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Chapter 4: Encounters.
Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I went through the rubble that was the only remains of that closed door in the clock tower and nearly fell off of the platform I stood on. I looked down, spikes where lining the floor, leaving the few platforms placed here and there in this giant hall to walk on. The feeling of silk on my shoulder was the only warning I got. I looked upward and nearly screamed. The giant spider was spinning silk to tie me up and most likely use me for food. I jumped backward and then doused it in holy water. The spider exploded into silvery-coloured fire but there came more. All spinning silk-like treads at me. Praying for God and all the good Saints to aid me I summoned the soul-bat and made them all burn with golden flames. I sunk to my knees, feeling almost totally worn-dwon. Then I grasped the crucifix, renewing my faith by feeling the image of He who died for our sins and forever would guide and help them who believed in His name. I got to my feet and looked outward. The gap was just too huge. Then something else caught my eyes, the silk the spiders had left behind. Those spiders had bean huge, nearly as big as a human child. Perhaps their spindles would be my way out of this hall. I tried to climb them. They where a little sticky but beside of that where just perfect. The web ended near one of the platform and I let myself drop onto the platform. And dropped to the ground as one of the sword lords tried to pine me on its sword. The possessed suit of armour walked toward me and even dough it did not speak a word, I knew what it felt. Triumph, because it was he who where to kill me. But I was determined of going to God with such glory that these beasts would never forget it. I cracked the Vampire Killer into its breast-plate and summoned all the power of light I could muster and threw it all into him just as I cracked the holy weapon into him. The sword lord slipped and then fell backward and right down onto the spikes. I could not help throwing up as I saw it rise and trying to walk toward me and only pinning itself helplessly on the spikes. Dusting off my mouth I got to my knees and noticed a new bundle of spiders where approaching me. I cracked the Vampire Killer at them, froze them in time and then doused them in holy water. Then I climbed their webs until I landed on yet another platform. Something sluggish was dripping from the ceiling here and I felt more than a little grossed as slimy blobs of mud fell before me. Then I felt how my skin began to crawl as the blobs started going together to form one giant snake formation. With a desire to kill it, I cracked the Vampire Killer at it, again and again, until the burning pices of it was all who remained. But then it started to go together again. I grew cold with fear as the mud-worm again rouse to try kill me with its massive form. I tossed daggers at it, only to see them go right through it. Then I tossed holy water on it and it just out exploded and burned away before my eyes. Looking down I saw how many crystals this bravado had cost me and, after having destroyed a new bundle of spiders. I started taking out the candles of the hall. Then I climbed the newly cleared spindles and stood before another door. This one opened when I moved it and I came out inside a staircase. But this did not look the least like the shaft of the clock tower. Mainly, the stairs lead downward and not only upward. The steps was covered under a silk carpet of crimson and gold. Crests with the crimson dragons, with spears, lances and swords hanging behind, stood here and there. As did masterly peinted portraits and colourful draperies. Modern oil-lamps of gold burned with clear bluish flames, without glass of dome of any kind. I looked down the stairs and saw how large well-lit corridor, as did it further up. I knelt to pray for leadership, then the sound of flapping wings hindered me. I did the sign of the cross however and sprinkled the ground with three drips of holy water. Then I turned on the bats and tossed a spread-shot of daggers, giving them greater power by summoning the element of fire. The bats burst into fire and I felt something summon me to go further up. I stepped onto the stairs and started climbing.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
The fairy familiar darted through the door, shining an exited blue. "She is here young master." She exclaimed as she circled my head like an eerie night-fly. "She is in the tower just now." I felt its eagerness to go and rejoin her friend. Sonia had allways bean kind toward my familiars. "Go if that is your wish." I calmly told the tiny being. "She will have to come up here, to me, before we shall again greet each other." I saw the disappointed look on her shining little face and her glow subcided to a faint green. "Then I will stay with you master." I nodded. I could not tell her how I too longed to have her in my arms, but that was another life now. If only my father would return she could come and end this cursed bloodline by stricking me down. I could not, and would not, inform the faithful little being she soon would have to look around for another master. But I prayed she would find a good one.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
