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Quick Tips

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood has a built-in save feature, so no passwords or codes are required. However, in any given mission, you can attain 100% completion by finding all of the alternate stages and by rescuing all of the kidnapped women. Below are the respective methods used to find the women. To find out how to access the alternate stages, check its stage section.

Kidnapped Women

Rescuing Maria

Maria can be found on the second stage of the regular route towards Castlevania. In order to rescue her, you'll first have to find a key. When you reach the second part of the hall, the Behemoth will break through the wall and give chase, urging you to hurry. If you move fast enough, you'll find the key in the third candle you pass. Don't whip any other candles during this time, lest you'll risk uncovering a sub-weapon that'll cause you lose the key, and you won't have time to stop to retrieve it. When you enter the next room, you'll be forced downward to where the fishmen always lurk. At the end of the corridor, you'll find a locked door, which this key will definitely open. Inside, Shaft will be found holding Maria within a spell, ready to banish her. When you get close enough, he'll sense your proximity and disappear. You'll thus save Maria and open up the ability to play as the fiery youth from the title screen.

Rescuing Tera

Tera is being held on Stage 3', on the alternate route. After defeating the Three-Eyed Skull, you'll enter into the area you see to the left. Below the door is a wall made up of four bricks. If you walk up to the wall and whip it regularly, nothing will happen. But if you whip the top brick first, you can crack the rest, progressively downward, which will allow you to enter the next part of the stage from a different entry point. When you enter into the next room, there'll be a stairway leading downward to where you'll find Tera praying. After rescuing her, just proceed back up the stairway, whip the bricks away, and climb up on the skeletal limb of the long-dead dinosaur.

Rescuing Iris

Iris can be found on the alternate Stage 4. After you traverse an initial portion of the stage, wherein you will have dealt with frogs and ravens, you'll enter the bridge-filled woodland where you'll immediately see a little stone frog statue (as seen next to Richter in the picture on the left). Whip the frog statue and it'll descend into the ground. Continue along until the end of this particular area and whip the other stone statue (again, seen left). Now, trek back to where all of the bridges used to connect; one will have collapsed, opening up the way to a stairway that leads to a fishmen-inhabited cave. At the end of the cave is a gate blocking a chamber, from where Iris is being held in a small cabin.

Rescuing Annet

Since Annette was the most important person to Richter, Dracula has imprisoned her within the clock tower, Stage 7, which is located near the castle keep. After traveling over a long bat-infested bridge, you'll enter the first leg of the clock tower. Atop the first leg is a door that can be opened by striking the gear above it with your whip about seven times (as seen in Symphony of the Night). The door leads outside to an eagle's perch, where its tenant guards the key chained around its neck. After defeating the bird, it'll drop the key. Simply take the key to the next leg of the clock tower and use it to open the locked door at its bottom. You'll find the relieved Annette waiting inside.

Other Tips

The Turn Jump: Easy to miss is Richter's "Turn Jump" ability, which affords him more aerial control where basic jumps require a commitment. Simply hold down the jump button following a jump and press left or right on the digital pad to execute a Turn Jump, using which an airborne Richter can now redirect and land in a desired position. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)

Flame Whip Attack: Richter seems to be the only Belmont thusfar that fights with one type of whip--that is, a chain whip version of the Vampire Killer. However, you can bust out a flame whip almost any time you want. It's easy: Just hit the item crash button only when you aren't holding a sub-weapon or a key. Richter will unleash a flame whip attack in its place. Be warned, however, that it does take hearts to power the flame whip attack.

Scenery Manipulation: On Stage 3, the Chapel, you'll come to a safe area after enduring a series of rotating platforms patrolled by Medusa Heads. Right before facing the lone Paranthropus that follows, you'll see three warrior-inspired statues placed atop stone skulls. If you can somehow strike each one so that all three are left facing the same direction, a secret money bag will be yours. The best way to do this is to reach this area while in possession of an axe; though, Maria can reach the distance using her double jump and any weapon. Another example is striking the earlier crucifix to unveil a stopwatch.

          Screenshot contributed by Akumajou Otaku

There are many others like it. On any given stage, that is, you may be able to manipulate backgrounds or strike anything visible (like killing the innocent rat that feeds in the room prior to the Dogether boss battle and for it earning yourself a money bag, a cross or a heart), so try studying the surrounding decor and strike anything you can.

