Symphony Weapons/Items

Symphony of the Night offers a very large selection of weapons and items for Alucard to utilize. Because of the excessive amount of goodies, this weapons feature is three pages long, and it's divided into nine subsections: Basic items, Relics, Recovery, Equipment--with its own sub-categories--Familiars, Shield Spells, Sword of Dawn Summons, and Spells. Where applicable, I'll be listing dropped by/location explanations and special statistics. Also, weapons will be listed in alphabetical order rather than from least-to-most powerful. (Note: If you're looking for the sub-weapons, such as holy water, you'll more likely find those here.)

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While it's not necessary to collect all of the relics, most of them are needed to complete the game. Relics look like floating tarot cards, and collecting them can result in any number of conditions, including the following: Upgrades to Alucard's physical abilities, the summoning of familiars--those conjured helpers--and the access to areas he otherwise couldn't reach before.

Relic Name
Bat Card
Summons the Bat Familiar
Alchemy Lab
Cube of Zoe
Allows items to fall out of candles
Castle Entrance
Echo of Bat
As a bat, you can shine a light to see in the dark
Olrox's Quarters
Demon Card
Summons the Demon Familiar
Abandoned Mine
Eye of Vlad
Needed to enter Shaft's chamber | Stat increase: LCK +10
Underground Cavern
Faerie Card
Summons the Faerie Familiar
Long Library
Faerie Scroll
Shows the enemy name when you strike them
Long Library
Fire of Bat
As a bat, you can spit fireballs
Clock Tower
Force of Echo
As a bat, you can attack with a sonic blast
Reverse Cavern
Form of Mist
Allows Alucard to turn into mist
The Colosseum
Gas Cloud
Makes Alucard's mist hurt enemies
Floating Catacombs
Ghost Card
Summons the Ghost Familiar
Castle Keep
Heart of Vlad
Protects from curse states; needed to enter Shaft's chamber
Gravity Boots
Allows Alucard to super jump
Marble Gallery
Holy Symbol
Allows Alucard to breathe underwater
Underground Cavern
Jewel of Open
Opens blue magic-sealed doors
Long Library
Leap Stone
Enables Alucard to do a double jump
Castle Keep
Merman Statue
Summons the Ferryman
Underground Cavern
Power of Mist
Doubles the amount of time Alucard can stay in mist form
Castle Keep
Power of Wolf
In wolf form, you can run faster
Castle Entrance
Rib of Vlad
Needed to enter Shaft's chamber | Stat increase: CON +10
Death Wing's Lair
Ring of Vlad
Needed to enter Shaft's chamber | Stat increase: INT +10
Reverse Clock Tower
Skill of Wolf
In wolf form, you can spit fire
Alchemy Lab
Spirit Orb
Shows damage done to enemies
Marble Gallery
Soul of Bat
Allows Alucard to transform into a bat
Long Library
Soul of Wolf
Allows Alucard to transform into a wolf
Outer Wall
Sword Card
Summons the Sword Familiar
Olrox's Quarters
Tooth of Vlad
Needed to enter Shaft's chamber | Stat increase: STR +10
Reverse Outer Wall

Recovery Items

While the Belmonts could only regain their strength by munching down all kinds of roasted goodies, Alucard can regain varying amounts of energy using the items below. This listing is divided into two sub-categories: Food and Potions. Note that some of the food items can only be found by using a Meal Ticket, and remember that some items may instead have a negative effect. If an enemy is prone to drop food or potions, it'll be listed accordingly; otherwise, a location will be given.

