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    Regular Castle Map                                     Inverted Castle Map


These are the complete maps of the regular and inverted castles. Finding all of these locations and filling in all of the spaces will result in getting the best percentage. By attaining over 180% castle completion, it will allow you to use some of the codes and tips below.

The Reverse Castle: In order to enter the reverse castle and thus receive a good ending, you'll have to do a little extra work before fighting the Richter boss. If you instead reach Richter too early and kill him, you'll earn a bad ending and find no access to the reverse castle. To prevent this from happening, first collect the Silver and Gold Rings:

Now equip both rings at the same time and head to the giant clock room (where you first met Maria) in the Marble Gallery. The action will pause and thirteen gongs will cause the ground to open up beneath you. In the hidden room below, you'll again meet with Maria, and, by now, she'll be sure that Richter is under something's control. She'll award you with the holy glasses, which you can then wear during the Richter boss battle to see the real evil essence. Strike this floating essence while carefully avoiding Richter and you'll eventually break its control over him, and this will allow for the real story to continue.

The Sound Test: It's not every day that we're blessed with a Castlevania game that offers a way to listen to its music without playing the game. To do so here, complete a mission with Alucard while attaining over 180% castle completion; start a new mission in a separate slot and work your way to the Master Librarian's room in the long library. As an extra option in his selection, you can now listen to the game's music tracks.

Hidden Elevator: In the Outer Wall section of the castle rests an out-of-order elevator that can activated by hitting a switch; however, another of these elevators exists. To reach it, go into the room in the lower part of this section--the one guarded by an Armor Lord. Break the leftmost wall and stand in the crack until you hear a Simon's Quest-like sound. An invisible elevator will now transport Alucard (or Richter, who can use this trick for access) to the room below, which will allow you to collect some weapons you could ordinarily only collect later.


Bat Brothers: This is sent in by This is simple enough. First make sure that you've collected the bat card and the soul of bat relic. Once you have both, turn on the bat familiar via your inventory. Normally, a single bat would join and help Alucard. But if you get the bat familiar up to level 20 and then transform Alucard himself into a bat while the familiar is turned on, three bats will join him instead--all of which can mimic Alucard's bat powers, including fireball and Echo of Bat attacks. If you are struck during this time, Alucard will go back to regular form, and two of the bats will fly off.

Twice Scorned: There is much to the disdain of speed-based players a period of lag when a ground-based Alucard swings a weapon; the very stalling between swipes could put a limit on how much damage Alucard can cause to an enemy that has left itself temporarily wide-open. Cure this by leaping into the air (using a quick jump, for best effect) and striking an enemy on the leap's descent--this right before he hits the ground; then immediately strike again. Alucard will as a result strike twice in a split second. Use this to quickly cut down minor enemies or otherwise improve your chances against Galamoth.

Contributed by morave@frisurf.noA Helping Hand: In the Reverse Entrance, in the main halls, flea man-mounted skeledragons called Orobourouses clutter up as much space as possible by bouncing all around, serving as good team members for the other enemies in this location. But if you'd rather have one of these on your side, instead, free it from the flea man's control by slaying the little guy. The Orobourous will fly near your position and destroy the Wargs, Fire Wargs and other demons that get in your way.

Holy Flame Power: In the Dracula X games, Richter could use a flame-whip slash by pushing the item-crash button while no sub-weapon was in his possession; he has a similar power if you use him in this game: By pushing the item-crash button without having a sub-weapon equipped, Richter, himself, will become a flaming entity, as will his hunter whip. During this long-lasting period, Richter's power and defense will increase. Though, this power does come at the expense of your heart-total.


Say Your Prayers: In the Royal Chapel, you may remember locating a confessional in the area's lower half. Though, it's not there just for show; by seating Alucard in the chair to the left, you can find reward (or pain) in confession. If arriving on the scene is a blue-cloaked holy person, it'll bestow blessing and then drop for your convenience a recovery item (like, say, grape juice). If instead a gray-cloaked holy person arrives, the curtain will close and you'll find yourself at the end of a multi-pronged assault. For fun, you can place Alucard in the chair on the right and play the part of good listener.

A blue-cloaked holy person...
... will supply.
A gray-cloaked holy person...
...will deprive.

