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Chapter 3: Endless motion.
Castle Dracula, clock tower. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I stood at the bottom of the clock tower, taking deep relaxing breaths. This was the only area of the castle I had not yet explored. I have fought my way through bought portions of the castle but even dough I had fought monsters and demons of all speeches and sizes there had bean none who had gave me the same feeling as the creature bat and the dead dragon. What made me feel bad was the fact that I have fough even living humans. Gypsies, having no other faith then the lore of black magic, loyal to the death to the boyar who offered them land and shelter. They had not bean any inch like the Gypsies living on our land from time to time. Deep relaxing breaths, concentrating my mind to God, praying for leadership. If only Adrian was here he would have known where to go. Then I remembered his harsh word to me when he left me. "You are no vampire hunter. You are a woman. Stay back, this is men's war and you do not belong in it." I knew he only said it in an effort to keep me from loving him, because he did not want me to get involved with his personal grudge with his father. So be it. I was a Belmont. Leon's promise to hunt the night was not mere words. My uncle had faith in me and had learned me the skills needed to keep that promise. I jumped right into the air and grasped the rope hanging down and started to climb. I did not see the lizard-man before it was nearly too late. He was climbing the rope hanging from another platform further away and was firing a ball of flames toward me. I used the stopwatch to freeze him in time and then summoned the soul wind to shatter him to pices. Then I reached the platform and could get a better wiev on the tower. Giant gears of metal and chains of steel with strange hooks going this or that way was all I could see. Metal bars and platforms was all the support I could see as corridors branched of into many different direction. The loud sounds of ticking was what made this place the worst I have come upon this far. The corridor which I was facing on this level was so dark I could not see far on what lay behond. Doing the sign of the cross I went inside. I had not went far until the faint glow of an eerie blue caught my attention. As it came closer I saw it was the aura around one of those strange skulls. But as soon I faced it, it became immovable, like all other of its kind. I cracked the Vampire Killer at it and it exploded into blue pieces. It was then I heard the sound of flapping wings coming toward me. Then the candles became lit and I could see the bats flying toward me. I summoned the soul flame and they all burned to ashes. But that was only the first row and I knew it. As I went further more and more bats flew at me. I knew they would drain my blood if I let them get close. I whipped at the candles, picking up the crystals falling out and used their power to not become tired as I continued to slash the Vampire Killer at some of them and burning other into ashes. Then the corridor came to a dead end, exept for a hole in the sealing from which the bats came. Praying for the good Saints to protect me I withdrew back into the shaft of the clock tower. Some of the batts followed me out but I was quick to akt on them and burned them to ashes. Then I looked over the abyss. The other rope didn't went down to the floor so going down wouldn't help me. Then I noticed the flat gears rotating just before me. I gathered my momentum and then jumped right onto the gear. Not stopping to get worried I jumped onto the next one and then right upward to grab hold of the rope. I sent tornadoes going all along the rope and the shaft as I went upward. Even dough the wind became weaker the larger distance I sent it to blow, I was sure that it would at least weaken the enemies lurking about me. As I reached the next platforms bats came flying from the corridor going from this pillar. I knew I had to go into even this corridor. There where the backsides of the castle where I had not bean able to reach, and the highest point too, so one of these corridors would have to lead me there. As I began walking, more of those eerie skulls came to life and one of them actually bite me before I could destroy it. But the smell of blood did of course summon those giant maggots to crawl at me. They where allways the same. I did not knew where they came from, but they allways appeared when blood was spilled. I summoned the element of ice to gather around the Vampire Killer as I made them freeze to nothingness and then made the ice grant my daggers greater power as I tossed them at the remaining skulls. I thanked God as there was one of those strange crystals who healed wounds inside one of the candles I then whipped down and where greatfull yet as I discovered a spiral staircase leading upward at the end of the corridor. In the new corridor I came too, the cracking sound of bones was the only warning I got as pillar of bones fell from the ceiling. Determined to take them down I slashed the Vampire Killer at them as I used the stopwatch to freeze their fireballs in time.

