As it was in Castlevania: Dracula X, Rondo has to it split paths that determine who you're able to save and which ending you get. Four such stages are secret (alternate) stages that you can unlock by performing specific tasks within the normal route. Considering that both normal and alternate stages have to them, alternate routes, things can get confusing, so follow along as best you can. The game opens with a prologue that'll see you undergo a short squabble with Death before you move on to the normal stages.

Stage 0: Prologue

As Richter rides along on his horse-pulled wagon toward Dracula's castle as a storm rages on, Death swoops in from above. His goal is to only intimidate the young Belmont--a short battle will ensue before in which Death will unleashe green skull-head-shaped blasts as sort of a warning. The rain and fierce winds will be a big distraction, too, as you'll be pushed backwards in your attempts to jump up and whip him. After you make contact a few times, Death will say a few more words before laughing and flying off, but Richter will continue onward.

Lesser Enemies: None
Boss: None
Music Track: Richter vs Death

Stage 1: Town Ruins

You start at the town limits and battle a couple of ape skeletons. You'll make your way into the very familiar town, Aljiba, as seen in Simon's Quest (though, its design is more reminsicent of the Town of Jova); you'll be attacked by more ape skeletons and a blade soldier. Most of them break through the windows. You can break through the leftmost wall of the town's exit to get to an alternate stage, but you'll first have to face an alternate boss. If you continue on regularly, you'll reach the town's outer limits, where you'll battle two huge rock monsters while fending off bats. The boss can be seen flying through the background of the next area, waiting for your arrival.

Lesser Enemies: Ape Skeleton, Blade Skeleton, Ectoplasm, Stone Rose, Bat and Giant Rock Fighter
Boss: The Wyvern
Alternate Boss: Water Dragon
Music Track: Divine Bloodlines

Stage 2: Main Hall

You'll start outside in familiar fashion to how all of the other games begin. After battling ravens, skeletons and an axe knight, a trip over a drawbridge will bring you into those familiar halls. Zombies and floating eyes litter the halls. In the next part of the hall, a behemoth breaks through the wall and gives chase. Falling in a hole while he's chasing you will lead you to an alternate area. If you outrun the bull, and avoid all the zombies, he'll crash into the wall of the next room. You must then go downward into the basement to battle the fishmen. If you found a key while the bull was chasing you, you can save Maria here. You'll emerge in the final hall and exit into a battleground, where you'll face the boss.

Lesser Enemies: Black Crow, Skeleton, Axe Knight, Zombie, Floating Eye, Behemoth, Bat and Fishman
Boss: Werewolf
Alternate Boss:
Bone Golem
Music Track: Vampire Killer

Stage 2': Lake Bridge

If you took the alternate path in stage 1, you'll wind up here. You'll go over a series of long bridges guarded by blade skeletons, bone pillars, ravens and spiders. If you cross all of the bridges without falling into a pit or slipping through a collapsible part of the stage, you'll be back on the regular path. If you fall off the third in the series of bridges, you'll battle an Armor Lord and move on to face a boss whose defeat keeps you on the alternate path. The Ferryman lurks somewhere underneath the second bridge. If you can drop through the right pit and find him, a long fishmen-infested trip will take you directly to the alternate stage 3, without having to face a boss.

Lesser Enemies: Black Crow, Bone Pillar, Blade Soldier, Fishman, Spider, Gargoyle and Armor Lord
Boss: Werewolf
Alternate Boss:
Bone Golem
Music Track: Cross Fear

Stage 3: The Chapel

The first hall of this stage is guarded by spear guards and bone pillars. The next area features a long room that has skeletons swinging from the ceiling. Continuing on, you'll climb a giant staircase that has flea men sliding down its banister. You'll then come across rotating platforms with Medusa Heads trying to knock you onto them. Falling into a pit eventually leads to the same place the regular path leads. A Paranthropus guards the exit. The next room has giant candles and is guarded by ghosts, spear guards and a giant flea man, who will steal your sub-weapon if you run into him. Chances are that you'll have an axe here; if you can sneak by the flea man, you can access a lift to an alternate stage, using the axe. The boss lies ahead.