Screenshot contributed by Akumajou Otaku
Before destroying the skeledragon, hit any switch; kill it to then earn a prize:
White money bags for the first switch, purple for the second, and red for the third

Money Solution: You'll notice on the mission-select screen that there's a technique option similar to the one in Symphony of the Night. To purchase a video of how to fight and easily defeat a boss, you have to pay the right amount of credits (the total of which you can view in your inventory box when the game is paused). To invest in such a technique, you'll have to collect money bags, the game's currency; every 100 points earned from collecting money bags is equal to 1 credit (the Wyvern technique, for example, requires 50 credits, which is equal to 50,000 points). Below are the values, as noted by Akumajou Otaku:

The Control Room: On Stage 5, after you enter the ship itself, you'll drop down one screen and see a steel barricade below the wood floor. Break the wood covering the barricade and push it to the right. Go to the other side, break some more wood, and drop down to the ship's engine room. Using this path, you'll skip over the spectral sword battle and, additionally, find a 1-Up symbol. With Maria, you can squeeze between the opening to the left of the engine itself to find a mysterious room.

Push the barricade to the right
Squeeze past the engine to get here

Reward in Death: Stage 3', the graveyard, is home to many tombstones--some that stand still and others that attack. At the stage's very start, you'll see a tombstone resting atop the hill and placed over the mud pit. Push against the tombstone from the right to move it; once it's moved to the side, you'll sink down into a secret area that contains sub-weapons and a 1-Up symbol.

Screenshot contributed by Akumajou Otaku          Screenshot contributed by Akumajou Otaku

Pop-Up Treasures: Konami always likes to nod toward the earlier games in its fine series, and, thus, Rondo of Blood has a throwback to the NES' own Castlevania. There are a couple instances of this:

I. At the rainy entrance point to Stage 2, the Main Hall, you'll be accosted by many angry crows. There are some, however, that are non-combative and simply remain in place. Locate the first non-attacking single crow and crouch directly below it. After a few seconds, a pop-up treasure will emerge directly to Richter's left. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)
II. On the second level of Stage 3, the Chapel, you'll find many a swinging skeleton blocking your path along the stain-glass-window-adorned hall. Find the gap as depicted in the image seen left and crouch within in it for a few seconds. Emerging from the ground will be a big heart, which will hopefully help in battling the endless barrage of skeletons. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)
III. On Stage 4, the Dungeon, take the split path guarded by the Flea Man that rests on the switch that activates the stairway leading to it. Fight past all of the spike traps and axe-wielding knights to the very last room before you descend into what would be the connecting room of the split paths (seen right)--don't go up the stairway, since you won't be able to retreat back down. Once here, jump up to the platform where Richter is shown, then either stand or duck for a few seconds. Depending on your posture, (a) money bags and a stopwatch or a (b) collection of sub-weapons will ascend from the ground. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)

Holograhic Attack: During one of those technique sequences, you may see Maria use a move where she projects herself forward and damages the boss heavily. To pull off this move when you're using Maria, press down, up, down-right/left in one motion plus attack.

Extendo Whip: Except for the usual flame blast, Richter's whip is always in a basic chain-whip form. There is a way, however, for Richter to get a little length and more bite on each whip snap: After unleashing a whip stroke, quickly tap forward twice. If done correctly, Richter's whip will glow white and extend a couple of more inches. Since this works in the air, as well, it's a good way to compensate for mistimed jumps. (Contributed by Simon Belmont from the Castlevania Corner.)

Basic Whip Stroke
With Extension

Flawless Victory: In some fighting games, you can earn rewards for winning rounds without receiving any damage. In that vein, you can receive a 1-Up as a "No Damage" bonus in this game by defeating a boss without losing any energy. Note: This won't work if you lost energy during the battle but replenished it using a pot roast or any other food item. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)

Camouflaged Essence: Since 16-bit games were made during the era of background and foreground layering, Konami sometimes used the latter to hide the most lucrative item-holding candles. By unleashing whip snaps in some areas, like the giant-candle-filled halls of the Chapel, you may whip a candelabra that will release a big heart, a high-priced money bag, a pot roast, or an important 1-Up symbol. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)

Always check behind the foreground layers

Shaft of Options: Stage 7's final chamber, which precedes the Shaft's Ghost battle, features a series of breakable walls, each denoted by sub-weapon symbols. Naturally, these walls can be destroyed using the illustrated sub-weapons; each holds within its frame an alternate weapon, which may be of more interest. The scenario presented is the option to equip any sub-weapon you may currently desire. Akumajou Otaku provides the following room map.

Crash and Dash: After executing an item-crash using any sub-weapon (including the key) other than a dagger, quickly press the jump button to thereafter backflip out of harm's way--this to avoid immediate any enemy contact after the item-crash's effect has taken hold. (Contributed by Akumajou Otaku.)


The Moonwalk: In Super Castlevania IV, Simon could walk backwards on stairways to fend off foes without having to turn while climbing. While Richter hasn't improved upon Simon's whip control, he does expand on the moonwalk: This time, it can be used on any surface. Simply swing the whip and hold the button down after doing so; Richter will now be able to walk backwards in a more defensive posture.

The Codes

Stage-Select Code: If you don't feel like playing the game all the way through, you can input the following as your mission name: X-X!V''Q. By using this code, all stages will be accesible from the start.

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