Castle Dracula, clock tower. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I knew I had to do this, but somehow I felt, I do not know, disappointed as I discovered that this path let only back to the main tower shaft. I looked down and saw that there where no other corridors I had not explored further down and that the only way to go was to continue upward. Then I felt the chilling dreadful presence of the dead and hooded and cloaked shapes manifested out from nowhere and came flouting toward me like giant birds of destruction. I prayed and found the element of light to summon around the Vampire Killer and I brought out my crucifix as I cracked the celestial weapon at them. The ghosts screamed as they burned away. Doing the sign of the cross I could only hope their sins where forgiven. Then I noticed I would have to jump more gears to climb the next rope. But this gears where going vertical and would crush me if I where to become caught between them. I was afraid. It was a feeling I had often felt this nights I have bean inside this demon castle. "May all good Saints be with me." I prayed before I jumped on top of the first gear. Then I jumped onto the next one just as they where about to crush me. But they where still turning and it would deliver me right into the abyss if I did not jump right. I fixed my eyes on the dangling rope, trying not to look down, and then just jumped. Somehow I managed to grab hold of it. Still in danger on falling right down I only kept the hold for several times before I could gather enough courage to start climbing again. Feeling gusts of wind coming from the next corridor I thanked God and the Saints in the hope that I perhaps did not have to climb more ropes or gears. But as I went further down the corridor, a strange foul stench came drifting toward me too. The smell of rotting flesh, a smell I had hoped I would not smell again soon. Not whipping out the candles, to have as much light as possible, I recoiled the whip and prepared my daggers. But all too son, walking deaths came lumbering down the corridor. I tossed a dagger at him, it, granting the dagger more power as I made fire burn around it. The corpse shattered into burning pices but again more corpses came clinking toward me. Then I came out on a balcony overlooking the lower portions of the castle. The moon was on its youngest now and granted little light. But the reflection in the snow made me see everything as clear as day. But I couldn't help but grimacing as I noticed the stairs leading up to an even higher balcony above me. Then again, I would rather traverse these snow-covered slippery steps than going further up inside the clock tower. As I started to walk upward however, ghosts and bats still came to attack me. But with the help of the stopwatch and the throwing-daggers I was able to take them down. Then I reached the other balcony and then I had to duck as a rain of fireballs became shot at me. "Time to die, little Belmont." I used the stopwatch to freeze the next series of fireballs in time, which gave me the opportunity to see who my enemy was. "My name is Tyrannos, lord Tyrannos," The flying dragon-like man said. "which is the last name you will ever hear." It flapped its wings and I had to force myself forward to not become pushed directly off of the tower. He was clad in red and black armour and did look like he was a member of a boyar house of his race. He took to his wings as I was about to whip him and I instead whipped the candle behind him. A strange belt with tiny vials, seemingly filled with clear crystalline water, fell out. Just as I touched it, it became tied around my waist. Still having the bucle of my old one and with the Vampire Killer, stopwatch and dagger hanging on it. I knew what it was. It was one of the lost weapons of my family. Then a new series of fireballs came flying at me and I just had time to freeze them in time before I could summon the soul wind to take down the next wave. I sent the soul flame going at him but he was just to quick for me to catch him. Then he landed and again I had to dropp to the ground as it fired a spread-shot of fireballs. "You are a good dancer." He gleefully jested. "With your good look you could have become the concubine of any boyar of this region." I dashed at him and kicked him to the ground. "I am no simple farm-hand or worker's daughter. I myself is a boyar of Warakiya." I said as I cracked the Vampire Killer, granted greater power through fire, against him. He got to his feet, even dough his armour had cracked and blood was running from where I had struck him, he was not intimidated. He fired a wave of fireballs at me and I again had to run and duck as the flames went this or that way. I brought out vials of holy water and doused him all over where I could reach from some distance. The reaction was incredible. His armour melted and I noticed how parts of his body burned away. "Curse you Belmont!" He screamed at me. "Curse you for all time!" The look of him burning, the sweet smell of burning flesh and boiling blood just became too much. I turned around and ran down the corridor leading in from the balcony. His screams seemed as they followed me. "Curse you for all time!" I stopped and sunk to my knees. "God forgive me." I said as tears ran down my face. "I did not want to cause anyone pain like this. Not like this at all." I do not know for how long I just knelt there, weeping like I had not done since I first entered this demon castle Dracula.

Castle Dracula, clock tower. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
Somehow I was not surprised when I discovered the corridor lead back to the shaft of the clock tower. I did the sign of the cross and then started climbing the rope hanging from the platform above me. Some of those strange green fireballs did manifest themselves as I climbed, but I dispatched them by throwing vials of holy water or soul wind on them. It was then I noticed there did not hung any ropes down from the next platform. Instead the platform I stood on rouse upward and I jumped onto the next platform on the other side just as the other one was about to inpale me on spikes on the underside of yet another platform. I looked upward and noticed that more spikes was lining the undersites of the platform even further upward. I jumped just in time to not get hurt as I landed on the first spike-lined platform. I dashed inside the corridor just as even this platform started rising. Breathing heavily on the floor of the corridor I for the first time wondered how these things I had never heard about anywhere else could exist inside here. It was like a feeling that this tower could not be. Not now, but that it was a thing that might be in another time. It was first then I understood it. Dracula was not just a vampire and warlock who had grown into a position of power. He was the Dark Lord, perhaps the Devil had somehow fused some of his darkness with this forsaken spirit when the pact was made. Then I went over to where a new spiral staircase led upward. Again the flapping of wings was the only warning I got as bats came flying at me. I slashed the whip and a concreat fireball became shot at them. I fured my brow, not that it was any wrinkles that appeared on my brow, I had not summoned the element of fire so why did that flame come? Then I remembered I had found one of those mystic morning-star symbols and that it had made my whip grow even more powerful and that it had become easier to summon the elements into it. But then there come flying more of those green fireballs and the skull heads and I was to bussy taking them down to think further on the problem.