Lesser Enemies: Spear Guard, Bone Pillar, Skeleton, Bone Golem, Fleaman, Giant Fleaman, Medusa Head, Yellow Medusa Head and Ghost
Boss: Minotaur
Alternate Boss:
Music Track: Bloody Tears

Stage 3': The Graveyard

You can get here from either of the stage 2s--if you battled the Bone Golem on either stage, you'll wind up here. You'll start in a mud-filled area guarded by mud men and bone-throwing skeletons. Some of the tombstones will come alive and attack you. You'll face the 3-eyed skull soon after then travel through more mud. The next rectangular area has grave keepers, skeletons and bone pillars. The top part of this section has spiked-balls on the end of chains. If you break the chains, one of the spiked-balls will fall to the screen below and open up a path to yet another alternate boss. If you don't go that way, you'll travel through more mud and more of the same enemies, winding up back on the original path. Tera is being held captive by the Grave Keepers.

Lesser Enemies: Mudman, Tombstone, Bat, Three-Eyed Skull, Grave Keeper, Skeledragon, Skeleton, Bone Pillar and Zombie Hands
Boss: Minotaur
Alternate Boss:
Music Track: Cemetery

Stage 4: The Dungeon

The first section features the cell area guarded by fleamen, bone-throwing skeletons and blood skeletons. Moving up, you'll run into the first skeledragon; then, you'll have to jump over spinning toothpick-like blades while fending off more bone-throwing skeletons. You can go one of two ways here: You can hit a switch guarded by a fleaman and go through an area with plenty of axe knights, crushing spike platforms, and spinning ball-and-chain barricades; or you can continue on and go up a group of stairwells guarded by flea men riding boulders dispatched by a cyclops, blocking your progress upward. Both lead to the same place. The final hall has more axe knights, axe lords, bone pillars and spinning ball and chains. An alternate boss can be found by hitting a bomb hidden in a wall. The regular boss awaits you here, though.

Lesser Enemies: Fleaman, Blood Skeleton, Skeleton, Floating Eye, Spine, Cyclops Worker, Axe Knight, Bone Pillar, Axe Lord and Skeledragon
Boss: Dullahan
Alternate Boss:
Carmilla and Laura
Music Track: Dreams of Triumph

Stage 4': Mountain Range

If you battled Dogether, you'll take this path instead. You'll travel across the marshlands, jumping on moving platforms while trying to avoid frogs and ravens. You'll come to an area that has a waterfall with rafts floating alongside. This is yet another split path to an alternate boss. If you don't take the waterfall ride, you'll cross log bridges guarded by more frogs and skeletons swinging from vines. Hit the frog statues to find Iris' holding chamber. Next is an area that has hawks dropping hunchbacks and skeletons hiding behind trees. The boss is just beyond. If you did ride the raft down, you'll take a long ride down the watery slope (the "Ravine of Death," as a sign refers to it), and you'll have to on the way down battle Bone Halberds on their own personal rafts, jumping off when you near shore. Owls will swoop in and leave you some weapons--if you hit the boxes they're carrying. More platform riding follows after the Ferryman helps you along. Jump on his raft twice: Once for nourishment, the other for a key that opens the door to escape this area. The alternate boss isn't too far off.

Lesser Enemies: Frog, Fleaman, Bat, Fishman, Skeleton, Black Crow, Spear Skeleton and Hawk
Boss: Dullahan
Alternate Boss:
Carmilla and Laura
Music Track: Slash

Stage 5: Ghost Ship

You'll start at the bay, battling phantom skulls, flail guards and blade soldiers. Then you'll enter the ship and take on some bone archers. This leads to a room guarded by a spectral sword. When you first enter the ship, though, you can enter a shortcut by pushing a steel barricade after breaking bricks on the other side of a wall. What follows is more bow-and-arrow skeletons, with another room guarded by the spinning picture. Maria can find a hidden room by crawling around near the ship's engine. You'll then head up the ship's deck; it's there you'll have cross the ship while battling flea riders, ball-and-chain knights and bone muskets. If you make it past all the foes, you'll climb the ship's mast for another encounter with Death.

