Your hands I submit my soul!" The Dark Lord towered above. He shot with Hellfire and black crystals. Blood still droped from his claws when reaching for me. Count Dracula knew I was faltering. Then I struck him. The Vampire Killer shone with holy light as I let my blow. As did all my other weapons. I rammed him with the dagger. I used the stopwatch to slow his might. I knew the laurels would protect me. The axe, cross and holy water burned his unatural flesh. I reached forth with my left hand. As my score was reached, the holy image of Christ was stamped upon him. The prince of Darkness howled like I had never heard before. The explosion threw me away. I landed upon the floor. I where in a ready position. The Holy Father had let me keep my items. I got my whip and crucifix in hand. I searched for lord Dracula while summoning my power. Although I was weak. Weak and weary to my death. Then I saw him. The powerful vampire lay prone on the floor. "In the name of Michael the archangel!" I cried, while trying to straighten up. Then I felt new power awaken within me. It was like my unborn child had sensed my peril. In that moment, I knew he was going to become a great vampire hunter. Flames flicked. The voivode was afire. The count's flesh was dissolving. Then Dracula, to my wonder, began laughing.

(A.N: Sorry for the late update. The Vampire Killer is what may damage the Dark Lord. About the form of Dracula; I was inspired by Legend, of course. But I also used traits from CV Adventure, CV DX Chronicles and CV OoS. Have a nice time.)

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