This was truly no ordinary castle any more. The lit corridor at the top of the tower shoved to be yet another pillared hall of spider-webs and sword lords guarding their individual floors. By tossing vials of holy water on the spiders I did quick work of them, but at the second part of the hall their hung no webs and I would have to jump across each abyss on my own. A final whip slash sent the sword lord tumbling off the platform and down into the spike-pit and I prepared to jump. Just as I reached the platform I had to crack my whip as another swarm of bats came toward me. They managed to escape and I screamed as they bit into my legs and arms. I tossed holy water all around me and fell to my knees as the burning bats burned my flesh. I cracked at the nearest candles but felt near desperation as only a crystal fell out. I had to find a healing artefact and that quick. I jumped another platform and I cracked the Vampire Killer at the candles and felt tears run down my cheeks as new crystals and some chicken fell out. I could not help it, I fell to my knees and weeped as I thanked God and the good Saints as I ate the rosted chicken. It did not cure my burns but I felt replenished and with newfound determination I got to my feet and again jumped across the spiked beds and this time landed on a platform with another sword lord patrolling it. It swung its blade at me and had I not dropped myself then and there I would most likely became a head shorter. I cracked the Vampire Killer at the giant armour and felt it stagger. It struck it blade into the ground just before I rolled out of reach. I got to my feet and used the stopwatch to freeze him in time just as I summoned the element of wind as I again struck at him with the whip. It fell backward but was able to grab onto the platform with its free hand. Just as I moved to jump across the next abyss when the spiders living in the webs ahead of me attacked. I tossed holy water at them and then had to duck as the sword lord came back onto the platform. Its blade struck right beside me and I again used the stopwatch to freeze it in time. But just as I was about to trig it, the surviving spiders trapped my hand. I brought out my crucifix and stamped it on its helmet and then onto the spindle I was caught in. The sword lord exploded into burning pieces as the spiders who had woven the spindle rushed to get away from the burning cobweb. I cracked the Vampire Killer at them and they burst into fire and then started climbing the webs. Then I finaly dropped down at the end of the hall and exited the place. Then I looked around myself in the new tower. This part of the castle was clearly the most beautiful part of the castle. Now was time to rethink what to do. If I knew anything this was the highest point of the castle and if I went up I would end up nowhere, so where was I to go? Taking a deep breath I went for the stairs leading downward.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I summoned the soul-wind and tossed my daggers at the sword lord who blocked my path. It staggered somewhat and I summoned the soul-flame as I srpnkled holy water upon the Vampire Killer and cracked my whip at it. I used the stopwatch to hinder it from withdrawing and then finished it off with the soul-flame. It shattered into pieces and I had to support myself at the wall as I breathed heavily. There was no spiked floors in this corridor, but the bats and sword lords where still blocking my path. And now they had begun to hide behind the numerous marble statues in the hall. I shook my head. The statues looked like they just stood here and there without any patern. No sculptor with respect for himself would work in this way. My whip hit one of the statues. "Bless thy my child." A grateful voice said. I did a back-flip but the voice did not speak again. I did the sign of the cross and then grasped for my crucifix and generated all the light I could muster into the holy insigna. I felt how the statues turned to dust all around me. I could hear gasps and moans of joy and happiness. Blessings or gratitueds sounded as they crumbled and I felt how the crucifix turned slightly warmer. "Thank you God." I smiled as I again did the sign of the cross. It was then I heard the strange slippery sound. It was like the sounds of a giant snake gliding along the floor. "God bless me." I whispered as I prepeared myself for