Lesser Enemies: Phantom Skull, Flail Guard, Blade Skeleton, Bone Archer, Spectral Sword, Spinning Picture, Bone Musket, Flea Rider and Mace Knight
Boss: The Grim Reaper
Music Track: Ghost Ship Painting

Stage 5': Hidden Docks

The path through the hidden docks allows you to skip over the battle with the Reaper, true, but this treacherous stage has in its place two undesirable boss battles, depending on which path through the stage you take. The long trek starts on a pier where bats clutter the area, making the dangerous platforming hell, while blade soldiers and flail guards attempt to knock you into the watery abyss. Once you travel underground, you'll find presented an upper and lower path, guarded by the likes of axe knights, spear guards, axe lords and floating eyes. The upper path leads to a series of battles with axe knights and armor lords; the low path has more jumping onto moving platforms. The upper path leads to a final chamber where spear guards will stab at you from above while Medusa heads try to knock you onto the flipping platforms. The lower path leads to a watery cavern featuring harpies, skeletons, axe-throwing foes, and the nasty instances of moving platforms based near spike traps; this path exits directly to a boss' chamber.

Lesser Enemies: Blade Soldier, Floating Eye, Bat, Flail Guard, Medusa Head, Yellow Medusa Head, Spear Guard, Blood Skeleton, Axe Knight, Axe Lord, Spine, Skeleton, Harpy, and Armor Lord
Upper Path Boss: Hydra
Lower Path Boss: L. Vampire
Music Track: Redawn
Waterway Track: Opus 13

Stage 6: Marble Gallery

This marble hall, where Shaft has been hiding, is hardly a stage; this small area's only purpose is to serve as your means to power up for the bevy of boss battles that are soon to follow in the next room. Even if your arsenal is lacking at the time, you'll find a few big hearts and five other candles that contain all of the striking mystic weapons. Personally, I'd take the boomerang--make sure to take something strong because you'll need it. The bosses are only a door away.

Lesser Enemies: None
Boss: (1) Phantom Bat, (2) Medusa, (3) The
, (4) Frankenstein, (5) Shaft
Music Track: Tues Dues Mues

Stage 7: Clock Tower

Anyone who's played Symphony will immediately recognize this. First you have to cross a very long collapsing bridge being patrolled by multiple mutant bats--some of them with swords in tow. You'll then go through the clock tower area, which is made up of three sections, all containing water skulls, bone-throwing skeletons, harpies and Medusa Heads. As in Symphony, there's a gear you can whip to make a door open; it contains a key to rescue Annette, who unlike in the original is hidden in a chamber beneath the usual location; it can be accessed when the heroes attain the power to shatter a crystal blockade, which protects a release switch. The whole next area requires that you pick the correct paths while going up and down stairways, battling sword lords, wereskeletons and panther skeletons as you do so. Don't mind the wereskeleton that takes the place of your reflection in one of the mirrors. When you take the right route, you'll have to swing over pendulums. The next hall has a series of breakable walls that require certain sub-weapons to break them; the reward, if the puzzle is solved, is merely a stopwatch. You'll then exit to face a boss, which differs depending upon whether or not you rescued Annet.

Lesser Enemies: Mutant Bat, Water Skull, Skeleton, Medusa Head, Yellow Medusa Head, Hawk, Harpy, Sword Lord, Panther Skeleton and Wereskeleton
Boss: L. Vampire or Shaft's Ghost
Music Track: Moon Fight
Clock Tower Theme: The Den

Stage 8: Castle Keep

Like stage 6, this stage challenges for shortest in the series' history. Just go up the stairs, collect the items in the candles, and face the game's ultimate evil. The hidden stairway, as found in the original, has been removed, which leaves only limited power-up options, as you can't trick the game by traveling up and down stairs between screens to regenerate candelabras. Depending upon whether or not you put into motion events that led to the defeat of Shaft's Ghost, the final battle will have s different number of hurdles.

Lesser Enemies: None
Boss: (1) Dracula, (2) Dracula's Ghost, (3)
True Dracula
Music Track: Poison Mind

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