Librarian Secret: The Master Librarian ordinarily offers you an array of items at set prices, but his room also contains other rare items you can get for free. When you're in the Librarian's room, you'll notice that his chair is placed directly over a narrow gap. Head to the room directly below this, where you can see the gap's bottom opening. Using your super-jump ability, launch yourself up into the gap and lift the Librarian up into the air; do this multiple times and make sure that he doesn't smack into the ceiling before he lands. If done successfully, you'll receive a Life Vial. If you do it correctly twice thereafter, you'll receive the Ring of Arcana and the Axe Lord Armor. Pull it off one additional time after accessing the upside-down castle to receive the Dracula Tunic.


Stair Master: The Royal Chapel's entrance area is infamous for its long stairway, which is swamped by bone pillars and corner guards. While making your way up is never fun, you can make the reverse trip a joy ride while turning the tables on the stair-guarding foes. It's simple: When entering the room from the right, locate the bone pillar with a spiked ball in place of its upper skull; vanquish the lone skull and then follow the spiked ball as it bounces its way down the entire stairway, destroying any enemy in its path.


An In-and-Out Experience: This tip is sent in by Kong: "To start, you must have the Duplicator and at least a Power of Sire, a Pentagram or a Bat Pentagram, and you must be in the reverse castle. Go to the reverse chapel, to the room where the Spectral Sword lurks. Equip the duplicator and, say, the power of sire and any familiar you want leveled up. When you enter the room, from a bottom entrance, activate the power of sire; the Spectral Sword should die along with all of its javelins and shields. Make sure all shields and javelins die and then quickly go back to the previous room. If you managed to wipe out the sword and all its components with one activation, keep repeating the process by going back and forth between the two rooms until the familiars reach level ninety-nine. Each process should raise the familiars' experience by twenty-thirty-plus."

Spells: Below is an image directly from the game, showing the correct button combinations for each spell. Use these button combinations at any point in the game to learn the spells (assuming you have the relics associated with the bat and wolf transformations).

The Codes

Play as Richter: After completing the game with Alucard, attaining the appropriate percentage, start a new mission and enter "Richter" as your name. Doing so will allow you play as Richter Belmont, in classic Castlevania whip-and-jump action. Since Richter is fairly limited, he cannot enter some of the areas Alucard was able to reach (areas beyond grates). Since he has no inventory, all equippable goods will be replaced by single hearts; also, the money collected from candles is useless to our Belmont hero. His moves are as follows:

  1. Tap the jump button twice quickly: This is a maneuver retained from the Dracula X titles. Tap the jump button twice quickly to do a dodging-type backflip.
    Quickly press forward twice in either direction: Richter will begin to run in the direction pressed, able to speed through areas and jump farther than before.

    Hold down and press X: Richter will do a sliding dash attack; it could be used for a speed boost or to harm enemies. If you use the move twice in a row, rapidly, Richter will perform a dropkick through the air. (Note: Tapping the attack button upon impact will cause Richter to kick off of the enemy for an evading backflip, out of which he can follow up with a second attack.)
    Press the triangle button: Richter will use his item crash.
    Press up, down, down-forward and forward in the air: This tricky sequence allows Richter to do a midair dash, straight forward, and slice through enemies; it can be done while on the ground or in the air.
    Press down, then up, then X quickly while in the air: Richter will do his super jump upward. This can be done again and again while in the air, and it's essential to helping Richter reach areas he normally couldn't; this will also act as an uppercut-type move, which hurts enemies in his path.
Brandish the whip!    
Sweeping slide will floor 'em
Super jumps become uppercuts
Slash your way through the air

Play as an Axe Lord: After completing the game with Alucard, attaining the appropriate percentage, start a new mission and enter "AxeArmor" as your name. This will give Alucard special Axe Lord armor in his inventory that when equipped will allow him to take the form of an Axe Lord from the Dracula X games. As an Axe Lord, he moves very slowly, and his jumping ability is sorely lacking; however, his strength is great, and he can kill bosses quickly--if he can reach them regularly.

Limited but deadly

Luck Increase: Start a new mission and enter "X-X!V"Q" (minus the surrounding quotes, of course) as your name. Alucard will begin the adventure with 99 Luck; however, the game's doling of such comes at the expense of his other stats, whose values will now be lower than normal. As a bonus, Alucard will find himself equipped with the Lapis Lazuli--a luck-boosting gem.

Maria Mode: This code is only applicable in the The Dracula X Chronicles version of Symphony. After completing the game with Alucard, start a new mission and enter "Maria" as your name. You'll begin the adventure in control of Maria Renard, who plays a bit differently than her Sega Saturn counter part: She fights by using her bird-tossing technique from Rondo, and her animal friends now function as both sub-weapons and benefactors of accessibility. Otherwise, she can air-dash multiple times while in the air.

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