battle. The crucifix stung on me, right through the leather-mail and weapon-shirt, and I looked down at it. "Curse you!" I looked up and saw her, the beast my forefathers had written and told so much about. "Medusa." I tried to remain calm aldough I wanted to run. She could turn me to stone, like all the other poor souls, with one glance from her eyes. "Die you whore of the One!" She cried as she drew a blade from her back and then jumped at me. I had not time to gasp as I saw her agility as I instead swung the Vampire Killer at her. She groaned as I hit her right between her breasts and she made me fall to the floor as she whipped her tail at me. I managed to roll and such avoided becoming hit by the strange light coming from her eyes. I tossed the daggers and made it split into three. They dug into her snake-body but it was I who gasped as sticky green blood spilled from the wounds. I again did the back-flip as she looked at me from behind the wail concealing her face. This was just so different then what Leon Belmont had told about in his chronicle and I was afraid I would soon be turned to stone if I did not do anything drastic. Meanwhile she again swung her blade at me and I dropped to the floor and sprinkled holy water on her. The hissing scream made my blood turn cold but I continued to attack me. And as the blade glid across my back I felt how blood run down my backsides. I prayed to God that her weapon was not poisoned, but outside of the short prayer I did not have time for anything else. I summoned the element of fire and in combination with the holy water I managed to make it rain with the holy liquid. Medusa screamed as she began to burn. Somehow she did however manage to jump backward and then I had to run as she stared at me with her accursed eyes. I summoned the soul wind as I toss the daggers and then used the stopwatch to freeze her moves as I sprinkled holy water all about. Medusa glided along the floor like if she had bean the representation of Lucifer as he tempted Eve to taste the forbidden fruit and again swung her blade at me. I brought up my arm and tried to hinder myself in screaming as the blade made blood spill onto it. "Prepare to die little Sonia." I could feel the smile from behind her wail. "If that is the will of God." I said as I stamped the crucifix upon her blade. I gasped as it exploded. Some metal pieces hit my other arm and made more blood become drawn. I cracked the Vampire Killer whip at her again and again as I made holy water rain all about. Medusa burst into flames and as I stepped back to not burn away together with her, I was almost sure I saw her wail-less head fly away. Then I knelt, thanking God for the aid he had given me. The sound of flapping wings made me turn back to my present situation and I whipped at the bats just as I began to knock down the candles in hope of finding something to might cure my wounds.

Castle Dracula, inner den. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I nodded as the ghost vanished back to where it came from. "I am most sorry my lord." The Minotaur said as it slightly bowed its head. I made a dismissing move with my gloved hand. "She was a loyal servant. But do not grevive for her. I have spells to resurrect her." The Minotaur again bowed its head. "Then I must say you have grown powerful my Dark Lord." I slightly smiled. "That is no great gift. Since her soul is eternally trapped within this realm I have complete control of her spirit." I could feel her as I spoke. The trick with her head would perhaps turn out to be a boon for my cause. If I could behead one of my gorgons I could use the spell of plenty to might resurrect its power and then make it into many. The power of the Legion was a power the Master had afforded to me. And for that I was thankful. "Leave me." I told it. "As you command my lord." It bowed and then withdrew a few steps before it turned and left me. I could feel its spirit too. I could feel all their spirits. I could not help it as my smile grew broader. This was a glorious discovery. I have bean alert to them all since I turned to the true power, but now I truly understand which power it leanded me. Now I truly was the Dark Lord. I could feel them, within the castle and all over the world. The castle I could use to summon them or to multiply them when they first entered the castle. All this power was now within my grasp and soon I would truly have my final revenge over those who betrayed me.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
There was something here. I could feel it. It was slightly the same feeling I had felt as I stood before the poltergeist king. As I continued walking I thought back to the strange events in the graveyard of Ondol. Adrian and I had come there to decorate his mother's grave and then I have walked to where Leon was buried and then he had just bean there.