Food Items
Item Name
Description | Effect
Dropped By
Found In
Crunchy Delicious Apple | +9 HPs
Best When Nearly Rotten | +7 HPs
Ape Skeleton
Barley Tea
Cool Barley Tea | +15 HPs
Ouija Table
Abandoned Mine
Delicious Cheese | +18 HPs
Flea Man
Olrox's Quarters
With Chocolate Chips | +14 HPs
Hunting Girl
Chinese Bun
Vegetable Steamed Bun | +10 HPs
Meal Ticket
Curry Rice
Cooked With Coconut Milk | +28 HPs
Meal Ticket
Dim Sum Set
Three Dim Sum Dishes | +30 HPs
Reverse Outer Wall
Local Favorite | +19 HPs
Flying Zombie
Long Library, Castle Keep
Grape Juice
Sparkling Juice | +20 HPs
Royal Chapel
Juicy Seedless Grapes | +5 HPs
Green Tea
Japanese Green Tea | +10 HPs
Dark Octopus, Tombstone
Colosseum, Reverse Mine
Gyros Plate
With Fries | +29 HPs
Meal Ticket
Ham and Eggs
Increases Cholesterol | +22 HPs
Bone Halberd, Flea Rider
One-Hundred-Percent US Grade A | +20 HPs
Meal Ticket
Ice Cream
Three-Layer Ice Cream | +15 HPs
Frozen Shade
Lunch A
Lunch Set A | +25 HPs
Tin Man
Lunch B
Lunch Set B | +26 HPs
Meal Ticket
Meal Ticket
Mystery Food Ticket | Holds food items
Black Panther, Stone Rose
Underground Cavern, Black Marble Gallery, Reverse Cavern, Bought in Library
Miso Soup
Japanese Miso Soup | +20 HPs
Grave Keeper
Morning Set
Eggs, Toast and Coffee | +24 HPs
Ouija Table
Smelly Fermented Soybean | +32 HPs
Grave Keeper
Western Omelette | +23 HPs
Meal Ticket
Japanese Tangerine | +6 HPs
Meal Ticket
With Whipped Cream | +16 HPs
Meal Ticket
Difficult To Eat | +50 HPs
Abandoned Mine, Reverse Cavern
Tart Southern Fruit | +8 HPs
Meal Ticket
New York Style! | +21 HPs
Frog, Toad
Pork Bun
Chinese Pork Bun | +17 HPs
Blue Raven
Pot Roast
Castlevania Pot Roast | +50 HPs
Flail Guard
Castle Entrance, Outer Wall, Clock Tower, Underground Cavern, Castle Keep, Reverse Clock Tower, Reverse Cavern
A La Mode | +17 HPs
Meal Ticket
Chinese Ramen Noodles | +30 HPs
Red Bean Bun
Chinese Red Bean Bun | +12 HPs
Black Crow
Floating Catacombs
Japanese Mushroom | +30 HPs
Underground Cavern, Abandoned Mine, Reverse Mine
Strawberry Shortcake | +11 HPs
Salem Witch
Sirloin Steak | +100 HPs
Lossoth, Minotaur
Castle Keep
Spaghetti Carbonara | +27 HPs
Meal Ticket
Ripe Red Strawberry | +10 HPs
Salem Witch
Toro, Ebi, Tamago | +100 HPs
Dark Octopus, Killer Fish
Strawberry Tart | +12 HPs
Poisonous Mushroom | Poisons Alucard
Underground Caverns, Reverse Cavern
Roast Turkey | +80 HPs
Flea Rider
Castle Entrance, Castle Keep, Abandoned Mine
Item Name
Description | Effect
Dropped By
Found In
Cures Poisoning
Bone Pillar, Corpseweed, Ghost
Long Library, Underground Davern, Black Marble Gallery, Reverse Entrance, Bought in Library
Attack Potion
Temporarily Raises ATT | ATT +20
Marble Gallery, Floating Catacomb
Restores All HP
Underground Cavern, Reverse Cavern, Floating Catacomb, Bought in Library
Unpetrify | Faerie familiar uses to unpetrify
Gorgon, Hammer Knight
Marble Gallery, Reverse Outer Wall, Reverse Entrance, Bought in Library
Heart Refresh
Restores Five Hundred Hearts (with
- ripped by Mirror Wave)
Archer, Venus Weed, Blue Venus Weed
Black Marble Gallery, Death Wing's Lair
High Potion
Restores About Half HP | +120 HPs
Flea Armor
Castle Entrance, Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair, Reverse Entrance, Necromancy Lab, Bought in Library
Library Card
Enchanted Library Card | Teleports to library
Marble Gallery, Colosseum, Catacomb, Reverse Keep, Forbidden Library, Black Marble Gallery Floating Catacomb, Bought in Library
Life Apple
Heals | Faerie familiar uses to restore life
Castle Entrance, Marble Gallery Reverse Clock Tower, Reverse Mind
Luck Potion
Temporarily Raises LCK | LCK +20
Bitterfly Imp
Manna Prism
Restores All MP
Ectoplasm, Salome
Olrox's Quarters, Death Wing's Lair, Anti-Chapel, Reverse Cavern, Necromancy Lab
Restores Some HP | +50 HPs
Bat, Corpseweed
Alchemy Lab, Marble Gallery, Long Library, Royal Chapel, Black Marble Gallery, Reverse Cavern, Bought in Library
Resist Dark
Resistance To Darkness
Karasuman, Phantom Skull
Castle Keep, Black Marble Gallery, Necromancy Lab
Resist Fire
Brief Resistance To Fire
Olrox's Quarters, Reverse Keep, Forbidden Library, Floating Catacomb
Resist Holy
Resistance To Holy
Castle Keep
Resist Ice
Brief Resistance To Ice
Fish Head
Underground Cavern, Reverse Keep, Forbidden Library
Resist Stone
Resistance To Stone
Medusa Head
Castle Keep, Reverse Keep, Forbidden Library
Resist Thunder
Resistance To Lightning
Alchemy Lab, Floating Catacombs, Reverse Keep
Shield Potion
Temporarily Raises DEF | DEF +20
Reverse Outer Wall, Death Wing's Lair, Floating Catacomb
Smart Potion
Temporarily Raises INT | INT +20
Reverse Clock Tower
Strength Potion
Temporarily Raises STR | STR +20
Removes Curse
Long Library, Forbidden Library

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