As in Symphony of the Night, Circle of the Moon's castle is broken up into separate sections--in this case fourteen--which offers to the player a nonlinear experience within the RPG-adventure genre. In order to successfully move about the castle, to its otheriwse initially-sealed-off areas, you'll have to first gain certain newer abilities. The listing below is the common order of navigating the castle if you wish to have the best success when trying to move into stronger-enemy territory.

The Catacomb

This is the area in which you'll begin the game after Dracula blows a hole in the ground of the Ceremonial Room. You'll have to work downward and then upward through the caves, labyrinths, gold mines and tunnels to reach the fiery courtyard that holds Cerberus. Before leaving this area, you will have collected the double-jump boots. The enemies here are relatively weak, save for the Earth demons, but when you return late in the game, most of them will be replaced by grizzlies and arachnes.


Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Skeleton Bomber, Bone Head, Bat, Slime, Skeleton Spear, Poison Worm, Zombie, Fleaman, Earth Demon, Mudman, Brain Float, Mummy, Coffin, Archdemon, Bone Tower, Fox Hunter, Hopper, Stone Armor, Trick Candle, Zombie Thief, Spirit, Grizzly and Arachne
Boss: Cerberus
Initial Cave Track: Nightmare
Catacombs Track: Awake

Abyss Stairway

The abyss stairway is hardly a conventional area. Each of the platforms in this section comprise one step in a spiral staircase that can be seen in the background; the only purpose this area serves is to connect three or more areas of the castle to each other. Crumbling bricks and narrow passages packed with enemies will be the challenge here. If you return here later, a siren or other new foe may get in your way in the initially dormant areas.


Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Gremlin, Bone Head, Axe Armor, Siren, Skeleton Soldier, Slime, Devil Towers, Clinking Man, Electric Skeleton and Will-o'-Wisp
Boss: None
Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Audience Room

The audience room is the heart of the castle, and it's very large; if anything, it could be directly compared to the "Marble Gallery" in Symphony. You'll pass paintings and other impressive attractions as you travel through rooms of pillars and tiles to get to the boss room. Of course, there are many annoying enemies to respectively accommodate each section of this area. Things will become more difficult when you pass through here later, as wind demons, imps and forest armor will take the place of most of the weaker lesser enemies. On your first pass-through, you should leave here with tackle boots.


Lesser Enemies: Axe Armor, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Knight, Devil Tower, Skeleton, Brain Float, Gargoyle, Fleaman, Frozen Shade, Heat Shade, Hyena, Mimic Candle, Poison Armor, Skeleton Athlete, Thunder Armor, Were-Jaguar, Werewolf, Will-o'-Wisp, Witch, Zombie Thief, Slime, Were-Panther, Were-Horse, Ectoplasm, Electric Skeleton, Clinking Man, Wind Demon, Imp, Succubus and Forest Armor
Boss: Necromancer and Necromancer 2
Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Machine Tower

The machine tower is just your average Castlevania clock tower. It's mainly upward via the moving platforms and spiraling spokes. If you haven't figured this series out by now, you'll be shocked when you're repeatedly haunted by Medusa heads the whole way--the type that can stone you. Electrical currents from loose wiring and well-hidden enemies will also be a danger. Later on, you'll have to crash your way through big cracked blocks using your tackle boots to solve a puzzle that blocks the latter areas. If you progress in the right direction, you'll find a boss in a gear-filled room, with kick boots close by.


Lesser Enemies: Fox Archer, Medusa Head, Thunder Demon, Bone Tower, Earth Armor, Lilim, Scary Candle, Skeleton, Skeleton Boomerang, Skeleton Knight, Heat Shade, Slime and Stone Armor
Boss: Iron Golem
Music Track: Clockwork

Eternal Corridor

The eternal corridor, like the abyss stairway, is another connector area--only this one is all forward with a short looping area that leads to a warp room. Through these similar-looking corridors, you'll run into some of the more powerful enemies to this point; it'll be well worth the experience to hang around and fight them, since the Chapel's enemies are pretty advanced for what will otherwise be your low level. Later on, you may find Frankens, killer bees and archdemons in place of the usual enemies. The corridors themselves lead to the Chapel Tower and to the Underground Gallery.


Lesser Enemies: Ectoplasm, Gorgon, Beast Demon, Evil Hand, Skeleton Knight, Witch, Ghoul, Were-Bear, Skeleton, Skeleton Boomerang, Bone Tower, Franken, Killer Bee, Archdemon and Flame Demon
Boss: None
Music Track: Fate to Despair

Chapel Tower

The chapel tower consists of a couple of similar-looking large rooms, where your regular and double-jumping ability will be tested. The many hovering enemies here will make the jumping aspect a terror. When you begin nearing bell towers, you're close to the boss. Outside of one of the towers, the powerful legions and a fallen angel will try to block your entry into the battle arena. When you finish here, you'll find a room with a switch that lowers the pillars that were blocking certain entrances in some of the early areas.


Lesser Enemies: Flame Armor, Bloody Sword, Marionette, Thunder Armor, Beast Demon, Bone Tower, Were-Panther, Archdemon, Brain Float, Ghoul, Gorgon, Hippogryph, Succubus, Thunder Demon, Were-Jaguar, Grizzly, Legion, Hyena and Fallen Angel
Boss: Adramelech
Music Track: Fate to Despair

Underground Gallery

These ancient rocky ruins were probably created by mining slaves before they became part of the castle's foundation. The stone sculptures and statues, however, will be second nature to the poisonous killer bees and other equally dangerous insects. Needless to say, you'll have to tread slowly and depend on antidotes. To compound this, as you reach the lower portions of this area, deadly poison armor will become more numerous--this signals that a boss is nearby. Once you've defeated the boss, the heavy ring will be yours.