Graveyard of Ondol, Warakiya. The 11th of November 1476 A.D. "Who is there?" I asked as I stepped back. The sudden cold made me shroud my cloak around me. "I have waited for you Sonia of the Belmont clan." The kind voice of an old man sounded. I still felt cold but it was not frightening anymore. "Who are you?" Adrian demanded as he drew his blade and stepped in front of me. "Resheet your blade Alucard." The voice said and Adrian smiled so his fangs became extended. "As you say, Sire." He said as he formally bowed. I could not see anything but it was like I could feel the devine being smile at us. "It is to Sonia Belmont I speak, Adrian Basraq. You must step aside for now. But this I forsee, the time will come when you and I shall fight alongside each other. Then we shall knew each other better." I nearly gasped as Adrian smiled and bowed, and then did as the voice said. Adrian was all I could ever pray for him to be. But he could be proad and cold sometimes and he did never step aside when somebody asked it of him. But now I turned to the being and slightly bowed my head. "Am I in the presence of the being my uncle call the "poltergeist king"?" "You do." He said. "But titles are mere shrouds who conceal a beings true nature. Even kings and queens have a personal glory about them, do allways remember that." I nodded, even dough I did not understand all he said. "The time for the Belmont clan have come again." He then continued. "You are the mother of the new generation of Belmonts. You must be strong. Your challenge will be against someone more dangerous than Mathias Krohnquist ever was." I nodded. "I will try, Sire. But I do not understand all of which you speak." Again I had the feeling the poltergeist king smiled at me. "In time," He promised. "you will. I have placed the family's six other mystic weapons around the castle. You must find them or all is lost. May God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and all Saints be with you on this mission." Then it was gone. "What did it say?" Adrian came walking toward me. His face was cold and devoided of any feelings. "I think I must do battle with your father." I said.

End of flashback.

I could not help but smile. Adrian had of corse bean against it. And even as we made love with each other he had tried to sway me from going on this mission. But, as I had tried to tell him, I had no choice. I do not know what the poltergeist king is, but I am sure he speak on behalf of none less than God himself. A spark of lightning made me turn about. There it was, my control of lightning made me feel it like a burning arrow had stood on the sky showing me the way. "In the name of Christ." I said as I knocked the candles with the Vampire Killer. An axe, bouble-bladed and small enough for me to carry, fell out. I knelt and slowly picked it up. I know how to use it. But I also knew that I had to master my power of lightning before I could use its real power. I swung the whip at the wall before me. But to my dismay I noticed it was merely another dead end. So be it. I had no other choice than to return to the tower. Perhaps if I went to the top I would find something who could tell me where to go. I did the sign of the cross and then started walking. I only stopped some few minutes to eat a chiken who fell out from one of the other candles. Again I wondered how something this simple could heal all my wounds. In sight of all the battles I had bean through, I had surprisingly few scars. But that was another reason to thank God for all His blessings upon me.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
I screamed as the spike-shooters stingers pierced my skin and new blood became drawn. This was my first opportunity to try out my new weapon. I tossed the ace forward and I had to force myself not to gasp as I saw it fly in an arch and cut the strange beast to pieces. There had bean no real dangers facing me since I defeated Medusa and her sword lords. And now I stood at the very top of the tower. Only one door was blocking my path. My thoughts where interrupted as something sticky and slick fell from the ceiling. It was a mud-worm. I cut it in half with the Vampire Killer but then the two worms grew into two new ones and they came crawling toward me. I doused them in holy water and they shattered into pieces. But then all the pieces grew into new worms. They came crawling toward me and then I made it rain with holy water as I summoned the soul bat and then tore the door open and ran up the outside stair. It was like something klicked in my mind as I ran and I stopped to have a look around. The mmon stood high and ful on the night-sky, surrounded by black cloads who where spreading more snow all about. In the distance I could see the bell tower stand high and somehow I felt something strange about it. I shook my head and then walked until I reached the balcony above me. I slashed the whip and the bats coming at me and they burst into fire. But there came more and I summoned the wind and threw daggers at them. They split into