Castle Dracula, clock tower. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I went down the corridor from where the stairs had led me. Pillar of bones fell from the ceiling and I had to roll to the side as the flames became spawn at me. I sprinkled it with holy water and then finished it off with the aid of the Vampire Killer. As I come out in the main shaft again I could now see that I was near to the ceiling and another spiral staircase led up to the top of the tower. I looked down and almost shuddered. How was it possible that I have managed to come this far?" I knelt down and thanked God and the Saints for their leadership before I jumped upward and started climbing the last rope. I summoned the soul wind to take down the lizard-men who was climbing on the other ropes but they where also close on making me fall as they spat fireballs at me. Not to mention that the bats and green fireballs still tried to stop me. As I got onto the next platform I cast a look around. There where a few cogs to jump to get across to the last platform, and then there was a corridor leading out from this platform too. Considering the option on where to go I finnaly went down the corridor. A swarm of bat came flying at me just as pillar of bones fell from the ceiling. I spew fireballs at the bats but this time they got through and bit me on my legs and arms. I again tried to whip those fireballs but now they where gone. Not stopping to ponder the matter I swung the Vampire Killer at the bats and then threw daggers and vials of holy water to take out the rest. Then I was nearly hit by the fireballs fired by the pillar of bones. I cracked it whit the whip and then froze it in time with the stopwatch and finished it off by summoning fire to burn around the Vampire Killer. Again standing alone in the corridor I was breathing heavily. Getting a hold on myself I started taking out the candles standing in the corridor. I again thanked God and His Saints as I found some of the rousted chicken to regain some of my energy. And as I gathered new crystals I also felt new energy well up inside me. The weariness the use of magic caused to all spirits who used it slowly vanished and as I did the sign of the cross I again knelt to thank God. With some glee righted at myself I thought that He perhaps thought I was a little over the top, but He did knew all I would say or do, He had created me, so I got to me knees and continued walking. But at the end of the corridor I was just greeted by a locked door and even dough I hammered all my magic at it, it did not move. Then I had no choice then returning to the main shaft of the clock tower. As I started walking I half-way wondered how it was that I had grown used to the anoing thicking of the clock. Then I entered the tower and I again had to consider other problems. There whould be two more horizontal gears to jump before I could continue upward. Taking a deep breath and doing the sign of the cross, I gathered my momentum and jumped on top of the first gear.

Castle Dracula, clock tower. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I closed the door behind me. The last staircase had lead me to a final platform where a door lead out to the very top of the tower. The cold out here was something I had not considered when I dressed for going here, but that held little importance. I went out on the platforms leading around the giant head of the tower and soon came in front of its giant face. How I knew all of this I did not knew, there where no clok in the town of Ondol. They said that the mayor of Veros did had one but that was a mere rumour. Clocks where so expensive that very few actually possessed one. Then I feld an even greater chill. From the other side of the clock, a tall broakd-shouldered skeletal being, shrouded in so dark-grey cloth that they looked black, came silently walking toward me. All I could see of him was a simple skeletal yet aristocratic shaped hand reaching out from his wide sleeve. Then the other hand came into view and together they drew the hood somewhat back so I could see the grinning skull of a mere skeleton. Then he rouse his arms into the air and a giant circling item came into view. I gasped as I recognised it as a scyte. And as he placed the wooden handle into the ground I finally knew who he was. "Uriel." I whispered. "The angel of Death." He smiled, it was near impossible seeing it, but I knew it. "Finaly the time has come." I heard his voice as a whisper in my soul. But it was not threatening, neither was it hateful. I knew why. He was a mere undertaker of what was happening. But if he sided with Dracula out from some personal faith or just because the Devil decreed it I did not know. "It is time for me to wander back to God?" I asked. "That I cannot tell you." He said. "When I come to people like you, it is the will og God, but here I serve the Dark Lord Dracula of the demon castle. His will is mine to serve. In time to come, your family will dub me a servant of darkness. Even dough we bought knew I do what the Devil and God demand of me. The Dark Lord however need me and he knows that. He and I will grew close. In time he will know I am his right-hand man, his most trusted ally and his guardian of choise. I am the only one with the knowledge he and the dark servants need. And I have the power you need to venture deeper into the castle. I will grant it to you if you manage to banish my earthly shape back to the planes of chaos." I