Stage 1: The Graveyard

In the first part of the stage, you'll run across bone-throwing skeletons, bats, zombies and a raven. Crumbling statues are all over the place, and zombies sometimes pop up from the rubble they leave behind. You'll come to a stone wall as a downpour begins; the wall will break apart and fly at you. After you survive the onslaught, you'll have to jump from pillar to pillar as the floor beneath you starts to burn. The trek's end sees tree-lingering wall widows try to grab at you. You'll then proceed on to the boss' chamber, where first you'll first have to deal with a swarm of bats.


Lesser Enemies: Bats, Skeleton, Zombie, Rolling Stone, Wall Widow and Raven
Boss: Medusa
Music Track: Cross Your Heart

Stage 2: Watery Caverns

You start in the open, where Dracula's castle looms in the background. Skeletons that turn into ghosts and bats litter the opening area. You'll then descend to area shown right. Fishmen and falling rocks will try to knock you into the holes. Next, you'll have to jump across moving platforms as bats fly at you. Then, you'll ascend into an area with more bats and a skeledragon guarding the way out. When you reemerge from the cavern, rock monsters, bats and more skeledragons get in your way along the stage's last section. You can find safety by jumping atop the rock's instead of taking the low path; however, fishmen can jump high enough to clip you. The boss isn't too far off, though.


Lesser Enemies: Bat, Skeleton, Skeleton Ghost, Fishman, Skeledragon and Rock Monster
Boss: Bone Dragon King
Music Track: Devil's Revival

Stage 3: Main Hall

This stage quickly becomes notorious for its never-ending supply of hunchbacks. You'll have to fend them off while you also battle axe knights and siren-like ghosts. If you allow one of these types of ghosts to touch you, they'll pull you in to a ghostly area where you'll have to fight three Harpies to escape. The rest of the stage is pretty much the same thing, with the theme being a lot of climbing up and down. More axe knights and hunchbacks are on guard right near the boss' chamber.


Lesser Enemies: Hunchback, Harpy, Axe Knight, Spirit, Rolling Eye and Ghost
Boss: Stain-Glass Knight
Music Track: Bloody Tears

Stage 4: Abandoned Mine

During this stage, you'll travel down stairways and ride platforms until you find the right way out. Mummies make their debuts here, as they pop out from their coffins. More skeletons and bats will be attacking as you ride the platforms, as well. Near the end, you'll have to make it over big pits by jumping on platforms that fall when you step on them. You'll ride one final platform up and do battle with a boss.


Lesser Enemies: Mummy Man, Bat, Rolling Eye, Skeleton and Hunchback
Boss: Giant Rock Creature
Music Track: Den of Worship

Stage 5: Clock Tower

The first thing you'll do on this stage is ride a big elevator up while trying to position yourself to avoid hitting platforms on the way up. It moves so fast, though, that you probably have no choice but to take the hits. If you make it up, ghosts, hunchbacks and more axe knights will begin to attack. Even a weird creature that throws its eyeballs at you can be found here. After you jump up to some platforms that are guarded by ravens, you'll have to take on a couple of more hunchbacks before you meet the stage's boss.


Lesser Enemies: Axe Knight, Ghost, Mummy Man and Hunchback
Boss: Frankenstein
Music Track: Basement Melodies

Stage 6: Castle Keep

This whole stage is just one long bridge--and I do mean "long." Of course, there will be bats coming at you one after another. Once you start moving, the bridge will start collapsing, so you'll have to keep moving; however, you'll have to jump most of the time to strike the bats, which means the bridge will catch up with you. Without the right weapon, forget it. If you make the really long trek, you'll enter into Dracula's keep. If you stand around once inside, harpies will begin flying at you, but if you keep moving, the battle with the Count will start right away.


Lesser Enemies: Bat
Boss: (1) Dracula, (2) Dracula's Ghost
Music Track: Don't Wait Until Night

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