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General Information
Date Released: 2001
Heroes: Nathan Graves
Stage Number: 14 Castle Sections
Size: 8MB
Original System(s)
Game Boy Advance (GBA)
..........................  .Alternate Names/Systems
(1) Akumajou Dracula: Circle of the Moon (Japan)
(2) Castlevania (Europe)

Re-release Information

(1) 2005: Re-released in Japan as part of Konami's GBA "The Best" series

Manual Story Description

The year is 1830. In an ancient castle on the outskirts of the Austrian empire, a demon lord that would unite the powers of darkness was being resurrected at the hand of a fiend yearning for chaos.

At this demonic castle, Camilla, one of Dracula's minions, began the incantation of a ritual to bring her lord Dracula back to life.

The vampire hunter Morris and his two apprentices, Nathan and Hugh, sensed an abnormality in the balance of nature and rushed to prevent Dracula's unholy reemergence.

"That unholy monster must never return!"

However, they arrived too late to prevent Dracula's return from his confinement. Dracula used his magical powers to imprison Morris, and cast Nathan and Hugh into a graveyard underneath the demonic castle.

Together the two began to search through the castle in order to vanquish Dracula and to rescue their master.


In wake of the fallout following the release of its two N64 titles, judged miscalculations in retrospect, KCEK was given a chance at redemption thanks to the arrival of Nintendo's next-generation handheld, the Game Boy Advance, on which it would work to return the series to its side-scrolling roots. More appropriately, its product's basic formula would utilize and emulate the very same play-style found in the award-winning Symphony of the Night in hope of capitalizing on gamers' affinity for the title. With Symphony's direct influence looming large, KCEK came up with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, another adventure-RPG featuring that same sense of free-roaming.

The methodology is obvious enough: You must take control of Nathan Graves, a presumed Belmont by blood, and search all about the castle interior--it entailing fourteen haunted areas with their boss creatures; therein, you must brave many dangers to save from Count Dracula's captivation the abducted Morris Baldwin, the vampire hunting master and elder to both son Hugh and Nathan Graves.

Nathan's basic arsenal is typical, with the whip and sub-weapons at his command. Though, the RPG system will allow Nathan to gain levels through repeated battles, and it affords him statistics that can be manipulated upward by this process and variably through the collection and usage of a number of armor types; he can collect healing items, also, and store them in his inventory; magical items will supply him new accessibility maneuvers; and the DSS card system, if used to its fullest, will account for one hundred separate powers, which include unique weaponry, unconventional attacks, circumstantial defense, and special abilities.

Japanese/European Differences

The Japanese version has the usual name deviations for some of the hero/enemy names. For instance: Camilla is instead rightfully named "Carmilla." Otherwise, the two versions are mechanically identical.

The European version is bereft of the subtitle of "Circle of the Moon," in a continuing trend, and stands pat with the simple, more identifiable title of Castlevania.

Soundtrack and Credits

Opening and Ending Themes: 1 - Requiem | 2 - Sign of Blood Pulse | 3 - A Vision of Dark Secrets | 4 - Repose of Souls | 5 - Circle of the Moon
Area Themes: 1- Awake | 2 - Nightmare | 3 - Sinking of Sanctuary | 4 - Clockwork | 5 - Fate to Despair | 6 - Aquarius | 7 - Clockwork Mansion | 8 - Vampire Killer
Battle Themes: 1 - Shudder | 2 - Big Battle | 3 - Dance of Illusions | 4 - Proof of Blood
Miscellaneous Themes: 1 - Game Over

Music Files: MP3
Soundtrack Release: The GBA Collection and Castlevania Best Music Collections Box
Game Credits: Available