nodded as I saw him turn into an offensive stance. "Be the will of God, amen." I said as I did the sign of the cross. "Indeed." Death said. And then he jumped right at me with his scyte pointed downward as three circling sickles appeared and darted toward me. I dashed under him and tossed vials of holy water on the sickles and cracked the whip at him as I summoned light ti grant it even more power. I nearly gasped as the whip seamed to fasten into his cloak and did not reach him. I tossed daggers at him and he struck it aside with his scythe and again tossed three homing sickles. I used the stopwatch on them and then destroyed them with my whip. But one of them did strike my armoured shoulder. I again tried to strike him with the whip and again the Vampire Killer fastened in his cloak. I summoned the soul wind and the soul flame and this time it looked like he became damaged. A look of pain appeared on his skull and he threw a near spread-shot of sickles. The sharp blades cut into my flesh and blood started running from different wounds. I summoned the soul flame and made it grew even more powerful by summoning the element of fire. And he vanished and then reappeared somewhere else. Then I knew what to do. If it was an order of God I do not know but I summoned the power of spirit, an element I knew very little about but did however pray for its guidance. Spread explosions of ringed golden energy spread out from my body and hammered into him. He dashed at me and managed to wound my leg by swinging his scythe and I was also wounded by some of his sickles. I again summoned the power of spirit and again the rings shot from me and he staggered backward. I continued to hammer my attacks into him and he did also continue to strike at me. The angel of Death swung his scythe and I had to duck to not become sliced in two. I managed to whip at his legs with the Vampire Killer. He staggered somewhat and I summoned the spirit and again the rings and explosions of spiritual energy was shot all around me. I could hear Death cry in my mind as he jumped at me. I sneaked underneath him and he again jumped at me. We did so for some time and then he again summoned the sickles and tossed them at me. My body must have bean covered in wounds but I refused to give in to even the embodiment of Death. "Soul bat!" I shouted like a fool, the result made me stagger in disbelief. If I had thought the spirit attack I had managed to summon before was powerful, it was nothing compered to this. The cloak of my enemy caught fire but at the same time I had a feeling Death was laughing at me. "Good young Belmont. It was as I foresaw. The next time we meet it will be on behalf of the One." I nodded. "Death comes to us all. My clan will seak to defeat your embodiment when you serve the Dark Lord and the Dark One." I did the sign of the cross in protection of evil powers. "Fear well then Belmont I have work to do." Then Death merely vanished and I turned to return to the clock tower. I knew where to go now. And with the biggest threat banished, I could only hope things would go better from now on.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I slowly closed my eyes then quickly opened them. "Master Adrian," My ferie-familiar appeared before me. "your mistress have entered the castle." I grimly nodded. Is what not pleasing me. She would be no match against the monsters my father had summoned to his service. "Where is she?" I asked as I rouse from my seat. If was still a hope she was not in danger. The faire fluttered around my head in some strange form of excitement. "She is about to enter the keep, my master." It was impossible, but the familiar could not lie for its master. "Go and see what you may learn." I instructed her. She smiled and then shot out the door. I returned to my seat. How was this possible? She was a womean, no, a child. I should never have involved her with this mad quest. As soon my father returned from wherever he was I would face him and remove him from this twisted dark position of power.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
"You let her defeat you quithe easy." I said as Death appeared before me. "The time for your rule is not yet complete." The dark angel said. "Soon the countryside shall feel true fear." Death folded his cloak around him and as I watched, he shrunk into the shape of a mere human. Pale-faced, dark eyed and still dressed in dark grey cloth, still skeletal and somewhat muscular, but to no recognizable with the angel of Death. "I shall return to you when the time come." The man said with the strong wise voiced of an old man. Then he bowed deeply before me and then vanished. I could feel his presence somewhere in my mind. I knew I could summon him at will, but I knew well his mysterious ways and he would keep his promises. The Ninjotaur at my side knelt to one knee. "What is my biddings, my lord?" "Stand tall." I instructed. "With Death gone I make you commander of my armies. You shall report to Death as second-in-command when he return. For now, dismissed." He saluted me before obaying my order. I teleported away. I had other work to do. My time-traveling servant where soon to return and I really looked forward to see what he had acompished.

(A.N: A long and action-packed chapter, I know, but this is how the clock tower always have been to me. And I hope you liked the hints I put inside it. Until next time, see you.)

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