three and I could cover more ground as I fought toward the inner door. More bats came flying at me and I used the stopwatch to freeze them as I opened the doors and then banged them shut. I then stood in a pillared hall with marvellous tapestries and curtains along the wall. Black candles burned in golden candle-stands on the wall or hung from the crystal-decorated candliers from the ceiling. Armours armed with huge axes, maces, spears or helbards made me feelů I do not know. It was like I could feel that these armours somehow would have a later impact upon my family. Then I reached another set of doors, each with the Basraq dragon in crimson and gold upon them. "Be with me now Christ." I silently prayed as I did the sign of the cross. Then I opened them and stepped forward. The chamber was circular in shape, with snake-shaped lantern at each place where the corners should have bean in a square chambers. At the far end of the room huge stain-glass windows let the moon-light shine through and down upon an elevated alter on which there lay a dark wooden coffin. As I stepped forward I saw the insigna of the Basraq dragon upon the dark earth-stained burial-box. Then mist came drifting in and then they turned to bats. I did a back-flip and cracked the Vampire Killer before me. I gathered my powers around me as my left hand searched toward my other weapons. "Sonia Belmont." The bats turned into a tall strongly built human-looking creature appeared. His face was cold and aristocratic with elegant eyebrows and his hair was dark brown and fell to his shoulders, down over the high collard of his midnight robes. He possessed the pointed ears and bat-like eyes of the vampire and within them I saw ghostly blue flames burn with proad and arrogance of his high birth. He was dressed in simple yet glorious black silk clothing with a white lace-scarf at the neck and with black boots with golden buckles and decorations.

From his cloth-belt in red and gold hung a sword with the same decorations upon its sheet. "You should never have come here, human woman. You do not belong here." "Adrian." I near whispered and he lightly bowed his head. "Why are you here?" He demanded with the cold devoided voice he had used at me when we first met. "I have come to find you. And to defeat the Dark Lord." It was the first time I used such a prashe, but somehow I knew it was true. "You indeed possess the power to see beyond the present. But of course. You are a Belmont. But your kin have grown soft. Your power have nearly all become exinct. You have underestimated the powers of darkness. I have to do this myself. You do no longer have strength to do what need to be done." I shook my head. "God is still with my family. He is with me. That I am sure He is." For the first time Adrian smiled. But I saw it did not reach his eyes. "So that you think? You have bean nothing but deceived. If what you tell is the trueth. Then fight me and thus prove you have the power to fight the accursed bloodline of the Dark Lord Dracula." I scowled at him. "Those words where the same you used when we first met. You fled in fear of your father's newfound powers. I told you that whatever powers Dracula came to possess upon his earthly dead are nothing against the mercy of Christ and the love of God." Adrian merely stepped down the few steps leading up to the alter. "This I must do for my mother." He coldly said. "She was right." I calmly said. "But it is not you who shall battle your father. The holy Bible tell us we shall never, whatever the chase might be, kill our own father. Your time is not now. And will not come in many a year." This time Adrian's smile reached his eyes. "Your power to see beyond the present have truly grown strong." Suddenly he turned into mist and then reappeared somewhere else. "Balls of Destruction!" He shouted as he spread his cloak and a blue fireball became shot toward me. "Be the will of God." I jumped the fireball but was then nearly burned as the fireball split into three smaller ones who came blasting toward me. I tossed holy water and thus made them explode. I whipped at Adrian's head. Something told me that was where I should hit him. He turned into bats and again reappeared somewhere else. "Crimson lightning!" He rouse his hand into the air and a single bolt of blood-coloured lightning struck down. I did my best with a side-dash and hit him with some of my holy water. He roared with pain as he then turned to mist and again reappeared somewhere else as he swung his blade at me just as an ugly demon appeared somewhere else and shot three fireballs at me. I tossed the dagger at it and it vanished into red flames. I hindered Adrian from teleporting as I used the stopwatch. Then I tossed holy water at him. A strange two-handed sword came from nowhere and blocked my attack. Then it wanished and the demon again fired three red fireballs at me. Adrian became mist just as I made it rain holy water. Again the demon vanished but this time I was prepared. I summoned the soul wind to slow Adrian and his helpers and