Other Characters

Lesser Enemies: Abionarg, Alraune, Arachne, Axe Armor, Beast Demon, Bloody Sword, Bomb Skeleton, Bone Head, Bone Tower, Boomerang Skeleton, Brain Float, Catoblepas, Clinking Man, Coffin, Dark Armor, Death Mantis, Demon Lord, Devil, Devil Armor, Devil Tower, Dryad, Dullahan, Earth Armor, Earth Demon, Ectoplasm, Electric Skeleton, Evil Hand, Evil Pillar, Fallen Angel, Fish Head, Flame Armor, Flame Demon, Flea Man, Forest Armor, Fox Archer, Fox Hunter, Franken, Frozen Shade, Gargoyle, Ghoul, Golem, Gorgon, Gremlin, Grizzly, Harpy, Heat Shade, Hippogryph, Holy Armor, Hopper, Hyena, Ice Armor, Ice Demon, Imp, Killer Bee, King Moth, Legion, Lilim, Lilith, Lizard Man, Man-Eater, Marionette, Medusa Head, Merman, Mimic Candle, Minotaur, Mud Man, Mummy, Myconid, Nightmare, Poison Armor, Poison Worm, Poltergeist, Scary Candle, Siren, Skeleton, Skeleton Athlete, Skeleton Knight, Skeleton Medalist, Skeleton Soldier, Slime, Spear Skeleton, Spearfish, Specter, Spirit, Stone Armor, Succubus, Thunder Demon, Trick Candle, Vampire Bat, Were-Bear, Were-Horse, Were-Jaguar, Were-Panther, Werewolf, White Armor, Wight, Will-o'-Wisp, Wind Armor, Wind Demon, Witch, Zombie and Zombie Thief
Bosses: Cerberus, Necromancer, Iron Golem, Adramelech, Dragon Zombie, Death, Camilla and Hugh Baldwin
Dracula Forms: Dracula and Dracula's Ghost
Supporting Cast: Camilla, Morris Baldwin, Hugh Baldwin and Necromancer

Character Lists

Lesser Enemies | Bosses | Dracula Forms | Supporting Cast

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Main Arsenal

Hero Image
Full Name: Nathan Graves
Main Weapon: Vampire Killer Whip
Weapon Power-Up: None
Alternate Weapons: Click here for Nathan's comprehensive list
Sub-Weapon Power-Up: Homing Dagger ability (in secret mode)
Special Abilities: Can Run, Slide, Double-Jump, Break Dash, Wall Kick, Super Jump and brandish the whip
Armor: Click here for Nathan's comprehensive list

Limitations: Nathan moves rather slowly at the start, and his jumping ability is limited. This will change as he collects magical items: His slide move will help him to speed along and damage enemies at the same time; the dash boots allow him to run quickly and jump greater distances; the double-jump bracelet increases his general jumping range; the kick boots will allow him to wall jump, to clear narrow vertical chambers; and the super jump will see to it that no distance is too great. His whip is limited in that it can't be powered up through normal means, and the brandish move is only circular and can't be controlled as it was in Super Castlevania IV, but the powers available through the DSS system will more than suffice in any situation (that is, if he's luckiest enough to attain the individual powers). Otherwise, the RPG system will decide his more current limitations: Its encompassed statistics--strength, defense, magic power, etc.--can be manipulated upward through the gaining of levels, the location of vials, and the equipping of armor. In the end, really, it's up to the player how powerful they wish Nathan to become.

Weapon Name
Weapon Image
Vampire Killer
Ancient leather whip of the Belmont clan passed unto Nathan

Magical Items
Item Name
Found In
Candle, Enemy
Powers Mystic Weapons
Big Heart
Candle, Enemy
Powers Mystic Weapons
MP Vial
Laying Around, Hidden Room
Increases Magic Point Max.
HP Vial
Laying Around, Hidden Room
Increases Hit Point Max.
Heart Container
Laying Around, Hidden Room
Increases Heart Limit

Weapon Name
Heart Consumption
Holy Water

Screenshots & Media

Local Title Screens

U.S. Title Screen
Japanese Title Screen
European Title Screen

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