Lesser Enemies: Killer Bee, Imp, Man-Eater, Specter, Myconid, Brain Float, Evil Hand, Harpy, King Moth, Lizard Man, Thunder Armor, Wight, Poison Armor and Death Mantis
Boss: Dragon Zombies
Music Track: Aquarius

Underground Warehouse

This area is a combination of a storage room, a production facility and an abandoned library. You'll have to utilize your heavy ring and dash boots to push your way through the maze of boxes and huge stones; there are many instances where rooms use these elements to act as puzzles. The action moves mostly downloading, with frequent zig-zagging platforming. Be sure to whip the walls to find some of the more important secret rooms. When you reach an area heavy with forest armor and poltergeists, the boss is near. The cleansing artifact you find will allow you to enter into another area.


Lesser Enemies: King Moth, Bone Tower, Thunder Demon, Fox Hunter, Archdemon, Thunder Armor, Poltergeist, Golem, Dryad, Succubus, Hippogryph, Grizzly, Lilith, Wight, Holy Armor and Forest Armor
Boss: Death and Death 2
Music Track: Clockwork Mansion

Underground Waterway

That area will be here, the drainage and tunnel system of the castle. Without the cleansing, the toxic water will kill you. The test here is to hit switches that lower and raise bridges to work your way around this maze of water pits. It's important to handle enemies like ice armor and ice demons by keeping your distance--if not, you'll be frozen, and they'll damage you heavily by striking you while you're in that that frozen state. The person responsible for Dracula's rising will be found here, and its defeat will land you the the roc wing.


Lesser Enemies: Frozen Shade, Heat Shade, Abiondarg, Brain Float, Wind Armor, Witch, Evil Hand, Merman, Spearfish, Ice Demon, Ice Armor, Lizard Man, Fishhead and Siren
Boss: Camilla
Music Track: Nightmare

Outer Wall

This wide-open area is another connector, this time from the Audience Room into the Observation Tower. It's basically two large rooms, and the broken bridge present throughout both is your means for progression forward. In most instances, you'll have to drop down to ground-level and proceed through the bridge's damaged structures--bomb skeletons, will-o'-wisps, brain floats and electric skeletons will be stuffed high, low and in between the crevices to block you. The maze of pillars located high above the bridge holds some power-ups, and they're guarded by some were-beasts and wind armor.


Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Skeleton Bomber, Brain Float, Electric Skeleton, Will-o'-Wisp, Were-Horse, Nightmare, Wind Armor and Were-Jaguar
Boss: None
Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Triumph Hallway

Yet another connector area, the familiar castle halls will be found just beyond the Audience Room. Mainly, this is the only way to enter into the Underground Warehouse. But your short trip through this area won't be without nostalgia, as zombies and will-o-wisps will represent all enemies to ever travel through this area. You can go outside to the castle entrance, which is guarded by a lone flame knight, to collect a power-up--this is another Symphony-like element.


Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Clinking Man, Fleaman, Zombie, Will-o'-Wisp and Flame Knight
Boss: None
Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Battle Arena

The Battle Arena isn't a real "area," per se, as it doesn't serve to further the game's plot. What it is is a seventeen-room arena that you can fight through to gain the ultimate of equipment: The shining armor. Each room is comprised of enemies--either a bunch of one particular enemy or pairs of complementary attributed enemies--and you'll have to defeat every one of them to escape and move on to the next room. After each mini-battle is a safety area where you can gain hearts for your sub-weapons, in place of using magic, which is here off limits; from these safety rooms, you can also escape the arena in lieu of fighting onward in a scenario where you may stand no chance.


Lesser Enemies: Werewolf, Were-Jaguar, Hippogryph, Catoblepas, Wind Demon, Witch, Stone Armor, Devil Tower, Skeleton, Skeleton Bomber, Skeleton Spear, Electric Skeleton, Fire Demon, Bone Tower, Fox Hunter, Poison Armor, Bloody Sword, Abiondarg, Legion, Marionette, Minotaur, Succubus, Arachne, Evil Pillar, Demon Lord, Alraune, Hyena, Dark Armor, White Armor and Devil
Boss: None
Music Track: None

Observation Tower

The very top of the castle is a combination of a lookout tower and an observatory; it also has its own omnitheater-like room for productions that entertain the castle's evil. And it's also the home of the castle keep, where the game's strongest enemies and Hugh Baldwin await. This area will be the greatest test of your jumping ability, narrow-passage-battling and patience. The epitome of this struggle is the game's strongest lesser enemy, the devil, who will block your way out of here after the boss battle. After defeating that boss, Hugh Baldwin, the Last Key will be yours; you can then find and fight Dracula.


Lesser Enemies: Legion, Dark Armor, Catobeplas, Evil Pillar, Minotaur, Siren, Fallen Angel, Heat Shade, Frozen Shade, Dullahan, Wind Armor, Alraune, Demon Lord and Devil
Boss: Hugh Baldwin
Music Track: Vampire Killer

Ceremonial Room

Early in the game, Camilla holds the Dracula-reviving ritual in the entryway to this small area. After you open the locked door, all that rests beyond is a short vertical hall connected to Dracula's throne room; it's here that you'll have to fight the Dark Prince's initial form in order to save Morris Baldwin. After defeating his first form, you'll have to enter into a dark realm to face his true form. You can go back and save your game before fighting the second form, however. Good luck--you're going to need it.


Lesser Enemies: None
Boss: Dracula and Dracula's Ghost
Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

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