then attacked by using the soul flame. I stepped forward to carries his cheek as burns erupted upon his face. He snarled and then bite at me. I did a back-flip and he swung his blade at me. "Balls of Destruction! Crimson lightning!" He summoned bought his magical attacks and I stopped the lightning bolt long enough to toss holy water upon the fireball. Then I ran and thus avoided the bolt as it struck into the ground. Something who looked like a fairy appeared above his head. I nearly gasped as it healed his wounds. But before he could teleport away, I summoned the soul bat and created huge explosions who went this or that way all as I made them appear. Adrian staggered backward, but then regained his composure. "Crimson lightning!" As he made a lightning strike, his two helpers appeared to attack me. I used the soul wind to slow the demon and the sword and then, by using the stopwatch, stopped the lightning from striking me. Adrian snarled at me as he turned to a warg and came running toward me. I could see his thirst for blood within his burning blue eyes. I sprinkled holy water upon the Vampire Killer and successively whipped him in his head and chest. He howled like the beast he looked like and then regained his human form. I was beginning to grow tired. He would never grow tired and he knew that I knew it. I again summoned the soul bat and used its its power to weaken his power. Then I tossed daggers at him. I saw how blood became drawn and even dough I felt tears run down my cheeks I tossed the axe at him just as I summoned light to make the Vampire Killer even more powerful. Already weakened by his other wounds he did not have strength to teleport as my whip struck him to the ground. "My God and the Saints forgive you of your sins and might Christ take you into His Heaven, amen." I did the sign of the cross, which stunned him. Then I prepared to behead him with the axe. "Crimson lightning!" He rouse his arm and I knew I was dead. All I could do was gather my control over lightning and pray to Christ to deliver me from the valley of Death. It happened just as it had done it those other times. I felt how the lightning surged through me and then I spoke the words. "Soul Saint!" A beam of lightning energy shot from my Vampire Killer whip and tossed Adrian far back. I tossed the axe and summoned more lightning as I did. Three successive bolts of lightning struck down as the axe split into three. I heard Adrian scream and then he lay still.

Castle Dracula, castle keep. The 15th of November 1476 A.D.
She came toward me. Her face was stained with tears and I saw sorrow and anguish upon her face. But even so. In her eyes I saw her determination. She would not enjoy doing this. But I could tell she would fulfil her promise to hunt and destroy the creatures of the night. As I focused on her aura I could see her power and her burning soul. She was ready. It had not bean in wain. "You have defeated me Sonia." I calmly said. "I cannot do this." She said as she knelt down by me. "God forgive me, but I love you to high. I cannot slay the father of my child." I could not help as my eyes grew large. She knew it? Of course she knew it. She was no fool. Before we had made love with one another she had bean a virgin. "Then I have failed." I told her. "My quest was to banish my cursed bloodline from this world." She looked down upon me with sadness in her calm grey eyes. "Neither I, nor you, must die. I do not know wy. But somehow it is important you live on." Then her eyes grew sharp. "I will surrender my weapons to the poltergeist king when my task is complete. But should any other Dark Lord of the night ever resurface, you must come and warn my, our, descendants of their duty." I nodded. I have stayed long enough in the library studying the dark tomes of my father. There I have learned of a powerful spell to sustain someone to eternal sleep. Only great shifts in power could awaken someone who had cast it. Sonia was right. She always was. I should remain in this world and I would aid the Belmont clan if a new Dark Lord should rise. As softly I could I told her about my decisions. "That means we have to say forever farewell to each other." I slowly shook my head. "I love you Sonia of the Belmont clan. Remember, fearwell is never forever. Sometime, somewhere, we shall meat again." Then I smiled. "I shall however leand you one final gift. I shall teleport you into the corridor leading into the inner den. Where my father are preparing his forces." She nodded. "I shall love you forever, Adrian Fearheight of the Basraq clan." Slowly I got to me feet and then I gathered all my power around me. For the first time in a very long while, I felt there was hope.

(A.N: I'm sorry for the long update. But this chapter was a challenge since I have actually never played the very game. As a deaf-blind I cannot play these games. But the stories, music, the characters I have allways bean interested in. However. I hope you all enjoyed the chapter. See you.)

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